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Since I know a lot of us use Discord/Slack these days over say, Skype, I thought maybe we could have a place to post invite links for shared interests and such. You're welcome to post more links below!

Lusternia - General Lusternian Discord and other shenanigans

Arts and Stuff - A friendly place for artists, writers and creative people to come together and support each other. There are channels set up for different things like Daily Drawings, streams, art challenges, writing prompts, adoptable designing, roleplay development etc. Feel free to join and participate or just simply chat and admire what people decide to share. A good number of people here play TEF, but it's open to anyone.

I'm a consent-based roleplayer! Kindly ask first, and I will return the favour. Open to developing tinyplots.
Atlantis is my client of choice! (Guide)
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