Elarin Silvermoon becomes a Vernal Ascendant

This is posted from my view and cleaned up some. @Elarin

The Crown of Rituals.
Superimposed over this location, an ethereal forest reaches up to the sky. There is a very light rain shower. Shimmery light filters through the antlered leaves of the Moonhart from above, illuminating the dim platform set upon the silvered branches of the Moonhart Mother Tree. The platform itself is circular in shape, carven with images of the flora and fauna of Serenwilde, interspersed with wispy forms of spirits and fae, whose eyes have been highlighted with gleaming emerald dust. In the very centre, the names of the leaders of Serenwilde have been inscribed in a spiral pattern, some radiating an amber light, others darkened. Five large branches radiate from the centre platform, curving up to make the ritual space bowl-shaped. Upon each branch, the names of the founders of the five guilds of Serenwilde have been inscribed. Some names glow faintly with amber light, while others have darkened. White snowy pollen drifts down from the enclosing branches of the Moonhart tree, floating lazily to land sparkling upon the fragrant platform. Cradled between branches here, Dain, Nature Guide remains fast asleep. Rising regally from the centre of the branches is a beautiful white blossom of the Moonhart.
You see a single exit leading through an opening in the branches.
You see the following people here:
Kyair, Aeldra, Mnemosyne, Eamane, Elarin, Ejderha, Rymeth, Minkahmet, Sondayga, Elilnys, Elissata,  Tristanna, Anita.
Nodding to Anita, Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "When you are ready."
You have emoted: Standing at one branch of five of the ritual bowl, Anita casts her gaze around those gathered, particularly to the leaders. Her voice rings out, carrying across the Crown of Rituals, "We all are gathered, bearing tokens of the realm that thrives all around us, strengthened in our oaths of unity, the bonds we have cultivated as a people of Serenwilde in past, present and future."
Hearkener Elissata Silvermoon, Frog-Handler says, "The names of those who lead us in the beginning are written here, united here, for our sight, and that of the Shelterfolk. Their spirits linger, our ancestors heed to us to answer their wailing calls."
Tristanna Myeras, Heart of the Silver Trinity says, "In this, we have come, to begin the process of binding one who shall seek to be a part of this sacred land forever, never parting from the grace of its changeable seasons, the ever-turning cycles of its life."
Unscarred Rymeth says, "In this, we do invoke the Mother Moonhart to grant us the capabilities of blessing and ritual binding, so that we all may grant strength and power, to this chosen individual whom the people and the hosts of all have selected."
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "May the harmony and intent of our words speak with one voice, Great Spirit of the Serenwilde, we five may not be the kin of the founding ones, but by oath and bond we are kin by heart and action."
Motioning to those around the bowl, Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "Let us join hands, and begin."
Tristanna reaches out to those near her, clasping hands.
Valaria joins hands with other.
Eamane joins hands with those around her.
Elilnys holds his hands out linking with others, smiling.
You have emoted: Anita links arms with the leaders either side of her, gazing down into the ritual bowl.
Rymeth steps toward the bowl and reaches out to clasp hands those on either side of him.
Elissata raises her hands and gently takes hold of her friends and family's hands nearest her, her gaze caught up in the ritual bowl.
Sondayga brings his elbows in tight finishing out the complete circle.
You have emoted: Gazing down into the ritual bowl with arms linked, Anita speaks clear and precise,  "We are of the Earth, its ground, its dust and bounty. Tending the trees, the roots that grow deep beneath us, the roots that allow us to stand here now. We are but seedlings when there is nothing to nurture, we are but wanderers when there is no place that is home."
You say, "Without Earth, there is nothing."
The branches of the bowl twist upwards in a welcoming gesture, the gnarled bark of each beginning to gleam with buds of newborn flora and fauna flicker in and out of sight upon them. With a heaving wind, all present feel grounded upon the platform as a connection along the air gathers with suspense. The tongues of the trees rise and flex with creaking arrays of an ancient cacophony, as if preparing for an omen to pass.
Tristanna pauses as the bowl reacts to you before continuing, "We are of the Water, giver of life, taker of the souls, nurturer of Earth, ruled by the Awakened Spirit of Mother Moon. There is no harvest without the rains of the seasons. There are no mortals without the tides, rivers, lakes and streams that rejuvenate all, and cleanse all."
Tristanna Myeras, Heart of the Silver Trinity says, "Without Water, there is nothing."
In a delicate flourish of bursting colours, rings of moonglory petals blossom outwards from the buds, sending vines entwining about the ritual vessel that collects the plant-life's new, misted dew within its centre. Soft gasps and murmurs echo throughout the area, as the observing fae and spirits take heed to another sign of Mother Moonhart's acceptance.
Elissata's eye mist over at the display, then clearly recites, "We are of the Spirit, centre of the soul, song of the heart, voices of the children we have forgotten that were within ourselves. Life has no meaning without spirit, ruler of passions, mind, and determination, bearer of emotions, connector to the heart of each living thing. We are the voice often heard in silence, or in loud throes of comprehension."
Hearkener Elissata Silvermoon, Frog-Handler says, "Without Spirit, there is nothing."
The liquid dew pulses within the low ring of the vessel, as the area around you fills with a sense of understanding, and serene peace. The faintest of arias drifts through the canopy, and throughout the Serenwilde on the voices of spirits rising to answer the call of the people as the heavens stir above, with darkened clouds reeling. Ethereal waves of light begin to interconnect through the leaves of Mother Moonhart in the same moment, their silver strands like the hands of the spirits raised in exaltation.
Head bowed toward the great bowl, Unscarred Rymeth says, "We are of the Fire, sturdy and strong, drive for the spirit, overseer of Earth, protector of its boundaries, destructor and creator of all things natural, in disaster or control. We are the sons and daughters of the elements, and can return to them when our time is done. Shedding blood for the cause of others, to replenish the Spirit, to renew like Water, and be a champion of Earth."
Unscarred Rymeth says, "Without Fire, there is nothing."
A sudden strike of lightning snaps through the canopy of the Moonhart Mother Tree, causing the visible weavings of light to sizzle and crackle as smoke laurels up through the leaves. Rumbles of thunder drum closer with each passing moment, as the smell of embers and windswept leaves whips across the platform. The smoke drifts with keen direction, settling across the ritual vessel before entering the water itself.
Sondayga looks at the bowl, expression unchanged by they sudden lightning and then continues, "We are of the Air, brother of Water, maker of storms and clouds, meditations of the mute dead, resonations of the soul untold - Breathe us in, for life, breathe us out for death. It is we in harmony that move the earth, the trees and waters, the mystery of my name and purpose within everything, every being that bears the reflections of life and nature's balance."
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "Without Air, no other element would continue to change."
A hush of air surges, whirling the smoke upwards with its cleansing aura, to reveal the clearing upon the platform to be shimmering and pulsing with power. The silver of the net of lights is now arranged in a swirling dance of thrumming essence that sends small quakes down your spine.
You have emoted: Anita bows her head, holding high a silvered and emerald nut from the moonhart tree over the ritual bowl.
Tristanna bows her head and drops hands.
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "We are grounded and the ritual bowl now prepared."
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "We have three gifts from the Forest to place within."
Sondayga nods his head at you.
You have emoted: Lowering a silvered and emerald nut from the moonhart tree toward the ritual bowl, Anita says, "With this seed, I ask that Mother Moonhart understand that even from the smallest things can grow the wildest, the solid foundation of earth and wholeness, the wrath of many in one."
Softly, you say, "Hear us, Beloved Spirit, impart upon us the wisdom of your ways."
You have emoted: Anita places a silvered and emerald nut from the moonhart tree gently within the ritual bowl, passing her hands over it as it begins to shudder within.
Upon contact, the seed lands within the smoke-crowned waters, immediately clamoring around the ritual vessel in a full revolution before settling eerily at the centre, standing upright. Layers of the mercurial strands of light hovering above begin to peel from one another, descending to knot around the grooves of the seedling.
Tristanna holds the lily above the bowl and squeezes the water droplets into the bowl as she recites,"I bring the gift of life from what grows within, Mother Moonhart, may it bring joy and newness that shall rejuvenate your sapling kin that all lie beneath you."
Tristanna Myeras, Heart of the Silver Trinity says, "Hear us, Beloved Spirit, impart upon us the wisdom of your ways."
Tristanna places the lily into the bowl.
With an immense shift, the canopy of the Mother Moonhart Tree stretches and parts all of her strong branches with a rustle of leaves and trunk as the Full Moon above brilliantly shatters a beam of moonlight upon the bowl. Misting with silver-sapphire light, the beams separate and halo about you upon the platform, bathing you in the warmth and renewal as the seed grows laden with the waters, and begins to sprout.
Rymeth steps forward and raises the talisman above the bowl.
Speaking in a heated tone, Unscarred Rymeth says, "The gift of fire, I bear, pure heat and passion. Blessed with the Great Spirits of Serenwilde, I entreat you, awaken and with each token of the elements of Nature, arise and bestow what is to come."
Rymeth lowers the talisman, letting it slip from his hand and into the bowl.
With a resounding clatter, the bone talisman bursts into blue-white flames as it lands within the bowl, leaving the other items surprisingly intact. Yet the platform beneath your feet hems and haws, as if Mother Moonhart is now stirring from her dreaming, yet knowing state.
Translucent members of Serenwilde past step from the shaddows and gather around Elissata
Elissata closes her eyes briefly and takes a deep breath before opening them and gazing at the spirits around her, then recites, "I sing the song of the spirits, the great ancestors that have lived within and around since your great creation. They come this day to awaken Serenwilde, and rouse from earth to bough to rejoice in unity, I give the gift of spirit incarnate."
Hearkener Elissata Silvermoon, Frog-Handler says, "Hear us, Beloved Spirit, impart upon us the wisdom of your ways."
Elissata gestures for the spirits to move towards the bowl, by playing the song that summons the ancestors to greater heights.
The spirits surrounding Elissata rise in a flurry, their voices ear-splitting as they wail in many songs, all combining into one that drives the storm roiling above into pure turmoil. Passing through each of the bowl with a violent tremor, the sapling begins to take shape, its leaves and fragile twigs extending as it begins to hover through the stasis of the Moon's illumination.
Raising his hands, Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "Bestowing the final gift of wind, we await your sign of acceptance, oh Spirits, ancestors of old, mighty and young, brash and wise. Rise from the final death, and bring wind!"
As the shriek of the heralding screams of a banshee, the glacial wind rushes across the Mother Moonhart tree, causing leaves and all manners of creatures to tumble from its boughs in a rough cascade. It does not wane against the strength of Her trunk, and continues to ring in your ears as the air pulls harshly at all of your garments.
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End exclaims, "Hear us, Beloved Spirit, impart upon us the wisdom of your ways!"
The gust knocks all at present to their knees, slamming into the bowl. The ingredients within all combine at once with a blip of energy as fire, water, earth, spirit meld as one. A ricocheting plume of silver-white ash and dust jump from the centre of the ritual vessel, showering you with its many fragments onto your visage.
All at once you feel the serene calm of understanding in your mind's eye, as the visions of the founders of the Serenwilde bestow upon you the knowledge to complete the task at hand. The buffeting roar soon quiets as the Mother Moonhart settles within Her place once more.
The connective roots of Mother Moonhart begin to twist and dance as the canopy and foliage dance with joy as the awareness of the entirety of Serenwilde aligns at once.
Sondayga smiles at the new contents within the bowl, "Alright everyone, if members of the Sowers of the last seed would line up behind Anita".
************************[ THE SOWERS OF THE LAST SEED ]************************
Guildmember  Rank  Title                             Position          GT  OffP
Elilnys      1     a Rootweir                                          On    No
Anita        7     A Reaper of the Harvest Moon      Leader            On    No
Currently, there are 2 members on visible Planes and 0 on other Planes.
Elilnys stands before Anita.
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "Listeners behind Elissata, the Allied tribes behind Rymeth."
Eamane stands behind Elissata.
Sondayga takes his place behind Elissata.
Valaria stand behind Rymeth.
Mnemosyne pads over to stand behind Rymeth, leaning out slightly to the side to keep the bowl within view.
Tristanna falls in line behind Eamane and Sondayga.
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says to Elarin, "And if you would take your place in the center."
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "The Sowers will be adorned first."
Elilnys looks embarassed and shuffles behind Anita.
The ground trembles as Elarin start to walk forward through the crowd, towards the center of the circle. His roots dig deep into the earth and butterflies fly off his crest while he nods. "I am ready".
Sondayga beckons for Minkahmet to fall in line behind the other Listeners.
Minkahmet strides toward Sondayga and the rest of the Listeners with a soft smile on his face.
You have emoted: Anita dips her fingers within the ritual bowl, coating them with the sacred ash and dust. She turns back to Elilnys, wings fluttering softly behind as she raises a hand to his forehead. She draws the symbol of the triple moon - the Full Moon flanked either side by the Crescents - and then two lines arch up across his upper forehead in resemblance of antlers of White Hart. She smiles and steps back to Elilnys's side, motioning to Elissata.
You say to Elilnys, "We have been given the wisdom of binding, no power within this earth shall break it."
Rootweir Elilnys whispers to you, "Thank you."
Elissata steps forward to dip her fingers within the ritual bowl, coating them with the sacred ash and dust. She turns back to those behind her, her ears turning beet red as she raises a hand to draw the symbol of the triple moon - the Full Moon flanked either side by the Crescents - and then two lines arch up across each of their foreheads in resemblance of the antlers of White Hart. At each marking she intones, "We have been given the wisdom of binding, no power within this earth shall break it." She smiles and steps back to her spot in the front, motioning to Rymeth.
Rymeth dips his fingers into the bowl, swirling them through the sacred mixture of ashes and dust. Drawing them forth, he turns first to Valaria and daubs the mark of Moon-and-Hart onto her face, the Full Moon bounded by each crescent, then Hart's stripes across her brow.
In a low voice, Unscarred Rymeth says, "We have been given the wisdom of binding, no power within this earth shall break it."
Elarin slowly starts walking widdershins within the circle gathered around him.
Sondayga steps back out of line and joins the other leaders in the center.
Tristanna follows behind Sondayga.
You have emoted: Anita steps forward, joining Sondayga and the other leaders.
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "We've gathered ourselves here this Moon, to honour Elarin."
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "We've awakened old power within the Forest, and asked the Great Host to bear witness. We have adnorded ourselves with the gifts of the Great Spirits. May we now reflect on what we have seen."
You have emoted: Anita watches Elarin, speaking in reflection, "Within this full moon, we have seen what is to come. An oath of oaths - A power rises, pleading to be harnessed by one."
Tristanna Myeras, Heart of the Silver Trinity says, "In her boughs, She spoke to us, imbuing nature's trust in dust. With heart open and minds thus, we bless and bestow upon this would-be Ascendant the power within our earth."
Elissata smiles at Elarin as she recites, 'His spirit has been found worthy, the ancestors have spoken, but they require the binding of the soul, for such power to be open."
Studying Elarin's face, Unscarred Rymeth says, "Now, all is done, and each guild has concluded their part, we must return him to the last of Nature's cycle and our Mother's beating heart."
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says to Elarin, "We release your soul to the wind, may it be reformed anew."
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "In unity, in strength, we shall begin."
Elarin's trunk swells in size as a gust of air rushes into his mouth. Slowly, the air around him begins to shudder with a rumbling vibration that crescendos into a low, deep 'hoom.'
You have emoted: Anita steps towards Elarin, "I wish to speak, before we commit this mortal body to the life of a Vernal Ascendant."
Sondayga nods his head at you.
You have emoted: Hovering before Elarin, Anita tilts her head as she regards his mortal form. "Elarin Silvermoon, we all are gathered here to bring you great power and responsibility. While you are of the Listeners at the Veil and rely upon our Ancestors, do not forget those who else serve the Serenwilde. The Sowers of the Last Seed, the Allied Tribes of the Wodewoses, and the Listeners at the Veil are one and the same - we are Serenwilde. You, are Serenwilde. As Sparrow likes to say, the world is the forest, and the forest is the world, and so I would hope with this power we grant you, that you would live in this image, bringing and upholding honour for our home." Steps back, curtseying to Elarin. "May Mother Moon, White Hart and the Fae guide you and grant you wisdom of the future, and whatever it may hold."
Tristanna beams broadly.
Sondayga smiles softly.
Sondayga Zayah, Winter's End says, "Let it be finished. For a new beginning, full of movement, growth and change."
*a whole lot of trying to kill Elarin spam, many failed dsongs from me, sorry Anon :D*
Mnemosyne runs up to Elarin and squeezes him in a bone-crushing bearhug, making him wince in pain. Elarin's ribs shatter under the monumental force of the hug, shards of bone piercing his skin and jutting out. With a bloody exhalation, he sputters out his last breath.
Elarin has been slain by Mnemosyne.
A new Ascendant rises! By decree of Seneschal Sondayga and with full support of the Moonhart Circle, let it be known that the Free Collective of Serenwilde has this day imbued Elarin with the energies of the Moonhart Mother Tree, raising a Vernal Ascendant!
"Elarin steps towards the Moonhart Mother Tree and places his hands on it, sending a shower of silvery leaves cascading around him as the branches grow brittle and dry from the strain. Pale silvery moonlight swirls around him and the air fills with the thrumming of power. The shimmering, ethereal forms of the Great Spirits briefly fill the air around the Moonhart Mother Tree, chief among them Mother Moon and the White Hart, as Elarin is suffused by incredible powers, and rises as a Vernal Ascendant!"


  • Good showing of everyone being there! I think my guild had the strongest showing! ;)
    More importantly, this was great ritualistic rp, and congratulations to Elarin!
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  • That was really neat, nice to see it was made special.  Good job!  
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    Aw, logs like this make me all warm and fuzzy. Nice job, guys.
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    "Oh yeah, you're a naughty mayor, aren't you? Misfile that Form MA631-D. Comptroller Shevat's got a nice gemstone disc for you, but yer gonna have to beg for it."
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    I wish I could have been there! Alas, RL priorities must take precedent, and I couldn't leave them.
    Everiine is a man, and is very manly. This MAN before you is so manly you might as well just gender bend right now, cause he's the manliest man that you ever did see. His manly shape has spurned many women and girlyer men to boughs of fainting. He stands before you in a manly manerific typical man-like outfit which is covered in his manly motto: "I am a man!"

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