Wild nodes

I'm not entirely sure if this is the right thread to even suggest this, but I do wonder as an idea to propose that wildnodes, it at all possible can be moved to like a Friday or Saturday. These wildnodes are predictably easy to spot and noticeable when they are about to occur-which is typically anytime before the weave change every other Sunday. Most often cases, 1-3 hours before the weave change. I'm in high optimism that doing so would cause engagement when there's activity  with a larger pbase doing stuff and they see the signs for it and want to engage in a little bloodshed and competition.  I don't buy that the current mechanism is based on pbase activity. As like of today, as of this post, there are supposedly 32 people, and are about 6 people visible on prime, some are cloaked, and about the same on astral and a few cloaked. Meaning either rest are in manses or have no interest in it. I'm pretty sure there's a fair amount of combatants that could've been mustered up and the event would be wonderful and not a bore. Anyway, just a thought I'd figured to suggest as an idea, apart from the easy spotting of when to expect it when it has a very high probability of occuring 1-3 hours before the weave change on Sundays that are not truly active.
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  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    The way it works is: It will fire based on an algorithm that takes into account the number of players online.  However, if it gets to the end of its window and has not fired yet, it is forced to fire (there is a failsafe).

    That is why it almost always happens at the end of the weave, because the failsafe kicks in.

    I don't particularly mind changing to another date and setting a window on that date that tends to be the higher-activity time for the game in general.  I do like having a worldgame that can consistently fire when I'm around so I can participate (which is what wildnodes functionally does now), I miss basically all the other world games due to RL.

    But there has also been discussion on doing things like adding more world-games in for people to participate in.
  • I agree with @Xenthos - wildnodes is one of the few I can take part in as well! Sometimes there is a fight, sometimes there is not.
  • Tarken suggested in looking into lowering the number of players it takes for the formula to kick in.

    Also I think everyone is on board with more events happening. More events for anything would be nice.
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