Awesome con 2017 DC

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Anyone up for meeting at Awesome con this weekend?

If you do, pm me and we can exchange details.

Started today but have a headache today

I have an additional free 3-day pass that I won last year, that I could offer for sunday, since one friend can only come with tomorrow on saturday.

Saturday is David Tennant/Whovian panel day. I would have gotten vip but they raised the prices this year and split them into ubervip and regular vip >.>;. General admission can still attend panels, just will probably have back seats but big screen views.

Photo ops and autographs are separately billed from tickets.

I'm a consent-based roleplayer! Kindly ask first, and I will return the favour. Open to developing tinyplots.
Atlantis is my client of choice! (Guide)


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