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    Enyalida said:
    Anita said:
    While I like your ideas, and I know some areas of the game need to be looked at - I'm pretty sure that XP loss has already been reduced in the past. It doesn't need to be reduced any further.

    You don't have to use vitae - it's an option. Much like doing anything in the game. Because it's a game. Yeah, losing XP sucks, but with the amount of aetherhunts and Astral hunts that happen  lately, losing XP is easy to gain back. That's without adding in golden tonics, cookies, achievements etc, etc. Hell, even "normal" hunting, it's easy to get back.

    Edit: As a personal thought, if you're in a video game and die, you get reset to your last checkpoint (some games even put your back to the beginning!) losing all progress if you haven't saved - and sometimes there's no option to save unless you get through to the end. Look at it that way, GRINDING FOR A FEW HOURS you lose, you have to do it again. Like!

    Out of curiosity, what video games do you play? [emphasis mine]

    EDIT: More to the point, how old are they? That kind of really insane punishment for failure is an outmoded game model not seen in anything but say... roguelikes where it's a core part of the essential concept of the roguelike with specific intent. It's just not a part of modern games - even toning down a hyperbolic few hours of grinding to say... one hour of non-optimized grinding. I think it's safe to say that games in general have moved on from this kind of thing, even games that are centered around punishing mistakes and limiting the player's ability to save like the darksouls series. You're looking at needing to repeat at most 30-ish minutes of what amounts to combat puzzling, a far cry from monotonous grinding for much longer.

    I don't really have a strong opinion on this in the sense of putting grinding and xp at the top of my personal list of issues, but in part that's because I... don't grind anymore period so it's academic personally. That said, it's a dumb thing. It doesn't really serve in making players more cautious in how they bash most of the time as deaths quickly become functions of bad luck basically, and that's safeguarded against by grinding less efficiently which... is also subjecting the grinder to extra hours of grinding - potentially many many more than actual loss would net. Ho hum.

    Grinding is necessary to some degree, to generate friction in the gold 'economy' and give levels some meaning. Punishing people for dying by grinding with more grinding that has the potential to generate more grinding by the same means isn't necessary, or even helpful. 
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    This is the very problem. IRE has a broader playerbase than almost any other type of game I can mention. Partly because it's a fantasy sim, not a 'game' in the strictest sense (insofar as it has no objective, and thus provides constraints rather than rules towards said [non-existent] objective). Lusty is Skyrim with no main quest. Hell, it's Skyrim with no main quest and no end credits. ETA: Tecton (Achaea) once said that Ironbeard would only be visiting people who were "playing the game in the usual way". I think that triggered four pages of intense forum-fu between the Crafters, the Snugglers, and... Ashtan. And only so little because the Coders and Number-Crunchers were too busy coding and crunching numbers.

    I digress.

    Any conversation in an IRE whatsoever that attempts to define how people should be playing or what their motivation for logging in ought to be is utterly doomed to failure. But amusing failure.

    I'll put some popcorn on.

    Please, continue.

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    Alright, I think we're hitting the point where this thread stopped being productive (being honest, that was very early on in the last page, but I'm being generous) and is just going to be back-and-forth arguing, popcorning, and snide remarks. I'm closing it.

    If there's a serious problem with PVE vs PVP experience loss or somebody feels balance needs to be applied differently, talk to your envoys and get them to submit a report.
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