Lucidians in Lacunyr

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Xeii discovers another death in the family and finds comfort in an unexpected place. As always, lots of love to @Czixi. And I mean a lot.

Lacunyr soul spam and other relatively unrelated things cut for the sake of the viewers!

Versalean says, "It's killed me more times than Falmiis. And that's saying something."

Jibril says, "In mMy z *hic* ay oe cahlEd inn ''I'i Gonnaa Dqce'"

The flowing melody of the emerald grazioso soothes your body and spirit, leaving you hale and invigorated.

The lively tones of your music brighten your mind.

Jibril spasms in pain as her drunken body suffers the effects of severe alcohol poisoning.

Jibril lapses into a state of unconsciousness.

The flowing melody of the emerald grazioso soothes your body and spirit, leaving you hale and invigorated.

The lively tones of your music brighten your mind.

Jibril lapses into a state of unconsciousness.

Jibril regains consciousness with a start.

Jibril regains consciousness with a start.

Unscarred Lusa says, "I think you need some help."

The flowing melody of the emerald grazioso soothes your body and spirit, leaving you hale and invigorated.

The lively tones of your music brighten your mind.

Fledgling Arix Carthan says, "Falaeron won't be around anymore."

Unscarred Lusa says, "How can we help?"

Versalean says, "Something truly beautiful about dead trills."

Jibril says, "Y *hic* ev I dO nnennd qomj hel *hic* R."

Jibril peers about herself unscrupulously.

The flowing melody of the emerald grazioso soothes your body and spirit, leaving you hale and invigorated.

The lively tones of your music brighten your mind.

You say, "What?"

*Xeii exits abruptly some time after this, one destination in mind.*

In the embrace of night and day.

At this distant edge of Lacunyr, something strange occurs. Behind to the south lies the light of the cloud-streaked sky, all of Lacunyr's floating islands visible as they hover one atop the other. Ahead, it is dark. Not the inky black of the night sky, but variegated clouds of deep purple, blue and pink - striated and puffy in equal measure. They swirl amidst brilliant pinpricks of light, many pale and some coloured - the constellations and planets of the skies beyond all skies. Aiya Ehc'zi lingers here, a gentle look of curiosity lighting her iridescent eyes.

You see a single exit leading south.

A radiant constellation of light spills into view above you, displaying a complex sequence of shapes before fading from all but memory.

Xeii walks straight ahead, paying no heed to the waters that cling about her gown. Her eyes are for the skies only, looking as if searching for something lost.

Xeii waits, eyes empty, the rise and fall of her chest and the still glow within her form the only sign she is yet functioning. No tears come.

You tell Blade Dancer Tirah Mzithrei, the Succor, "Have you... ever lost, forever lost, someone close? Forgive me for the sudden question."

Tirah tells you, "Quite a few. Too many. It nearly broke me. Why do you ask?"

You tell Blade Dancer Tirah Mzithrei, the Succor, "My father is dead." There is a silence over the aethers. "One I believed I ought to be close with."

Tirah tells you, "I can sympathize with you, mine has gone into eternal slumber long ago, as have most of my siblings and my first wife. It hurts and it will keep hurting. Eventually, and with a lot of work you might manage to overcome, but it is neither easy nor quick."

One of Lacunyr's residents drifts in, humming esoterically as they go about their work.

Continuing the hunt for his dark mate, Father Sun presses forward in his journey, lowering himself in the sky yet still casting even, full light upon the land.

You say to a lost soul of Lacunyr, "Ah..."

Form shifting from one thing to the next, one of the lost souls drifts south.

Suddenly amber floods Xeii's skin, seeing in the shifting figure something she longs to reach out toward. A hint of feathers, a whisper of lonely grey. But as soon as it came, the ghost has faded.

Aiya Ehc'zi's crystalline form shifts to a cool sky-blue colour as she looks about.

You tell Blade Dancer Tirah Mzithrei, the Succor, "I never knew him." Her voice is broken. "I should have... yet I..."

You blink.

Aiya Ehc'zi says to you, "Is everything alright, Lady Shevat? No, forgive me, I - I think everything is not alright."

Aiya Ehc'zi pauses, her sky-blue form shifting with threads of grey and amber. "I suppose what I ought to ask is, is there anything I might do?"

A daintily featured lucidian with a resting expression of hope, Aiya stands with poise and grace. Natural, crystalline striations cover her entire body, lending a rough-hewn edge to her otherwise peerlessly clear form, most notable upon her head - where they splay forth to trail out in finespun curls that tinkle with prismatic radiance. Her gown is a multi-layered requiem to the complexity of aetheric manipulation, folds upon folds of gossamer silk dyed in a rhapsody of violet - from deep, wine-hued mulberry to pale iris and delicate periwinkle, run through with skeins of desaturated heather. It falls in elegant, oversized sleeves that leave her shoulders bare and open at the elbow; a divergence of material echoed at her waist, where the overdress splits to reveal glittering golden layers of underskirt. Delicate rose-gold jewelled panels form a frame to the bodice and decorate her otherwise bare shoulders, unfurling like tendrils of astral power that cascade to accentuate her shapely figure.

Tirah tells you, "I was much closer to my mother as well, but that did not make it any easier, I understand."

Turning in surprise, Xeii calls up a smile for Aiya Ehc'zi. "Ah, Miss... Lady... Ehc'zi. I hope I have not disturbed your studies with my... well." She trails off, leaving Aiya Ehc'zi's question unanswered, but the apologetic, conflicted expression on her own face does speak to a simple lack of direction rather than evasion.

The frown twisting Aiya Ehc'zi's features deepens, and she places the resonator she had been fiddling with. "There has been no disturbance," she urges, stepping forwards. "None at all."

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

Tirah tells you, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Xeii steps back toward Aiya Ehc'zi. She bows, a hand over her heart. "I am sorry our first meeting had to be punctuated with sorrow on my part." When she rises again, her eyes are soft. "I felt what I felt when I left one Order for this," she says quietly. "Regret. Knowledge that I could have, should have, done more."

Voice hollow, you say, "I have only now learned that my father is dead."

You say, "I had never been as close with him as I was with my mother, who also rarely wakes... So much I could have done, but never did, with him."

You tell Blade Dancer Tirah Mzithrei, the Succor, "I... It is alright, I think I just needed someone to speak with, about this."

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

Tirah tells you, "If you need to talk more, I am here."

Aiya Ehc'zi's eyes widen, and she lets out a small gasp. More a breath than a word, an "Oh!" rushes from her lips as she steps forwards and takes hold of your hands. Her touch is gentle and warm. "There are not words, Lady Shevat. I am so truly sorry."

The glow in Xeii's dark eyes had, for a while, looked as if painted there and the smile on her face little more than a shadow. At Aiya Ehc'zi's approach, her facade shifts slightly, her glow flickering and the shadow replaced with surprise. The faint garnet blush that appears in her cheeks belies a slight embarrassment at her own vulnerability, but when Xeii returns Aiya Ehc'zi's grip, there is gratitude in her expression. "No words, indeed... I had only learned this today. From men in the Aetherplex, of all places and people..."

Quietly, you say, "So brief, so offhand. Of course he was nothing more than an adversary."

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing familiar constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend.

Faint murmurings ripple past your ears, carried on an errant breeze - the words they form lost in the swirling eddies.

"To find something so terrible out in so crude a way," Aiya Ehc'zi replies softly, her fingers tightening in a futile attempt at comfort. She shakes her head. "I cannot imagine it."

"There is something truly beautiful about dead trills." Each word falls as a grimace. Xeii shakes her head, unwilling to dwell too long on comments of no consequence. "It is strange, Lady Ehc'zi. Strange... I feel such regret, such loss, yet there are no tears..."

"Perhaps they will come, in time; perhaps they will not. I do not think there is a right way to grieve, save to do it as you will." Aiya Ehc'zi glances about herself, her frown returning. "Would that I could offer you somewhere to sit. Or that there were anything I could do that would soothe even a fraction of that pain."

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.

It is now the 21st of Shanthin, 498 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Xeii's smile returns at Aiya Ehc'zi's offer. She briefly turns away, eyes resting again on the skies. "Some things time in solitude simply does not solve - the brain needs something else to process, a different story to contemplate." Xeii looks at Aiya Ehc'zi again, opalescent swirls beginning to dance in her skin. "Will you tell me a little about yourself? I had spoken with Lady Ruin, very briefly, when she first came to stay in Hallifax, but I was not a part of this Order to meet you when you first came."

"Me?" Aiya Ehc'zi asks in genuine astonishment, letting your hands go in a combination of both surprise and politeness. "Oh, I am not at all as interesting as the Lady Warden."

Xeii shakes her head. "I have always wanted to speak with you, truth be told," she says. "After all, you I had only seen and not really spoken with. That, and your family name I did recognise..." She waves her hand at that last, gesturing that Aiya Ehc'zi should choose what she would share, if she indeed would.

Aiya Ehc'zi takes a half-step backwards, needlessly smoothing down the front of her gown. You watch as her vibrant concern is carefully schooled under a mask of formality, the vivid hues and depth of her expression washing away. "I must confess that my family is of much more consequence historically than in the modern day. Like many of the lucidian houses of old, we are much diminished."

The last vestiges of midnight shadows flee as Mother Night hides herself from the luminous arrival of her shining mate as he chases her across the bowl of the sky.

Xeii's own demeanor is much unchanged. You have the feeling what Aiya Ehc'zi have shared is just a fact, one she welcomes as facts, rather than something to figuratively chase down and delve into. She waits, nodding studiously, although a brief, comprehending flicker comes into her eyes at Aiya Ehc'zi's change.

"Historically we were of some note politically, but were behind many of the other houses in stature," Aiya Ehc'zi continues with an air of recitation. "My mothers ascribe this to the house's attempts to prosper both scientifically and artistically. Being not a student of history myself, I have not seen sufficient evidence to comment."

Aiya Ehc'zi pauses, lets out a small polite chuckle, and looks away. "But of course, I do not need to explain the illogicity of their opinion to a member of House Shevat."

The unsettling feeling of being watched causes your senses to prickle to rapt attention.

"Xeii," the other lucidian corrects gently. "I am just as much as Xeii as I am a Shevat." Her tone is reassuring. "We need not dwell too much on Houses, if you wish not to."

Aiya Ehc'zi lifts her head and looks out into the distance. "It is quite alright, Lad- ah, Xeii. I am very content with my position in life, and truth be told I do not think I would have had the freedom I have enjoyed had more been expected of me. There is a freedom of sorts in being of little consequence."

Glorious rays of morning light burst forth from Father Sun's crown as it peeks over the world's edge, announcing a bright and shining new dawn.

Xeii offers, "Freedom to pursue whatever studies you wish, and dwell in whatever place one sees fit?" She vaguely gestures around to the vast skies around.

Every visible inch of Aiya Ehc'zi's crystalline skin illuminates with vivid, vibrant yellow as she gazes up at the nebula. "Precisely." Seemingly unaware of her sudden change, she glances over at you and then gestures to the sky. "You have one of Bedisa's children, I think, but have you met her?"

Xeii shakes her head, eyes widening. "Bedisa?"

You reach out through your bond with a misty sidiak bird with amorphous wings of light and shadow and summon her from the stables. You sense her answering your call.

A misty sidiak bird with amorphous wings of light and shadow trots in with head high, butting you gently with her head.

*Hungry sidiak is now fed.*

Xeii calls a misty sidiak bird with amorphous wings of light and shadow closer, glancing from her to the skies as iridescent light floods her own skin.

"The nebula. Her name is Bedisa." Aiya Ehc'zi kneels and gracefully scoops up her amplifier, adjusting several dials on the side of its amethyst form. "The sidiak are her children, of a sort." She pauses to reach out and pet the newly arrived bird gently on the forehead - it nuzzles her eagerly, seemingly recognising her. "They were her gift to us when we managed to communicate with her."

A look of undisguised awe dawns upon Xeii's crystalline face. "Children... But how? Do all nebulae bear such young?"

Aiya Ehc'zi smiles brilliantly and clicks a dial on the amplifier, causing it to emit a low hum. "You presume that Bedisa is not unique. She is the nebula, but she is also a living being. I do not think - though I cannot disprove - that all nebula are sentient. Here, let me show you." She lifts the amplifier and directs it towards the sky.

Excitement courses through you as your body pulses from cheerful ruby to gentle cerulean then to a warm topaz before repeating.

The sun reaches the zenith of the firmament, pausing in his quest to allow the land to bask in his shining golden rays.

Modulating slowly from one pitch to another, the hum of the amplifier floods out into the distance. You can trace its movement, albeit crudely, by the gentle warping of the sound as it carries.

At first it seems that nothing has happened. Then, the distant hues shift; blue and purple whorl around one another, the clouds stirring as if coming to life.

You murmur, "Is this..."

"It is her. Don't worry, we cannot startle her - not from here." Aiya Ehc'zi's smile does not wane as she turns a dial, silencing the amplifier. She brings one finger to her lips, then tilts her head to listen.

You tilt your head and listen intently.

It seems like nothing - a tiny ripple of sound, like the skittering of water upon itself.

Until it happens again; a second time; a third.

And the distant clouds shift and still, woven into a new formation, but still recogniseably the same.

Very softly, Aiya Ehc'zi says, "I am still learning to understand her, but I believe that means hello."

Hesitantly, Xeii lifts a hand to her heart again and bows in the direction of the clouds.

As the last of the rippling sounds die away, Aiya Ehc'zi tucks her amplifier back underneath her arm. "Much of what she communicates cannot be heard by our ears, but the resonance is how I found her. I was studying the Divine energy present in Lacunyr, and I found her."

As comprehension dawns upon you, your body begins to glow with blushing hues of pink and topaz.

Wistfully, you say, "So much to learn, here. From Bedisa. And imagine how many more wonders this place may hold?"

Aiya Ehc'zi turns her gaze to the heavens as a hopeful opalescence springs throughout her crystalline body.

Continuing the hunt for his dark mate, Father Sun presses forward in his journey, lowering himself in the sky yet still casting even, full light upon the land.

"That the world holds," Aiya Ehc'zi enthuses, warmth flooding through both her voice and her body. Then she pauses, and adds: "But...perhaps Lacunyr most especially."

Xeii tilts her head, emerald threading through her skin. "May I ask what drew you to Lacunyr, of all the places Divine energy dwells?"

A brief flicker of astonishment crosses Aiya Ehc'zi's features again. "It's ever so strange," she says, thoughtfully, "but do you know, you are only the second person to ask me that?"

Xeii pauses, eyes widening again. "Truly? For me it was always a point of curiosity."

A sweeping skein of mist spirals past on a hidden breeze that carries it through Lacunyr.

Seemingly simply to have something to do with her hands, Aiya Ehc'zi begins resetting the dials upon her amplifier. "I was studying the aethereal energies of the Divine. Their links to mortals, to the Planes. I wished - and still wish, it is still my study - to comprehend what the links that so many crave truly mean scientifically."

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

Mist creeps in, carpeting all things around you in a blanket of vapour - then fades, dissolving into motes that skitter into nothingness.

It becomes clear from her attitude that Xeii has found solace from sorrow as her time with Aiya Ehc'zi passes. Her focus is fully upon Aiya Ehc'zi now, the pulse of warm beryl in her form clearly resonating somewhat with the other lucidian's hopes.

"I reached a point in my research where I required more data, and so I did something that I must confess I should have done long before." Aiya Ehc'zi blushes slightly, and clears her throat. "I left my laboratory. I spoke with several other citizens, and at their urging sought audiences with the Divine and Their followers."

At the edge of the platform, delicate swathes of mist begin rising and falling, intertwining within one another in some indistinguishable formation.

You murmur, "A brave thing to do."

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

Aiya Ehc'zi glances to the south, back over the water and towards the central platforms of Lacunyr. "Many did not respond, of course. But the Lady Welkin did. And -" She trails off, uncertainty creeping into her voice. "And I suppose after that, the story goes much as that of anyone who comes to find Her impossible dream."

Xeii inclines her head, a slow, warm smile spreading across her features. "She is... quite a Divine, our Lady," she muses. "An understatement, yes."

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing familiar constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend.

Aiya Ehc'zi nods her head in agreement, and as she does a hint of blue-grey creeps into her form. "She called me a liar," the lucidian admits, blurting it out with the suddenness of one who had not intended to make the admission at all. "It was...a formative experience."

You murmur, "She does have a way of catching even the best of us off guard." She still looks slightly confused. "But, liar?"

You say to Aiya Ehc'zi, "You certainly do not look it, especially not after all the candor I have seen in our talk."

Your eyes twinkle enchantingly.

Aiya Ehc'zi stands quite still for a long moment before explaining, her expression slightly regretful. "I told Her what I wanted, and She asked why it interested me. I spoke of the many technologies that could be developed with the knowledge. Of the ways in which it could impact our comprehension of aetherphysics."

"And She called me a liar," Aiya Ehc'zi says, turning such a rosy pink that she seems almost to become part of her gown. "And continued to do so until I answered truthfully."

Xeii fails to keep back a smile. "Formative indeed. And that does indeed sound like something She might do."

Aiya Ehc'zi folds her hands over her amplifier and looks askance. "I apologise - I have only had this conversation once before, and I am not accustomed to - ah - discussing myself in this manner."

Casually, from behind you, Ruin says, "Hey, at least this one hasn't poked you in the arm until you answered."

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.

It is now the 22nd of Shanthin, 498 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Aiya Ehc'zi nearly jumps out of her skin, whirling on the spot to stare at the Warden of Salvation in astonishment. "Ruin! You scared the living daylights out of me!"

Jerking her head back up, you say to Ruin, "Goodness, Lady Warden, you surprised me."

Ruin smirks.

Deep, dark brown hair barely distinguishable from ebony tumbles into the face of this alert young woman. The thick, perfectly straight locks have been chopped raggedly just below her ears, and scatter around her head in a cloud of shadows when she moves. She has delicate features that seem at odds with her weathered face; her eyes are wide and dark, and never ever meet the gaze of those around her. Barely healed scars mar her right cheek in lines that rise to pinch and wrinkle her dark skin, the edges of more marks just visible by her collar bone beneath the thin, tattered scarf wrapped around her neck. Armour of tanned hides protect her torso and legs but stop at her shoulders, leaving her arms bare. A battered sword is strapped to her back in a leather scabbard.

You say to Aiya Ehc'zi, "You need not worry about any bodily attacks from me, I assure you."

"C'mon," Ruin replies, strolling forward and punching Aiya lightly on the arm. "I've got to do something fun with all these superpowers, or I'll go mad. Er."

Aiya Ehc'zi exhales slowly, allowing a long fluid breath to creep from her lungs.

Ruin says to Aiya Ehc'zi, "Anyway, you're late."

Blinking, you say to Aiya Ehc'zi, "Ah, apologies if I have been holding you back, Lady Aiya."

Just as she had managed to regain her composure, Aiya Ehc'zi loses it again, glancing frantically at her watch and then back at Ruin. "Oh goodness, Lady Warden, I am *so* sorry. It's just that Lady Shevat was - I -"

Ruin glances to Aiya and then back over to you. "I'm pretty sure," she says, interrupting smoothly, "you don't need to apologise for that."

Xeii turns to Ruin, expression soft and, as far as Aiya Ehc'zi can tell, clear of troubles for the moment. "Lady Aiya has been a great help to me. I was hankering to learn a bit about my Ordermates."

Aiya Ehc'zi smiles softly.

Her smile gentle, you say to Aiya Ehc'zi, "Life must go on, nothing better than to learn new things, and learn about new people."

The perception of time momentarily slows to a fraction as Atropos snips stray strands and frayed threads upon the Tapestry of Fate, each cut bringing a distant scream. Time rushes forward as the memory fades, yet you retain the knowledge that your fate in Lusternia is far from meeting its end.

Carefully, Ruin says to you, "Your dad came here, last month. Had the same conversation with me. I'm pretty rubbish with things, but I reckon it was a good place to come. For that talk. About...your Ordermates."

You say, "My..."

Aiya Ehc'zi says to Ruin, "Grandfather, Lady Warden. Grandfather."

Her gaze wavering, you say, "He... I... see. Of course. Grandfather... Shonjir?"

Aiya Ehc'zi clears her throat, looking tremendously awkward. "A very, very important distinction at this present moment."

Ruin throws her arms up. "See! This is exactly why I don't - bleh." She looks about herself helplessly for a moment, arms flailing, before stepping forward and hugging you briefly. "Yeah. That one. Definitely not - shit. Yeah. Hey, did you know I'm teaching Aiya to dance?"

Aiya Ehc'zi's eyes widen in surprise.

Xeii only has a moment to respond to Ruin. There is confusion in her skin at the sudden change of subject, but not in her eyes. "I did think you two had potential, at the Ball."

You tell Ruin, "Thank you, Lady Warden."

"Ah...yes," Aiya Ehc'zi says hesitantly, recovering a little. She flashes you a deeply apologetic look when Ruin isn't looking. "I know the basics, of course, but - well, there is dancing and there is dancing, isn't there?"

Incandescent light casts shifting shadows on the space around a misty sidiak bird with amorphous wings of light and shadow, a radiant conglomeration of colour.

Ruin tells you, "'s nothing. Well. It's not. That's why it sucks. But you know. We're here, and stuff."

The horizon glows with burnished shades of orange and red, heralding the imminent arrival of Father Sun upon the rim of the world.

A wry smile spreads across Ruin's face.

The corners of Xeii's lips curve up once more in the direction of Aiya Ehc'zi. "True, true. Is that appointment I heard the Lady Warden mention related to dancing?"

Ruin says, "Ayup. Someone was meant to be in my tower at midnight. You good for me to steal her from you?"

You tell Ruin, "I truly appreciate it. This is... what I came here, hoping to find. In Her cadre of shards."

Expansively, you say, "Of course, of course."

Ruin says, "Wicked."

Xeii sketches an elaborate bow to Aiya Ehc'zi and to Ruin, eyes regaining their twinkle.

Aiya Ehc'zi turns towards you and dips into a curtsey so deep it makes Ruin roll her eyes. She pauses when straightened, then steps forward and clasps your hand as it sweeps back up from your own bow. "Stay as long as you like, won't you? Bedisa is a very good listener."

Ruin says, "...because she doesn't understand speech."

Ruin peers at Aiya Ehc'zi unscrupulously.

"I should be leaving myself, shortly, but I have a feeling I will be returning here, often, to decipher Bedisa's reactions." Xeii chuckles slightly at Ruin's comment.

You say, "Maybe we can teach each other different ways of communicating."

Ruin waves goodbye at you.

Ruin says to Aiya Ehc'zi, "Come on. You've got your shoes, right?"

Waving in turn, you say, "Fair winds to you both."

"I am certainly trying to, Lady Sh- er, yes, I do!" Aiya Ehc'zi loops her arm into Ruin's and the two of them begin to walk away. You are just able to hear Aiya's softly urgent, "You do realise you hugged her?"

Her form dissolving into trails of iridescent smoke, Aiya Ehc'zi vanishes from view.

Glancing appraisingly in all directions, Ruin slinks south.

Xeii lifts her head to the skies, searching for a shift in the clouds far away, then raises her hand towards them as well.

You spread your arms wide, and the air between your hands begins to warp and twist as you bore a hole through the fabric of the planes, seeking to ascend to the Divine Havens.


(Order): Ruin says, "Oh hey, that means I get to do this fancy thing."

(Order): Ruin says, "Uhhh what is it She says."

(Order): Ruin says, "Continue being awesome, My Tempest!"

(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "...I...don't think that is it, Lady Warden."

(Order): Tirah says, "Huh?"

(Order): Ruin says, "It is now. And you have to continue being awesome, cause I said so, and She said I could say so."

(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "I am afraid I do not know what to say."

(Order): Ruin says, "Yep. That's the sort of reaction She gets, so I reckon I did that right."

(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "I - thank you, Lady Warden."

(Order): You say, "Ahh." A brief moment of mirth across the aethers, then, "I do hope there will be another occasion to see you two in action."

(Order): Ruin says, "Oh we haven't even started dancing yet. I just got to do the fancy promoting thing. Behold my almighty awesomeness! Or, wait, no, this is supposed to be about Aiya being awesome."

(Order): Ruin says, "Now - dancing!"

(Order): You say, "I wish you both an enjoyable time."

(Order): Ruin says, "This has been an announcement by the one and only Warden of Salvation, you may now all return to your bland and mundane lives, etc etc."


Mianzi, the little red panda squeals at the sight of you, suddenly standing up and waving her paws in the air before tumbling backwards onto her rear.

Kialkarkea gets up off a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal.

Tirah tilts her head curiously at Kialkarkea.

Xeii inclines her head in greeting, belatedly glancing down at the wetness weighing down her skirt.

"May this be the first of many new experiences for you, Heart of the Crescendo," Czixi says, smile quirking. "The future is an exciting place.", visit if interested.


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    I'm sorry you found out that way but I'm happy you got quality roleplay out of it? *flail*
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    @Arix I am too! First thought was oh heck, so he's really gone? D: and then came, hey wait, this could turn into a really good rp opportunity.
    "May this be the first of many new experiences for you, Heart of the Crescendo," Czixi says, smile quirking. "The future is an exciting place.", visit if interested.
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