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As many of you will be aware, Lusternia has for many years had a Twitter account - one that has alerted people to Revolts and Aetherflares, as well as allowing you to make your own Tweets in a limited capacity. These things are great, and very useful! However, outside of that it has not been greatly used.

We are delighted to say that this past month we have been conducting an experiment designed to make our Twitter account far more interesting, up-to-date and relevant - and that this experiment has gone tremendously well. So if you'd like another way to keep up with Lusternia's releases, updates, hear advance warning for some major events, get tips, or see whether your awesome new forum thread got highlighted - come and follow us on Twitter!

You may also notice that the format of your own submissions has been changed. This is part of wider improvements to player Tweeting that We're also working on alongside this - all of which will be revealed soon...



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    Any chance of getting all the handles posted here? A few I know are: @HallifaxTweets @IsuneAesthete @iXiiaLabs and @drocilla
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    Anyone is welcome to follow @Shaddus, but you'll mostly get my facebook updates and the occasional political post. Fair warning.
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