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It's said that the nine were the last of the vernals, but I'm a but curious as to WHY they say that they were the last. Did they have a list to check of? Were they attuned to one another in a particular way? Or is it merely based on an assumption?

Because I can't help but think that, theoretically, could it be Menestre hid herself among the Czigany as the Iron Lady? Could there be others like Vestara who existed in a very faded state? Could there be Vernals hiding or trapped on aetherbubbles? Or is this just aimless impossible speculation?
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    There is at least one confirmed surviving Vernal Goddess living inside Muud. But she isn't really in a position to do any fighting against Kethuru. The Last Nine were the last nine Vernals who were going to put up a fight against the Soulless.
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    Well, the point of vernals was to fight the Soulless. That's not a quiet job. Even when Shanth 'quietly' trapped Crazen, people noticed Crazen was suddenly missing and went and found out what had happened. Also, they were in contact with each other a fair amount - we saw Juliana working with Urlach and Klangratch, Dionymus working with Il'vania, Shallah working with the Hearth-sisters. Sure, there may be another vernal hiding out there somewhere, but, well, if they are, they weren't really doing their job properly. And so, when the Last Nine said they were the Last Nine, they were probably right. Or close to right.

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    Yeah. But the Vernal Child can't ever be woken up without also releasing Muud though, so I don't quite count her.

    And while the point of Vernals may have been to fight the soulless, they also didn't exactly completely lose their sense of self-preservation. Tzaraziko fled when she lost her hand in a failed trap after all. And Cankermore has proof that the Vernals managed to reach the aetherbubbles. I'm thinking that there really is potential for there to still be Vernals around somewhere.
    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
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    Vernal Gods are deadedededededed.
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    Eventru said:
    Vernal Gods are deadedededededed.
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