I need help gathering some data

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I'm working on a script that adds a bunch of oddball exits and things to the mudlet mapper, and one of the things in it is a simpler setup for bixes. I haven't been able to get any information on the Magnagora and Glomdoring orgbix rooms, though. so if someone could help out, that'd be wonderful!
If you'd like to help out, please stick the attached script in an alias, run it, and post the output here. Thanks!


if gmcp.Room.Info.coords~="" then
	local coords = string.split(gmcp.Room.Info.coords,",")
for k,v in pairs(gmcp.Room.Info.exits) do


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    Here's my room look for the room. Not able to run your code atm but you should be able to extract what you need from here.

    (mapper): Room:  #: 18732 area: City of Magnagora (26)
    (mapper): Coordinates: x:0, y:0, z:-3, locked: nope, weight: 1
    (mapper): Environment: ? (-1)
    (mapper): Exits (7):
      in -> Labyrinth of the Damned (4634) (in Cosmic Plane of Nil)
      down -> Centre of the Necropolis (4136)
      west -> the Mountains of Madness (4885) (in Elemental Plane of Earth, 
      up -> a barren cavern (4875) (in Elemental Plane of Earth, Catacombs)
      south -> the Stair of Unholy Wrath (4619) (in Cosmic Plane of Nil)
      east -> Before the Citadel of Rock (7527) (in Elemental Plane of Earth, 
      north -> the House of the Iron Maidens (4626) (in Cosmic Plane of Nil)
    (mapper): Stuff you can do:
      Clear all labels (in area) (whole map)
      Check for mapper & map updates (force map)
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