"Discs Et Cetera", (or CONVERT)

Okay, so I spun a buttload of coins at the beginning of the promo, then they released new promo wheel items. I think there should be an option to CONVERT a stud/mantle/disc that you have and don't need (because you already have one) into a different one. 50 credits? Because getting a double that trades in for 16cr is a foot to the epeen. Tone is lost on the internet, and I like brandy (small, B. I mean the drink, not the stripper. definitely not the artist), so this is an idea, not a rant.

You feeling me, fam?


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    I actually said early on that I would be willing to pay a couple of dollars to swap a type on mantles (note that making it credits does not actually net them anything from me because I have so many, but I would be fine with it too...).  It just would seem to go against the general principle of "RNG Loot Boxes" where there is a specific item you want so you might keep buying to get it.

    I am one of those people who generally refuses to pay anything for RNG-- if I do not know what I am getting I will not spend.  The lootbox concept is just terribly unappealing.  Knowing that I can trade something I got from free coins to something more interesting to me would be worth a little investment, if a decent balance can be found.
  • I just want to say one extra thing before I cash out, and that it would be nice if it was made crystal clear at the start of the month if new promo items were going to be released later in the month. If I'd known there would be more mantles I wouldn't have kept spinning when I had the ones from the present set that I wanted.
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    This is all wildly unreasonable.

    Who doesn't like Brandy?!

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    I'm apparently late to the party, but I'd love this. I don't mind RNG, but it feels awkward when it's the only way to get something and in a game whose primary monetization isn't lootboxes or something. I'd love a way to either trade mantles/studs/etc. like you can with dolls, straight up buy them for credits/dingbats/etc., or pay to transform one you've already rolled, to keep the wheel there as a gatekeeper.

    (Goop skins feel like a perfect way to do this, on one hand, but since the actual mechanics change and not just the look, it's probably not the best.)
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