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Since the post had myself tagged into a discussion that.......already closed after 5 posts, I feel that I didn't get my chance to speak my mind on the matter of shadowtwists, and I should be properly be heard out and in hopes that this will not cause a stir, as its not intended for it, so keep it clean if you're intending to comment. Now, I was going to post it to envoys, but I think the issue affects the basin as it involves everyone who has to deal with the lol-faceroll spam of twists.  I say as such:

 At anyrate, I think my thoughts on the issues involving shadowtwists are known and I still think the mechanics playing into it, are still quite too high for competitive play/counterplay. However, I believe the source(s) involving it are the shadows giving what I believe to be a massive regen debuff, which appears to makes the mana stop regenerating completely. What I am not certain of, is if the azurebox or whatever equivalent of it is, stacks with the malus or not. -13/-13 I think is too much. Also... I think maybe a report on banshees needs to be done, as banshee stacking the drain is also a bit much. (Probably a bit too buff on MD side as equally, but our mechanics are different, and doesn't stack as brutal.) Two shadowdancers mana drain of 3650 clearly puts one in an almost a no chance of attempting to escape range of toad. Or in some cases I've witnessed, the instant toading as I like to call it. So.....that's my repeated two cents on the twist mechanic, there should absolutely be no way that two shadowdancers being so simple to face-roll a group of 4+ players, and I'm not just talking about those with little to moderate knowledge of combat in how their own skills work. The other thing I'm also looking at, are the bleeds that, yet again feed into the almost instant massive siphon. Barghest when fed blood from the redcap that goes into a frenzy and deals quite a nasty cutting+bleeding damage when you take that into account of being under the aeon and the bleeding tic while in it, prior to the aeon change that is, the redcap making you bleed too. 

So with all that geared to stopping mana regeneration and as well as denying a decent sip in an attempt to put you afloat fairly is all denied. Now mind you, this is without the necessity of a harbinger as well, but that's another story for another time I guess, but yeah-that's my thinking on the grossly  imbalanced play of shadowtwists when all you need is two that can macro faceroll a fairly large group without assistance necessarily in the larger scope of things. 


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    Yeah, you know, just because some people don't want to discuss mechanics or issues should not mean that we, the community, can't have a good conversation. Baffling.
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