Nayl-Shintar Roadtripping Around the USA

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Hey-Lo Peoples

Some of you (hopefully) remember Nayl from way back when, and some of you may know Shintar a little.
I was wondering who, if any, would be interested in meeting up.

Very very soon, roughly around the end of June I shall be heading over to the USA to be with my partner (Breandryn-Moirean) and going on a roadtrip around the USA.
Planning on going from the West Coast, and travelling to the East Coast for a friends wedding, and obviously some of the generically required spots, like Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone and so on...  any suggestions on definitive places to visit would be great information!

Message me on the forums if you want more information or to start organising!


-SideNote: I thought there was a 'Meets' section on the In-Game News, but can't find it.
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