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Hey there, all!

So, I started to play way back when, clocked in around..A day and change total play time, started in Mag and got out of  novice, got dragged on a hunt to level 60, I have a bunch of lessons sitting there and learned my class skills to Master/Expert. That was oh, three, four years ago? I've come back and have no idea what I'm doing. The old guilds are apparently gone, and it's telling me that I don't have a class. I have a vague idea of what I want to do, but I could really use some input, if anyone's up for it.

I'd like to join the Society, but the NPC for doing so doesn't acknowledge me and I'm unsure how to get that functioning, or if there's a more proper channel I should pursue that from. 

Class-wise I'm not sure what to do. I can apparently pick one from Magnagora's, but I'd be essentially picking via flavour, which doesn't seem too important these days? Ur'Guard because I like knightly types and swords, but the Ninjakari appeal to me as well. However, I have zero concept of PvP whatsoever, so I can't make an informed decision there. 

Bashing and getting basic gear I can probably figure out myself, by reading scrolls and the like, but any advice on anything would be immensely appreciated!


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    The Society join NPC is for newbies only; if you want to join as a non-newbie you'll have to find a player who can induct. Vatul and Tremula can both do it, so grab whoever is on at the same time as you. (Or come to Glom, we have scones :D)

    Current Magnagora classes are: Ur'Guard (Warrior); Nihilist (Guardian); Geomancer (Mage); Cacophony (Bard) and Ninjakari (Monk). Right now Geo (particularly with TK) and Ninja (psymet and acrobatics are about equally good) are probably the strongest for PK right now. Cacophony (with Tarot) is probably the most straightforward and easy to use choice, though.

    Important changes since last you were around:

    We now have Server-side Curing! AB DISCIPLINE CURING has all of the details, but the gist is that you can do AUTOCURING ON and have a basically functional affliction curing and autosipping system without installing any client-side scripts.

    Related to the above: All of the cures have changed. There's only four affliction cures now instead of eleventy different secret herbs and purgatives. Slush, Dust, Steam and Ice.

    Also related to the above (mostly via the medium of @Ianir being amazing): Server-side auto-walking. PATH for details!
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    If you like monks and warriors:

    Monks, (Ninjakari) can be pretty effective in group PVP by just hitting a single form over and over again. Monks also have the strongest bashing attack in the game if you are interested in bashing.

    Monks kata forms can be a bit confusing to understand at first but a friendly Ninja can simply give you your first forms and all you have to do is mash that form and you'r basically as effective at damage and afflictions as the person who gave you the form. You can be useful with super simple attacks but also can be even more useful by using things like yank, scisorflip, psi lock, etc. So monks have an early learning curve to get into things but also have a lot of high up tools that really effect fights if used at the right time. But you can ignore these fancy things while still learning the ropes and just bash people to death in groups.

    Warriors (Ur'guard) I honestly find a bit weak compared to all other classes in pvp. Warriors real strength is how well they stack with other warriors, they are real team players and also pit traps if you go tracking. They are tanky and are the second best bashers in the game. They struggle to be effective in groups if you dont have a lot of other warriors with you because their damage is a bit eh, their afflictions are a bit eh and they rely upon wounds which doesnt stack that well with most other non warrior classes. Axelord is a bit of an exception with having top damage and also bringing an anti-prism effect to the table which makes axelord quite nice to have around.

    Overall I think Monk is much stronger in that you can be much more flexiable. You can focus on dust stacks, slush stacks to support dreamweavers, ice stacks, you can cleanse and true lock easily if you have a bard or nilhist friend helping you etc. You have just so much more utility and options as a Ninjakari than as a warrior.
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    Much obliged, both of you, thank you! I'd intended to arrange a talk with Vatul at any rate, so I can kill two birds with one stone there, at least. I'll figure things out as I go, I'm sure!
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