Returning and questions.

ArlyisArlyis Member Posts: 3 Inept
Old player wanting to come back to Lusternia here, trying to catch up and get advice. It's probably been about two years since I last played with any seriousness, as I apparently registered this name on the forums that long ago. Anyway -
Coming back post-guild overhaul is neat. I'm playing a blacktalon in the Thornwatch right now and would like to stay in Glomdoring if at all possible. What I'm getting to with all this is (mainly) is Glomdoring super dead in general or do I have bad luck with login times? I'm normally not around until 0400gmt (if my conversation is right). Is it just that no one is on at that time? I'm often the only one on ct, prime or otherwise.
Other questions - I'm mainly interested in hunting, not combat - is druid (not *wood) decent (not awful)? If I change cities, other classes of interest are illuminati, geo/chem, caco or nihilists - any thoughts on those being in great/awful places? In all cases assume tritrans soon but few/zero artifacts.
Sorry for the rambling, exhausted, tipsy barrage of questions.


  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight Member Posts: 1,321 Transcendent
    I'm not quite sure, but from what I heard from the Glom players up here, it may just've been bad luck. I definitely thought a few glom people used to be around at that timezone, some days are just quiet I  suppose. Give it a bit of time, am sure you'll see people show up!

    As for hunting, Druid is probably not the best but also not the worst. Your wasps should be probably what you'll be using for hunting, not sure of the damagetype, but if it's on part with serenwilde's lightningbugs, it should be okay. 

    Generally, guardians are less equipped in bashing offense of what I've seen ( but may have useful / good defenses ). Sadly personally haven't played any of the classes you are interested ( aside of druid, but on seren ), but I suppose you should be fine. In general bashing terms:

    Warriors, Monks > Bard > Wood/Chem, Druid > Guardian

    is, as I personally think, the current order in terms of bashing Prowess. But your milage may vary greatly depending on what damage typing is available to you.

    Only my personal opinion, of course.
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    Honestly Glomdoring and Gaudi are pretty quiet population wise right now. I think both our pops are at a pretty low ebb right now. It was a fair bit higher last month and these things do flux but I think gaudi/glom are generally on the lower end of the population scale compared to the other orgs.

    As to bashing I've played every class but druid in glom and for bashing its:

    Monk->Warrior/Bard->a mile->Shadowdancer.

    Monk is by far the best basher. Warrior is not far behind though.

    Monk kills fast and is tanky.

    Warrior kills at a decent speed and is super tanky. You can bash stuff way over your level as a warrior.

    Bard kills fast but is a little squishy compared to warrior/monk. I find warriors and bards bash at about the same speed on astral because the bard does kill a bit faster but they have to link less where as the warrior can link much more and just tank large groups letting them bounce off you until you get a lucky string of crits.

    Shadowdancer kills slow and is decently tanky but not warrior level tanky.

    From a numbers perspective I gain essence on astral about twice as fast as a monk than a shadowdancer.

  • KerithKerith Member Posts: 286 Gifted
    Actually, I had noticed a drop in Seren's active population, too. I'm told it's just a summer (in the northern hemisphere) thing, across the game. Also weekends tend to be slower than weekdays, and I think the time you're talking about (04:00 GMT) is when things start slowing down for the night.
  • ArlyisArlyis Member Posts: 3 Inept
    Thanks for the replies, I'll keep at it in Glomdoring. I'd forgotten about summer lulls, but I did somewhat assume my playtime is one of the less popular - I'm on after closing at a restaurant in CST.
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 7,034 Transcendent
    Yeah, that is a little rough timing-wise.  I'm around basically every day but am usually gone by 0200/0300 gmt.  Work likes to dictate recreation time, alas.

    And yeah, the summer lull seems to be hitting a lot of orgs right now.
  • CrekCrek Member Posts: 263 Fabled
    Glom hit the Summer Slump. It happens. We're around, just not quite as much as usual.
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  • ArlyisArlyis Member Posts: 3 Inept
    I played MKO when it was around (rip) so I'm fairly used to low population, especially with my hours. But it was Glomdoring that drew me back to Lusternia from Achaea. I remember the days of three orgs with a handful of us Serenwilde deserters camping out in a hostile forest fending off external threats, hoping we'd have a commune one day. /nostalgia
  • KhydanKhydan Member Posts: 68 Adept
    So, tagging on to this somewhat belatedly: I've been logging in a bit recently and am considering coming back a bit more than just logging in to look at messages and read news.

    My usual times are between 20:00 and 00:00 GMT; population seems a bit low at the moment but that might be the Summer thing? Is this something to be concerned over?
  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Indianapolis, IN, USAMember Posts: 2,983 Transcendent
    There is a summer slump, yes, that affects all orgs.
  • KagatoKagato Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 1,306 Mythical
    What Everiine said.  It is currently Summer Break in the USA and Europe.  Expect it to be quite until possibly mid-to-late August.  Schools start back around August 24th in the USA, if I am not mistaken.
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  • KerithKerith Member Posts: 286 Gifted
    Kagato said:
    What Everiine said.  It is currently Summer Break in the USA and Europe.  Expect it to be quite until possibly mid-to-late August.  Schools start back around August 24th in the USA, if I am not mistaken.
    Depends on the region of the country, actually. Generally speaking, northern states start in early September.
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