Divine: Do you follow one?

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Trying to get a feel for how others have gone about choosing their Divine to follow--if they do at all. I am looking to get Zeph into an Order once I get through some of her guild tasks.


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    Ejderha was in an Order while he was younger and living in the Serenwilde. The Order was growing, recruiting, full of his friends. He had primal fascinations with the mysteries, symbols, ideas of the Order, though the Divine was only somewhat indirectly in contact during that time. Upon Their return, it became clear there were some fundamental incompatibilies in ideas, and it did not end well for Ej. Well, I mean, it did in the sense he ended up evolving and in a better, more fitting place I've enjoyed, but in the immediate moment there was trouble. Although I love Halli's active Divine, IC Ej is very skeptical about joining an Order again, fearing conflict between his devotion to the Collective and the Order.
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    Lief's first prestige book actually grew from her first order task to write why she wanted to join her order. She's still very happily part of the order, herself, and while we're a small group, interacting with @Maylea (and her NPCs), order rituals and gatherings, and interacting with different members of the order (hi, @Elissata, @Barrin, @Orimi!) are a huge part of what I love about playing Lief.
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    While there have been turbulent times, I have had more fun in @Drocilla's order than I have in any other aspect of Lusternia (sorry Fain!). From the sheer amount of detail she logs about every interaction to throw at you in the future to the incredible depth she brings to each roleplay, there's been nothing more fulfilling than this wild roller coaster she's taken me on.

    If you decide to go in on an Order, my recommendation would be to fling yourself fully into it. Send little prayers every so often that are just that; reminders of your loyalty and a little praise to them. Hang out in their temples, sacred spaces, and places that uphold ideals they represent (ex: Raezon - Library) and talk to the old members of the order. They've so many stories just waiting to be told to get newer members excited for their own interactions, you won't regret it at all.
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    When I created Ev, I consciously decided he would never join a Divine Order. His character is instead totally devoted to the Great Spirits of the Serenwilde (which has shifted now to the overall focus on the Inspirited Serenwilde itself).

    My IG interactions with the Divine, however, have made me question that decision once or twice...
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    Czixi said:
    Unless of course you want to compliment us some more - in which case we were tremendously offended by your post and feel that amends must be made.
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    I've never really been interested in Divine Orders as Daedroth. I don't think it really fits the character. He believes the Taint is the ultimate power in the Basin, that it will be the means to destroy/transform the Soulless and dominate. Only those who can control excorable power to the greatest extent will win. In other words: Want to make something better? Just add Taint.

    Lord Raezon was the only one I've ever actually been interested in, for obvious reasons. Of course, we all know how His story went. :(

    Lord Thax is my next interest, but mostly because of the methods and materials used in His creation and not because of His philosophy, as little of it as I've seen.
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    I joined Lady Czixi's Order because She did not throw me off the walkways of Hallifax to the ground below. Also, there were waterfalls and things.

    I mean, OOC, that pretty much is what did it. "Hot damn that was cool! I like that!" IC it was more, "Well art and stuff with Lady Isune, but challenges with Lady Czixi!"
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    Czixi said:
    Ejderha said:
    Ejderha was in an Order while he was younger and living in the Serenwilde. The Order was growing, recruiting, full of his friends. He had primal fascinations with the mysteries, symbols, ideas of the Order, though the Divine was only somewhat indirectly in contact during that time. Upon Their return, it became clear there were some fundamental incompatibilies in ideas, and it did not end well for Ej. Well, I mean, it did in the sense he ended up evolving and in a better, more fitting place I've enjoyed, but in the immediate moment there was trouble. Although I love Halli's active Divine, IC Ej is very skeptical about joining an Order again, fearing conflict between his devotion to the Collective and the Order.
    Isune and I have been talking about this a lot since you posted it, because the difference between the Divine not only as concepts but as styles is really very interesting.

    Hesitant as I am to mention such a controversial system, one of the benefits of affinity is that it means that Divine roles are more often than not tailored for the organisation - which means not only in terms of their concept but also that style. The secondary benefit is that within that tailoring, we generally try and ensure that there is a variety of styles within that pantheon, or at least very different takes on that style. So the experience of being in an order in Magnagora, for example, will be very different to being in a Gaudiguchan one - or within an org, being in Weiwae's order versus being in Darvellan's.

    The reason I say this is that I do not think there is a single order in Hallifax where you would find conflict between your devotion to the Collective versus your patron. We are all designed with Hallifax in mind, and that means our order styles tend to be less imperial than other orgs. We might demand worship (some of us moreso than others!), but the circumstances in which we would expect you to be there explicitly to serve us are minimal.
    So, I find this a bit interesting. My experience with Jadice appeared to take a more neutral approach to org-ties. Various things (tasks, tenets, words, etc) being worded so that they do not imply a 'you can be here if you are not X, but if things go down, My org is all that matters'., but have a more general approach to them that could be tailored for any organization a moments change. Or maybe I am looking to much into things...
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    Moi hasn't joined an order because I have a terrible time deciding which to join. I -want- to join one, but arggh, which one?
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    Crek serves his Viramomma because he views Her and the Wyrd as one and the same. I usually try to warn people that serving @Viravain is not like serving another Glomdoring divine because of that link She has to the Glomdoring. Not that Nocht/Shikari is any less Glom than Her, just that She has an undeniable link to what the Wyrd is.
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    I always played far too headstrong. Organized religion only ever worked for my char when I was the head of the religion.

    Unfortunately, you don't get to automatically be in charge, for some reason? All work and no play makes orders need to stay away.

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  • ZephyraZephyra Member Posts: 18 Apprentice
    Thanks for the responses everyone! It has definitely been helpful!
  • ElironEliron Member Posts: 211 Virtuoso
    For many years, Eliron had no interest in joining a divine order. I joined Glomdoring when there was very limited admin activity, and I simply never learned how fun it can be.

    Eventually Eliron fell in love with the teachings of Lyreth (a Celestian bard god). This was rather a strange match, since Lyreth taught the beauty and importance of truth and honesty, but Eliron had thought long and hard about this, and taken the view that truth was so important, it should be guarded carefully with secrecy. Lyreth, of course, never found this a convincing argument, but I enjoyed delving into Eliron's thoughts about it with some of His followers.

    Then, due to changes in political alliances (yes, we were once allied with Celest!), Eliron realized that the divided loyalties of wanting to follow a foreign god were incompatible with service to the Glomdoring, and he immediately joined Nocht's order. Sadly, Nocht was his rebound god, and Eliron never really got deeply into His order. It's not that He doesn't have great teachings and enjoyable mythos, it's just that I as a player didn't know how to initiate interactions with a God and Nocht can be pretty quiet, and Eliron meshed so well with his teachings that they didn't challenge me to think in new ways about Eliron and his roleplay.

    Then Manteekan came along, and I'll admit, I adored his creepy uncle stalker ways from the start. Eliron hesitated to join His order because he had doubts about Manteekan's loyalty (there had recently just been a Mag god disguised as a Celest god event) and because he had sworn his loyalty to Nocht. But I couldn't deny that I loved the roleplay tie to Eliron's family, and I enjoyed the challenge of thinking about how Manteekan's history and teaching fit into Eliron's world view, and what could grow from them.  I switched orders, and I've enjoyed it ever since.

    TL:DR version: I've most enjoyed divine roleplay when it has something that draws me in but also something that challenges me to develop and potentially change my character.
  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,387 Mythical
    I've followed several over the years, but they've all ended up hollow replacements for Lacostian. Having said that, I really liked being Maylean, and if Crumkane came back I'd join His order again
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    Kagato, while currently an Avatar of @Weiwae, has been through a few Divine Orders.  He started out as a follower of @Eventru, due to feeling that a number of aspects around him resonated positively with the way I portrayed and played Kagato at the time, until Kagato and Eventru had a difference of opinions during the Zenos event which resulted in Kagato leaving the order and joining @Lyreth's order for a time, though he eventually returned to Eventru's order and remained there up until His retirement from Lusternia.

    At this time he joined Valtreth's Order, though His abrupt dormancy left Kagato feeling a bit lost, at which point he left the order and remained without one until Carakhan's arrival (Kagato still holds a grudge against @Drocilla for her deception *fistshake* :P ), finally settling down in @Weiwae's order, where over time he has helped define the paths for those who wish to walk Weiwae's path, along with Auriella, Azula, Ryboi and a number of others who have helped to varying degrees, some who are still around, others who have since become dormant.


    With regards to deciding on an order to join, the best thing to do is talk to people who are already members of an order and find out more about the Divine in question, what they embody, what tenets they embrace, stuff like that.  Decide for yourself if you think such things resonate with your character or not - and if not, if you are willing to re-mould your character a bit to fit within a new role - along with how well you think you will get along with said other order members.  While the Patron of an order will interact with their followers as opportunities allow, your interactions will by far come mostly from Their chosen Avatars and other fellow order members.
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  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 8,206 Transcendent
    I'm a bit burned out on divine right now, but I've followed a wide plethora of deities during my time in Lusternia. For the most part, they were a large part of why I stuck around, and a major part of the reason I'm still here. There isn't a single divine in Lusternia that I've interacted with in an in-character manner that I didn't enjoy dealing with at some point. Whether I was on their "side" or not, it was a pleasure to have them around.

    Even Terentia and Eventru.
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  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,387 Mythical
    I believe Arix has interacted with, personally greeted or offered food/alcohol to every Divine
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    I like Lusternia's god-concepts best of all the IRE games, and I'd never thought about this before seeing it on this thread, but it could be because of the tethering to the orgs. But personally, I've never been that interested in divine orders, cause I don't like the feeling that often develops in orders of competing for a god's affection/attention or w/e. I joined Nocht's order pretty much entirely because of Tacita, and for whatever reason, I didn't have much interest in interacting with Him. Which is typical of my past experiences in orders.

    ...But there's been exceptions. First time I ever interacted with Manteekan, as some random Hallifaxian at the time who wondered what everyone was doing... my immediate reaction was that I needed to join his order. Which is weird, for me. He was something else- even at his darkest, most creepy-unclest, he was always very easy and interesting to interact with. One of the very few times I ever had a character that was zealously devoted to a god. I could possibly have joined Lisaera's order with the same intention, but it didn't work out.

    Usually I pick an order based on which tenets sound closest to the roleplay I have in mind for the character.
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  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    Celina was always fanatical in mind and behavior, so divine that demanded fanatical devotion were always a natural fit. @Viravain was her god of choice, even when she was in Gaudiguch. Big V had Celina pegged from the day she demanded a debt to Glomdoring be paid and that she join her order immediately. She reminded her a lot of Fain, whom Celina was ferociously dedicated to in her much younger years, but with more purpose. Fain was always in it for Fain's sake, where as Viravain was the mother of the Wyrd itself and in it for Her creation's sake. She was female, she was powerful, she was feared and respected, she was a fanatically protective mother, she saw the world in absolutes. She was was everything Celina desired to be.

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