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I'm trying to set up a thing where if I walk into a room, and see an angel I'll automatically start my influencing, if I don't I'll keep moving. (trying to basically do an auto-ratter for Celestian angels.. with influencing instead of pew pews!) I was doing move south, ie angel, waitfor is so caught up in for 120s if it triggers, waitfor equilibrium and keep moving. all of that worked fine. it did it, and moved on, the problem is if noone is in the room I need it to trigger off of Nothing can be seen here by that name. and go directly to the next movement. I've tried doing label Step1 first room spam, step2 move and second room spam, step3 move and third room spam. If there's angels I'm golden, but the If command I'm having problems with, it either skips everything and just spams directions which doesn't work, or it just doesn't do a damn thing at all :( I don't know if that made sense but hopefully someone can help :D I read somewhere that autowalkers are against the rules? o.o if so please to ignore this post, but I wasn't aware. I thought as long as I was at the keyboard it was allowed.
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    Please don't do this, this can get you shrubbed if you are caught (and posting on the forums is a pretty good way to get caught).

    You need to have at least one breakpoint in your routine where you are entering a command (entering the command to start the influencing works) to be in the realm of okay.

    HELP AUTOMATION for more information.

    (Manually walking works too, but you really need to have some part of this process where you are engaging with the game)
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    Best way would be to move around yourself, and then influence based on what you see in the room. If nothing is in the room to influence, then display an echo or something to notify you of such, so you know to keep moving.
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    @Xenthos thank you so much :) I know in some IRE you can automate everything as long as your'e sitting there and able to respond. By Hand it will be! *shakes fist* I just have some visual acuity issues that would have made it a bit easier to automate but I can work around it!
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    Have you considered using a screenreader program?  We have a number of people that are blind or have other vision issues that are able to play effectively with the assistance of one, plus there is even a CONFIG command that strips most ascii-graphical spam that can make a screenreader go beserk.  Admittedly  you'd need to use a bit of line-gagging for a screenreader to be able to keep up.
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    Disregard this post.
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