Texas Meet Up Part 2

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With the summer months upon us, it might be a good time for those in Texas to meet up for some kind of get together. It would be nice to be able to meet and hang out with some people from Lusternia and discuss life in general. Also the new Guilds are out so a change of season and a change of tide in game could spark some wonderful conversation. Perhaps a dinner and drinks type of thing or just a general hang out, I would like some ideas from others on what we could do, because I'm a bit of a homebody and tend to stay in without a reason to go out! Let me know what you guys and gals think, I'm in the DFW metroplex and have most days and evenings free!


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    It would be a few hours drive for me, but completely manageable if I had enough time to prepare/get the day off. I'm on the east side of the shreveport area in Louisiana.
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    I'm in downtown Dallas! It's a great city for a meet, lots to do. Aquarium, museums, bars, some nice parks, tons of places to eat. The Perot Museum is fun and pretty big, Dallas World Aquarium is pretty cool and a little different (the sloths hang around outside cages). Deep Ellum is a cool area to wander around and eat and drink. The gay area is Cedar Springs which is where I live. Uptown has a lot of shopping, brunching, and drinking. Bars and bars and bars.

    edit: Fort Worth is also a great city to hang out in. Sundance Square is a nice place to meetup, lots of places to eat (Reata is amazing Texas food), with some bars. It's more gay tolerant as opposed to gay friendly in Dallas. Stock Yards are also in Fort Worth if people want to have the touristy Texas experience (cowboy hats, boots, cows, rodeos...i do not recommend this for anyone that is not strictly hetero cisgender.). 

    Any of the cities that aren't Dallas or Ft Worth are suburbia and not great for meets.
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    I could make something, I'm in Houston, June is actually a good month for me in regards to this.

    Also, I could make the drive to DFW pretty easily
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    Does June work for everyone then? Since we need enough time to plan, and that would mean we'd be able to have more people at the Gathering, maybe around mid-june, would a weekend or weekday work best for everyone?
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    My schedule is typically flexible as long as I have a date to set aside about 2-3 weeks in advance.
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    i live in Euless, Tx and i just noticed we have a texas meeting. :D
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    Houston reporting in here. No promises on a meet but I would consider it at least.


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    June works for me! I'll be in DC the second weekend, so anytime that isn't that. 
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    let me know when in June we can meet up. I prefer weekend.
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    Did this ever happen?
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