Cern/demonnic/Galiron/others here... does anyone know which of my old scripts are still viable?

I found a copy of my old bundle v2 from the old IRE website scripts page, but was curious if anyone knew offhand what of my stuff works and what doesn't? I updated YATCO to include the on install event (thanks Vadi!) already, and will look at utilizing gmcp comm channels in a little bit.


  • I used your chat window up until recently, and I still use it as a base for a gmcp version (with a very hacky implementation that I did), so that still works. Never really used your other stuff.
  • I still use your influencer
  • RancouraRancoura the Last Nightwreathed Queen Canada
    Whatever version I have of the chat window works like a charm still.

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  • I use YATCO, augmented with GCMP as described above. I don't currently use the lesson calculator and calendar, but have within the past few years.
  • ... lesson calculator? *perk*

    In hindsight, I'm realizing that those last two may not have been demonnic packages (I think I always assumed they were because they were grouped with them). 
  • They're likely mine also, honestly. This is a good starting place and I'll see about getting some updates out soon.
  • Cool! I eagerly await updated shinies. :)
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