The Queen Returns, a Daughter Bleeds

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The Queen Nifilhema, Lady of Nil has returned! This was a small event, with a very cool, I thought, RARE unexpected result ending up in some wonderful interactions. @Thalkros @Drauzgot @Shango - for being involved in the first part. A little bit of background, Vatul is a Daughter of Amaranth, a follower of the Queen - The book by Sthai, if you wish to read it, is deeply apart of Queen-centric culture. I thought about keeping this one secret, but I decided it would be cool to show since RP from Nil is rare these days. Thanks #MagnagoraGods!

- - - -

The coppery scent of blood is rich in the morning air, mingling with the ghostly-white mists and coalescing upon the skin in a reddish haze.

You let loose a long breath from your lungs, exhaling slowly.

An unearthly wail erupts from beneath the Necropolis as endless souls are bound in service to the Queen of Insufferable Cruelty within Her reformed symbol.

(Magnagora): Shango says, "And her symbol is reformed!"

(Magnagora): Thalkros says, "The Lady's symbol has been reformed, Hroagh!"

(Magnagora): Drauzgot says, "Hroagh!"

(Magnagora): You say, "Praise be to the Supreme Master and all of Nil."

…Traveling here to see the new symbol reformed under the Necromentate...

(Magnagora): Shango says, "Shall require spikes given unto her to make up for the loss."

(Magnagora): Nifilhema, Queen of Insufferable Cruelty says, "Bring delicious souls for me to torment, Magnagora, my hold over the Prime Plane is restored!"

(Magnagora): You say, "Suffering in beauty, great Queen."

...A time for a visit to Nil. Where has the Queen been?...
The cool night-time breeze shivers in the arid caress of the streets of the capital city, brushing the earthen taste of dust across your lips.
A blessed silence falls upon the city for the moment, most activity confined to the towers and the
theatre due to the snowy weather.
Pinprick points of light twinkle in the deep black overhead, their brightness full of a cold,
hungering malice.
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