OP Skill: GodZap

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Do you think it's unreasonable that a tiny minority of Lusty has a costless instakill with no prereqs or cooldown, and no possible defense?

OP Skill: GodZap 14 votes

RidetaLing 2 votes
(Wo)Man up, Versalean. You totally deserved it. And you are so damned sexy.
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    This is awkward. I unofficially vote "no."

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    30-day TDFs are far more overpowered, btw.  Godzap is a short time out and a million essence lost.  A truedisfavour increases all damage you take, makes you need to eat food again, and drops all your skills down a lot (trans skills drop to around mythical, meaning you lose a number of skills from every skillset- generally the most important / strongest ones).  A zap is a "stop for a few minutes then a little grinding," a TDF is basically saying "We do not want you to play the game for 30 days," and is sometimes given out for little-to-no good reason at all.

    RP TDFs should be capped at a far shorter duration (administrative can still be whatever length is desired), because I think a lot of Gods do not really understand how debilitating it is and say, "Well, it can go up to 30 days so that must be an acceptable option."

    It really isn't.
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    Uh oh. I... um.... totally posted this as a joke thread, not a rant thread.
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    The divine pay a cost for their zaps, and you pay a cost for whatever you did ;)
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    (Wo)Man up, Versalean. You totally deserved it. And you are so damned sexy.
    i see this as a joke thread at first glance by looking at your character's name first; then this thread. :D:D:D Guess nobody caught on other than me....
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