Server Side Curing Data

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So, for those of you who don't know... I like to work with data and information. I have historically found formulae for various attackers, relation of wounding to stats, and used math to explain why changes do or do not make sense.  One thing I wanted to look into is how efficient server side curing is actually being. it is possible we may want to change the default priorities or suggest new ideas for people, and this requires data. 

As a result:

I am asking for people to post combat logs. Ones where you die are better than ones where you win. Doesn't matter if it is one person or three attacking you. Every chance we can find a mistake in curing priority, or finding specific times to cure, is useful. So give me your logs in this thread, in combat logs, in a message, in a tell. You can post a COLOR html log here:  Make sure to click the Colourful HTML button at the button.  


P.S. For those of us science types.....

I am analyzing for all of the following things, which may or may not be obvious:
* Curing priorities
* When priorities needed to be moved
* Mistakes in natural curing
* Impact of power creep* (healing)
* Inability to counter something entirely

*Power creep is the habit of games to add increasingly strong effects over time. In this case, it is looking at healing. We now have higher pools, higher regen, sipping, scroll, sparkle, and beast healing. So our normal healing output has gone up substantially from early on standards. These are worth assessing to provide data regarding changes in vitals later.
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