Psychometabolism Armor Considerations

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I have enough unbound credits that I should be able to get an aethersuit if it's my best option.

That said, is it?

My character is a Psymet monk. I understand that an aethersuit gives more damage resistance up-front, but then there's that doubling effect for damage resistance tattoos, too, isn't there, and I believe that it raises your max level of that from 5 to 7?

Anyway, advice? I can either trans tattoos or buy an aethersuit - or, if for some reason it's advisable, I can do both.

Thanks in advance.


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    Armour is strictly better as a psymet. Consider: With no armour, you're getting 2/7 resist from tattoos. With armour, you're getting 1/5 resist from tattoos and 1/6 from the knot on the armour. Adds up to the same, but armour has better physical protection. The only case where you might want tattoos is if you somehow need to resist a whole bunch of non-physical damage types all at once.
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    Thanks, @Moi. And thanks to @Veyils for talking this through with me IG. The help is appreciated!
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