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Hey there! I am a newbie to Lusternia and I'm trying to pick a class that isn't going to require a bank loan to be decent with. I will have 3k-ish credits from a retirement in another IRE game, and I will likely get the no-brainer lesson packs.. but I don't know about much else. Normally, in the other IRE games, I try to go with something that has good burst damage. I don't know if that's a thing here, though? Also, I think I'd like to be in the Magnagora - Gaudiguch - Glomdoring region of things. Would also like to be Dracnari, if that helps or matters. Any info \ assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    Probably not warrior right now with your stated preferences (but things on that front will hopefully change!).  Warriors are the one class without a lot of burst potential, and other classes tend to do better at it.  What warriors do best is attrition... which is not quite as useful in a group setting when targets do not stay around long enough to build up on.

    Bards are generally considered to be the best "all-around" class because they can mostly do everything well, but this is also up for potential changes; there is some desire for differentiating classes a bit more so that each has a bit more of a niche.

    All of that is a "maybe" though.  Nothing is set in stone for changes, but a good idea to keep in mind that this is a living game and tweaks / rebalancing does happen and what is the "best" class may change (ideally the best class would be a subjective evaluation based on how you like to play).
  • For burst damage, mages (and druids) are what you want, especially the -chem and -wood skillsets. They have big aoe 'bombs' that can be very effective. Second would be Bards. They don't have as much aoe damage, but they can set up big bursts on a single target fairly quickly if uninterrupted. Both classes can also bring a lot of other utility, especially from their tertiary skills.

    Dracnari works well with pretty much any class, though you'll get a bit of a bonus if you're a Gaudiguchan class, which are Pyromancers and Minstrels for their mages and bards respectively.
  • 3k credits will set you up pretty well. You'll not be wanting for anything too important. Class choice im thinking you may like the sound of pyrochem as a more traditional burst damage class compared to other IREs. Well any chem/wood would do the job but just as you said you like dracnari and maybe Gaudi; the pyro version may be to your tastes. They drop bombs and burn people is the short description but they also have decent to good alternative kill routes via their territory specs. Can you maybe say what you've played before and what you liked about them and we can sort of give a bigger picture comparason to what may be your cup of tea.
  • I appreciate all of the advice! Thank you all!

    I was actually considering Bard, Mage \ Druid, or Monk, actually. Monk seems a lot like the old Idras from Imperian, which I liked very much. It looks infinitely more complicated, however. Not that being complicated is a bad thing, I enjoy having things to figure out and play with. I assume pretty much anything here can bash well? Everything is so new and exciting. I'm like a kid in a candy store for the first time. @_@

    As Xenthos said, I fully agree with his statement about this being a living, breathing game. I'm not looking for the flavor of the month or anything and I always keep the mindset that as soon as I pick a class and dedicate myself to it.. it will be nerfed into the ground. Just something fun and useful that I can sink my teeth into for the time being is all I'm looking for. ( fun being subjective, I know you guys \ girls can't decide that for me. ) I am incredibly grateful for all of the suggestions and explanations, though.

  • Anything can bash decently, some are a bit worse than others (Guardians), some a bit better (Warriors). But if you get the right artifacts class doesn't really matter a lot. Monks are fairly complex to start with, then level off as you learn some effective forms that you can spam, then get more complex again if you want to min-max. Other classes are easier to start with, like Pyrochem would be pretty simple to start doing things in combat, but there's plenty of complexity for all classes at the top end.
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