Introduction to Firaria!

Hi all! I am very new to Lusternia and decided to make a post to introduce my character and the concept behind her personality!

Dracnari Reveller Minstrel in Gaudiguch.

Essentially, she wants to be a pop star/dancers. World famous and the likes, chasing after a dream that alcohol seems to get in the way of. Imagine a J-Pop singer who has been hanging out with the guys from Dropkick Murphys. 

Haven't been able to flesh her out much since I am new here but she will evolve!

Let me know what you think of the concept and/or if you have had experiences with her so far or want to RP in the future! 

Looking forward to playing with you all!


  • Welcome to Lusternia!  Your idea seems alright. Just do not fall in to the Party Girl/Frat House cliché that plagued early Gaudiguch. It is only one note of what Gaudiguch can be. 
    The Divine voice of Ianir the Anomaly echoes in your head, "You are a ray of sunshine in a sea of 
    depression. I just wanted you to know that."
  • Haha! I could see how that might happen with some characters. While she is eccentric, she is not really party-girl. More like... rock-star wannabe/artistic. But she does enjoy her drink!
  • Vivet said:
    If you get an aethership, you should totally call it "Ferrari" to go with your own name.
  • I like @Firaria.

    But then I like anyone who wants to be on the stage. Especially in Gaudiguch!

    Welcome to Lusternia/Gaudiguch/Revellers

    I remember when I first starting playing Kistan and my mentor @Talan asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted to play on the biggest stage in the Basin and have the world shouting my name. I got the second half -I just never knew they would be chasing me with pitchforks!

    Now finish writing that song!

    Not Ess.
    Totally not Ess.
    Probably Kistan but that only has one s
  • I should be done with the song today! Haven't written lyrics in a while since I usually just write guitar parts so it is taking me some time to find the inspiration :smile:

  • <3 that you are even trying

    Not Ess.
    Totally not Ess.
    Probably Kistan but that only has one s
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