Essence and Power by the hour

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This is a simple UI that tries to track your essence and power gains over time. It's adapted from the discworld mudlet plugin.

lrate - prints a readout of your performance.
lreset - restarts the clock and resets all tracked gains for the session.

Essence and power per hour meters won't show anything until you have gains, and will always be calculated with a 5 minute minimum timeslice. Essence and power total meters scale up when 95% full. Only power sent to your nexus is tracked.

To Install:
then just go to your mudlet's package manager, select install, and select the .mpackage file.

Please let me know if you find any problems. My brain hurts and I don't know if I'll be able to fix it, but I can maybe try... 

edit: fixed script reloading thanks to suggestions from Aeldra (but you may need to restart if you make changes). Also changed how hourly rates are averaged at the start.
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