Caverns and Cloiers!

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Caverns and Cloiers is a roleplaying game intended to tell the story of adventurers exploring the Undervault in search of fame and fortune. It's also an ingame book!

 1. Introduction & Contents
 2. How to Play
 3. Attributes
 4. Races
 5. Classes
 6. Primary Skills (Combat, Magery, Music, Nature)
 7. Secondary Skills (Athletics, Acrobatics, Totems, Rituals)
 8. Tertiary Skills (Healing, Divination, Dreamweaving, Mysticism)
 9. Mixed Skills (Illusions, Psionics, Stealth, Hunting)
10. General Skills
11. Conditions
12. Equipment
13. Structured Combat
14. Bestiary



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    In this chapter, the tertiary skills of Healing, Divination, Dreamweaving and Mysticism are covered.


    Empathy (Basic): As your action, choose any number of conditions on any one creature in melee range. All of the chosen afflictions are transfered from them to you.
    1. Anesthesia: As an action, cause a character within melee range to become Fatigued. For the duration of this Fatigue, the can lose no more than one Health from any source of damage.
    2. Immunize: Choose one Condition; all of your allies become immune to this condition. You may which which condition your allies are immune for free at the end of each of your turns.
    3. Curing: As an action, cure up to three conditions on yourself or any other creature within melee range.
    4. Farheal: All Healing abilities may be used at any range rather than just from Melee range.
    5. Bedevil: You may use Empathy in reverse, transferring conditions from yourself to others.


    Ill Omen (Basic): A target enemy gains a condition based on their lowest attribute: Fire=Ablaze, Metal=Disarmed, Wood=Broken Limb, Water=Pacifism, Wind=Paranoia.
    1. Retribution: Whenever you take damage, you may spend up to three Harmony. For each Harmony spent, your attacker takes damage equal to the damage you originally suffered.
    2. Doom: Add Paranoia as a Flourish to all attacks.
    3. Death Prophesy: Choose two creatures who are enemies of each other. Each time one damages the other, they lose three extra Health. All other sources of damage can take away at most one Health from these two creatures. This lasts until either creature goes one turn without attempting to harm the other.
    4. Good Omen: Your allies become immune to one condition based on their highest attribute, as per the list from Ill Omen.
    5. Reversal: Spend one Harmony. Until your next Long Rest, a target creature treats their lowest attribute as a +3 and their highest attribute as a -3 instead of the normal values.


    Dreambody (Basic): While Asleep, you may move and act with your Dream Body instead of your actual body. Most attacks cannot harm you as a Dream Body.
    1. Slumber: Add Fatigue as a flourish to all attacks. If one of your enemies loses an action to Fatigue, they become Asleep instead.
    2. Control: You are immune to Fatigue and will only fall Asleep if you want to. You can sleep standing up and falling asleep does not make your Prone
    3. Sweet Dreams: Whenever an ally ends their turn Asleep, they cure one condition of your choice.
    4. Possess: Spend one Harmony and pick one character who is Asleep. They take one action of your choice of which they are capable.
    5. Eternal Sleep: Spend one Harmony and choose one character. They cannot be woken up through damage or the actions of others, and the Harmony check for them to wake themselves up is 10.


    Mystic Chant (Basic): On every turn that you neither move nor take damage, you may chant a prayer or mantra. For every consecutive turn that you've been chanting, your bonus on any given roll counts as one higher. The bonus for a chant is capped at 7 turns; chanting longer than this sustains the chant but does not increase the benefits.
    1. Balance: You may end your chant to automatically replace any roll with a number equal to twice the number of turns you've been chanting. This counts as doubles for Flourishes and other such effects.
    2. Sanctity: Add Pacifism as a Flourish to all attacks.
    3. Perfection: Start each battle three turns into your mystic chant.
    4. Meditation: While prone, treat your chant as having lasted twice as long as it actually has.
    5. Concentration: Whenever your chant would normally end, you may spend one Harmony to continue.
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    In this chapter, the skills which are secondary for some classes and tertiary for others are covered. They include Illusions, Psionics, Stealth and Hunting.


    Illusions (Basic): At the end of each of your turns, add an Illusion to one Row of your choice. For each Illusion in a Row, you and your allies gain +1 on all rolls to Advance to or Flee from that Row.
    1. Reflection: Whenever an ally is attacked while in the same row as an Illusion, they may expend the Illusion as if it were Armour.
    2. Illusory Wall: For each Illusion in a Row, your enemies take -1 on all rolls to Advance to or Flee from that Row.
    3. Starburst: As an Action, you may expend one Illusion to cause one enemy in the same row to become Blind.
    4. Programmed: Whenever an enemy enters a Row with an Illusion, you may expend the Illusion to cause the enemy to become Confused.
    5. Phantasmagora: Spend one Harmony and remove all Illusions. Each enemy takes one damage for each Illusion formerly in its Row.


    Second Sight (Basic): You are immune to Blindness.
    1. Psi Armour: Your armour reduces all damage by one more than usual.
    2. Blood Boil: At the end of your turn, you may lose any amount of Health to cure an equal number of Conditions.
    3. Dominate: As an action, make one enemy take an action of your choice.
    4. Forcefield: You may spend Harmony as if it were Armour.
    5. Mind Crush: If an enemy has less Health remaining than you have Harmony, you may kill it as an action.


    Infiltrate (Basic): You may Advance into the enemy rows. Whenever a character in the enemy row takes damage, they lose twice as much Health and are ejected back to their own Front Row.
    1. Truss: When you successfully attack an enemy while Infiltrated, you may drag them back with you to your Front Row.
    2. Waylay: Attacks made while Infiltrated are made at +2 damage.
    3. Masquerade: If you kill an enemy while Infiltrated, you may take their place and impersonate them. That creature's allies are unable to attack you until the end of your next turn.
    4. Blowgun: Afflict any three enemies with any one poison as an action.
    5. Veil: Spend one Harmony to instantly move to any Row. This requires neither an action or a roll.


    Animal Companion (Basic): You gain an Entourage - an animal companion of your choice.
    1. Ambush: After your first turn in combat, skip the enemy turn.
    2. Harry: You may send your companion to harry a specific foe. That enemy becomes Bound, but you lose your Entourage until that enemy becomes un-Bound. This does not require an action.
    3. Make Camp: Your party takes a +3 bonus on all rolls to Rest.
    4. Smudge: As an action, pick one Row. At the end of your next turn, every enemy still in that row takes seven Damage.
    5. Trapper: At the start of each battle, you may spend one Harmony to pick one of the following conditions: Bound, Broken Limb or Prone. The first enemy to Advance is afflicted with that condition. Then, choose a second condition. The first enemy to Flee is afflicted with that condition. Add the final condition as a Flourish to all of your attacks for the rest of the battle.

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    The General Skills are skills which all characters have access to. As with Class Skills, General Skills are either Basic (everyone has them) or Advanced (you may learn one at each level).

    These skills form the basis of combat in Caverns and Cloiers.

    If you are retreating from the Front Row to the Back Row, roll +Wind. If you are retreating out of the battle from the Back Row, roll +Water. If you are retreating out of battle from the Front Row, roll +Metal. (You can only retreat out of the battle if there is no occupied back row behind you. If there is such a row, you must retreat to it first).
    -On a 10+, you escape at the end of this turn. Your enemies won't be able to attack you in time.
    -On a 7+, you will be able to escape at the start of your next turn. In the mean time, enemies can still attack you.
    -On a 6 or lower, you fail to escape at all! Still uses up your action for the round.

    Roll +Fire. Do each of the following that apply:
    -On a 10+, you charge forward in a particularly awe-inspiring advance. Gain +1 Damage for the rest of the turn.
    -On a 7+, you may advance forward at a sensible pace. You may then take an action as normal.
    -On a 6 or lower, you advance slowly, consuming your action for the turn. You still advance.

    Roll +Wood, then SUBTRACT your opponent's Wind. Do each of the following that apply:
    -On a 5+, your opponent loses Health equal to your Damage. Otherwise, you miss.
    -On an 8+, you are safe. Otherwise, you lose Health equal to your opponent's Damage, assuming you are within range of their weapon(s).
    -If you roll doubles (ie. the dice both come up the same), you can use the Flourish of your weapon. See Equipment for details.

    If anyone involved in the fight would like to not get hurt, they can spend one Armour to negate the loss of up to 3 Health from any one attack. If a character runs out of Health, they die! After the combat, everyone who died with Vitae left marks off one Vitae and comes back to life with full Health. If a character is out of Vitae, they refuse to continue adventuring because they keep dying in this awful cave and they'd be a damn fool to go back down into it yet again. Some Classes allow a character to attack with an attribute other than Wood, or defend with an attribute other than Wind. If so, use those instead and resolve the battle otherwise normally.

    These skills involve making or obtaining items and/or wealth.

    If you have money, you can buy things. Pick an item you want to buy and then roll +Fire. Subtract 1 from your result for every 100gp of base price for the item. Base prices can be found in Chapter 12: Equipment.
    -On a 10+, the merchant is willing to make a delivery! Your item arrives at your next Short Rest, and you are expected to pay during your next Long Rest.
    -On a 7+, the item is available back on the surface at a reasonable price. You can obtain it at your next Long Rest, provided you still have enough money.
    -On a 6 or lower, the item is either available only at an outrageous price (10x normal) or not at all.
    For Rare items, treat your result as one step lower on the above chart. If an item is delivered to you and you can't (or won't) pay, you are unable to Ask on Market until you return the item delivered to the merchant.

    These skills are performed when you rest.

    Whenever the party stops to rest for at least an hour without doing anything stressful or dangerous, roll 2d6 with no modifiers.
    -On a 10+, everyone recovers all Health, regains one Harmony at no cost.
    -On a 7+, everyone recovers all Health regains one Harmony and expends one torch (total) and one ration (each).
    -On a 6 or lower, everyone recovers health equal to their Water, but still expends torches and rations as above

    Whenever the party can spend a full day exposed to sunlight and open air, roll 2d6 with no modifiers.
    -On a 10+, everyone restores all Health and Vitae and have any of their broken items repaired.
    -On a 7+, everyone restores one Vitae, all Health and resets their Harmony back to 0.
    -On a 6 or lower, everyone restores all Health and resets their Harmony back to 0. Vitae is unchanged.

    Regardless of the roll, all characters may add any number of Rations or Torches to their inventory (up to the maximum they can carry) for free. Finally, have the players ask themselves the following questions:
    -Has the party experienced a serious setback since our last rest?
    -Has the party explored new caverns or encountered new creatures since our last rest?
    -Has the party accomplished anything else significant since our last rest?
    For each of these that is true, mark down one Experience Point for the party. Once the party has gained a number of Experience Points equal to their current level +3, reset their Experience down to 0 and have every member of the party gain one level and one Advanced Skill from their class.

    These skills involve the use of the special Harmony Attribute. At each Short or Long Rest, a character with positive, non-zero Harmony may use one or more of these skills. Each skill used costs one Harmony and a character can take themselves below zero Harmony by using multiple skills at once, to a minimum of -3. After deciding whether or not to to use any Harmony Skills, the character recovers 1 Harmony on a Short Rest and resets their Harmony to zero on a Long Rest, as described in the appropriate sections.

    Roll +Wind to gain one of the following benefits for every 5 points you roll:
    -You may teleport to a willing creature instead of walking.
    -You arrive at your next destination ahead of schedule.
    -You arrive at your next destination without being noticed.
    (Only one member of the party needs use this skill in order for it to apply to all members.)

    Roll +Water to gain one of the following benefits for every 5 points you roll:
    -You cannot be moved unless you choose to move.
    -Add Forceful to the next attack against you, but gain a free Armour against it.
    -You are unruffled by everything and are immune to Fear.

    Roll +Wood to gain one of the following benefits for every 5 points you roll:
    -All of your attacks gain Forceful.
    -You can lift three times as much.
    -Gain two free Armour.

    -Nearby allies always roll at least +0.
    -Nearby enemies always roll at most +0.
    -Give some of your Vitae to an ally.

    -Choose one item; you are proficient with it.
    -Ask the MC a question about the world; she will answer it.
    -Permanently fix one broken item you are proficient with, including armour.

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    Ablaze: The character is ON FIRE and takes one damage every turn until they put themselves out with water or a Difficulty 5 Water check.

    Aeon: The character loses their next turn.

    Blind: The character cannot see! They automatically fail to notice anything and make all attack rolls at -3. This condition ends on the character's next rest.

    Bound: The character is tied up, and cannot take any actions unless they first make a Wind roll (default difficulty is 9) on their turn to free themselves.

    Broken Limb: The character has broken a bone. Attacker (or MC) picks which limb. That limb cannot be used. Reduce their speed by half for each broken leg, and prevent the use of weapons with either broken arm. This condition ends on the character's next rest.

    Clumsiness: The character makes their next roll at -3.

    Confused: The character is extremely confused and must make a Metal roll (default difficulty is 7) or waste their turn doing something unhelpful like yodeling or punching themselves in the face. After three such rolls, they are cured.

    Disarm: The character drops one item on their person, as chosen by the attacker (or MC). A character can retrieve their weapon at the end of their next turn.

    Disloyalty: The character is filled with thoughts of treachery and must make a Fire roll (default difficulty is 7) or spend their turn attacking an ally. After three such rolls, they are cured.

    Entrancement: The character cannot move further from the source of their entrancement. In battle, this means that they cannot Flee and must Advance as soon as possible. This condition ends if they reach the Front Row, or if the battle ends.

    Fatigue: The character is extremely tired. They must make a Wood roll on their turn (default difficulty is 7) or fall prone, too tired to act. After three such rolls, they are cured.

    Fear: The character cannot move closer to the source of their fear. In battle, this means that they cannot advance beyond the Back Row, and must Flee as soon as possible. This condition ends if they successfully Flee, or if the battle ends.

    Pacifism: The character throws down their weapons refuses to Do Battle. They cannot attack and inflict no retaliatory damage if attacked. This condition ends if the enemy or any of its allies are attacked.

    Paranoia: The character has no allies, only enemies. Anything they do that would affect an ally affects nobody, and anything they do that would affect an enemy affects everybody. This condition ends with any rest.

    Prone: The character is prone. Until they stand up (which requires an action), they can only crawl while moving. Advance, Flee and Do Battle all take a -3 penalty while prone.

    Sensitivity: The character takes loses one extra health each time they take damage. This condition ends at the end of any turn in which the character takes no damage.

    Sickness: The character is violently ill; each time they wish to act, they must make a Water roll (default difficulty is 7) or waste their turn being messily sick. After three such rolls, they are cured.

    Sleeping: The character is Asleep. They cannot move or act until they wake up, and their effective Damage is zero. Characters wake up if another character takes an action to wake them, or they pass a Difficulty 7 Harmony check, or if they take any amount of damage. Characters who fall asleep wake up Prone.

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