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This is a thread for combat logs with no comment.  The format should simply be:

Enadonella (Illuminati)
Ciaran (Bonecrusher)

I personally would love to see this thread populated with a variety of spars and fights, for trigger hunting and general learning.  Minus the drama and thread closing.


To me you're forever the kick runner from 3 years ago, the guy who does domoths when no one is online and whines that he's got no competition, and the guy that use to only turn up to fights when the numbers favoured him.


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    Are we talking 0 comments what so ever or can we chip in little bits of advice on defense and attacks people could have done?
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    Hey can I join :open_mouth:

    Pyori (Illuminati)
    Azele (Shadowdancer - after he fixed his stuff, and it wasn't a colossal stomp)

    Where I survived a toad for long enough!
      -Probably won't happen again :*
    End half.

    Pew pew!
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    Holdover until Ada's website is fixed.

    Pyori (Illuminati)
    Romaan (Axelord Paladin)

    I fixed some things from the last log. Still making some mistakes though!

    (note, need html viewer installed on google drive to view it properly- or just download it and run it as an html file I guess!)
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    (I'm the mom of Hallifax btw, so if you are in Hallifax please call me mom.)

    == Professional Girl Gamer == 
    Yes I play games
    Yes I'm a girl
    get over it
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    Anyone got any logs with Time Stop?
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