Halloween Festivities

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Lusternia's spookiest attraction, the Haunted House, is now open to visitors!

You can find it on Avechna's Peak, just off the Stairs of Death. All of your favourite Haunted House attractions have returned, from the fortune teller, to the unique vengeance game, to the surprises waiting for you beneath any slightly loose pieces of furniture - and this year, there are a few more surprises waiting in the shadows for you.

Mysterious Doors have appeared throughout the Basin of Life - knock on them and who knows what you might find beyond!
More disguises have been added to the Haunted House's wares - you too can become your properly decapitated self!

And, of course, Atropos has lost her shears again. Oh dear! This means that when anything dies, there is a chance its ghost will not find its way to the Portal of Fate. If you find one of these poor lost souls, you can capture it if you can scare it. A simple BOO should work! Atropos would be most grateful if you put these ghosts into the Portal of Fate while she repairs the Shears of Fate. As a reward, if you rescue 20 ghosts, Atropos will give you a yummy little treat!

The Haunted House will be open as long as terror and jump scares last. Don't miss it!
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