Wonder Crystal Trading

XenthosXenthos Shadow LordMember Posts: 6,893 Transcendent
I am looking to buy a pile of wonder crystals!  Currently offering 100 credits per crystal as a base rate.

However, if you want a manse artifact for your manse, I will give you 120 credits per crystal.  This means you can acquire a manse shop for your manse for 6 crystals (or 5 crystals plus 100 credits).

If you do not have crystals I will also trade directly for credits (for example, for 600 credits you can get your very own manse shop in your own manse).

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  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,893 Transcendent
    All done!  However, I'm still keeping the offer open as far as manse-artifacts-for-credits goes (I will also take dingbats as well).  For every 10 credits of manse-artifact that I buy you, you give me 8 credits or dingbats in return (slightly better offer than in the original post, to boot).

    Thanks to all who helped me out with the crystals. :)
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