Who is your favourite Wyrdenwood?

VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,109 Transcendent
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Who is your favourite Wyrdenwood? 3 votes

TylwythDeichtine 2 votes
Kali 1 vote


  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 2,016 Transcendent
    Poll's broken.
  • CrekCrek Member Posts: 263 Fabled
    Lasher was not a choice. Did not vote.
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  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,109 Transcendent
    Veyils said:
    Poll's broken.
    Ur face is broken. #voteversa
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 8,210 Transcendent
    Isn't this the last question on the G.O.A.T. test?

    Ok, Mr. Brotch.
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  • MoiMoi Member Posts: 1,213 Transcendent
  • JaspetJaspet Member Posts: 75 Capable
  • TylwythTylwyth Member Posts: 1,696 Mythical
    I could only vote for one choice!
    I call shinanigans!
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  • ViravainViravain Member, Gods Posts: 39 Divine
    Lasher has my vote. 
  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,109 Transcendent
    Viravain said:
    Lasher has my vote. 
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  • IanirIanir Administrator, Moderator Posts: 576 Creator
    Probably the odd one out here, but I think I prefer Rotbark myself.
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  • ViravainViravain Member, Gods Posts: 39 Divine
    What can I say? Street cred, and all that. 
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