Bounty: Script or explicit instructions for making m&mf play nice with SSC

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I've heard several times now people saying something along the lines of "just have mmf ignore all the things that SSC takes care of" as a proposed solution to making them play nice together, but to be fair - I don't have a full understanding of all the things that that might entail. I'll give 10 credits to the first person who can post either a script or even just the sequence of commands that must be used to get these two systems playing well together. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will benefit from this.


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    I have the solution, but didn't make it. I'll make a forum post later tonight with the explicit details. If you feel the need, Anelissa should get the credits for figuring it out.

    EDIT: Here ya go.
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    I demand compensation! J/k though
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