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eta: it automatically loads/saves on connection/disconnection, hence not including aliases to do that... Make sure you QQ properly if you want to save it, don't just exit out of Mudlet. It won't save until the QQ sequence fully completes.

One thing I can share from my system, since it has its own namespace... Credit to Sohl from Achaea for the original version, I adapted and slimmed it down a lot.
I figure some people might like numbers as much as I do, although player kills can already be tracked via KILLS I included it in this anyway. It'll automatically install itself as soon as you restart mudlet, if you don't want to you can just do kt reset to force it.

  • kt reset [players|denizens] will reset the tracker, if you provide a players/denizens argument then it'll only reset tracking for that group, instead of the entire thing.
  • kt show [players|denizens] the part where mine differs from the original. Using it without an argument will show everything you've killed. Using it with an argument (players or denizens) will show you WHERE you killed those things. Unfortunately for places like the Fire plane, it is split into 3 separate areas :( Too lazy to cross-reference room.details to get around that, sorry!
No search function like the original has, because I'm lazy and didn't really use it. I can probably add it at some point, could be useful I guess for tracking down where you killed something for a scavenger hunt or something. -- Pictures below to see output.


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    ooooh, fancy. Will try out, thanks :)
    Avatar / Picture done by Xeii. Wheeeeee 
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    That's great, thank you!
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