Is it a good idea to post about a skill/class that's just killed you?

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No discussion. Just vote.

Is it a good idea to post about a skill/class that's just killed you? 23 votes

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    You need a Maybe option.

    Most of the time complaint logs are just whining, I've seen people whine about how overpowered monks/bards/warriors/druids/etc/ are (if someones been killed by it there is a complaint log for it somewhere) sometimes you do get the log where people are actually asking for real advice and are willing to take it and improve [email protected]

    @Rolsand is a good positive example and pretty good for this: he posts an issue, asks for help then goes away and improves and adjusts what he does. Other folks are just ranting for the sake of ranting and seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

    A good rule of thumb is to wait at least until the next day, reread the log to make sure you didn't make any obvious errors and get your facts right before posting and see if you can come up with a counter yourself, if your stuck and really cant figure it out ask for help and be responsive with the feedback, try it, test the ideas and see if the solutions work for you. Half the complaint logs about things being op are people not curing right/using full cures(scrolls/sparkles/etc) or just missing obvious steps in their defenses/parry/ that would have avoided them being killed.

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    Not discussing, merely wish to state that because of certain stances there haven't been many combat logs (not that there were many in the first pace at any one time) in close to a year that didn't cause a thread to shutdown within two pages of their posting. As it is, if people aren't posting about the subject of this thread, they aren't posting about combat at all. 

    Edit: I guess this does count as discussing, but I may as well continue with the status quo and disregard the leading post/context provided in order to push noncommittal, generic information to suffuse a point.

    Edit2*: Preemptive change, by shutdown I mean derail into a debase of people arguing as much as being literally closed.
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    I just want some logs to read, I rarely get to combat anymore.
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    It's not a good idea to post anything PVP related. Why take it so seriously?
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    My policy is to wait 24 hours before posting a new thread. If it still feels like a good idea after you've slept on it, post away.
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    Depends on why you're posting. If posting to ask for advice on how to handle an issue you're having.. yes, but i clicked no because i feel like you mean rage posting. Rageposts are hilarious, but a lot of times makes you the center of the joke too, especially when it's just a lack of understanding the strategy used against you. :P
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