lusty-speak or common phrases found in Lusternia

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I always was intrigued how people do create specific speech pattern in games such as lusternia, which have specific meaning to just the game. I would love to hear some of the more specific ones to lusternia and what they commonly mean to you. Might even help a newbie or two eventually trying to figure out what people are on about :)

two common ones I noticed myself using:

- I need to daydream a little while => got to afk in a manse for a bit / log off for a bit
- I have to rest for the weave => off for the day.

Am sure there are more obscure ones out there and am curious about them.
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  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    Some other big ones from a purely mechanical standpoint are circles being levels, denizens being NPCs, etc. that were baked in.

    I've used/seen used some other ones though.

    - flirt with the guards => empower guard stacks
    - going on guard duty => DEMESNE WATCH ON and netflix.
    - I need to sketch/draft something out => Go semi-AFK while working on a design/newspost in another window.
    - The family is dead => There are no single people or couples with both members active in the family.
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    Oh, and this was more pertinent when the old guilds were around, but I don't remember the last time Rancoura used the term "Shadowdancer." The guild was always "the Coven" and people with the Shadowdancers  class were "children of Night."

    Influencing Faethorn fae is also "bringing fae to the embrace of the Wyrd/Night."

    Tonight amidst the mountaintops
    And endless starless night
    Singing how the wind was lost
    Before an earthly flight

  • "I'm going to design something" then some emote about looking at sketches = "Hi I am afk while designing in an open office document"
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  • Levels -> circles is an oldbie one.
  • Wait, they aren't circles any more?

    Related to what Rancoura said, Kalnid only called the nihilists as an organization the Church(optionally of the Five). I think I inherited that from Delphas.
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    Ev's particular speech patterns are part of his character. Others sometimes pick up his mannerisms and run with them.

    He never calls people Serenwilders, New Celestians, etc. They are Seren / Shelterfolk, Waterfolk, Firefolk, Earth- / Taintfolk, Wyrdfolk, Airfolk.

    Everyone younger than he is is a "Little One". Except for his daughter, who is his "Dear One", since she didn't like being called a Little One.

    Logging off is "going to his rest".

    Right now, he doesn't use the word "Serenguard". It's always "the Lost Tribe".

    People aren't "enemied". They are "branded / marked" as enemies.

    The Wodewoses don't revere Mother Moon and Brother White Hart. They revere the Great Moon-and-Hart.

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  • "Upper deck." - on any channel, used by anyone in the alliance for any event/battle which means, group up, squad roll out. When you read it, you already know what's up. Makes me giggle when Hallis or Serens use it too cause it's where the party's at!
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    Just because there's nowhere similar in Seren and you plebians can't figure out how to reach the Spire of the Lawgivers. (Jk, love you guys)
  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight
    Luce said:
    Just because there's nowhere similar in Seren and you plebians can't figure out how to reach the Spire of the Lawgivers. (Jk, love you guys)
    We usually use 'south of mother' as a gathering point, which is easily enough similarly reachable.
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    Maligorn said:
    Hallifax is probably the toughest place for multiple orgs to gather for a fight. Celest, Glomdoring and Magnagora have it relatively easier than the others because of the placement of their aetherplex chambers. :(

    But yeah. Upper deck, south of Moonhart, east of Megalith and north of the Ravenwood are all spots I'm familiar with hearing.

    And of course, outside the plex.
    Though I do remember "at the matrix" too!

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    Luce said:
    Just because there's nowhere similar in Seren and you plebians can't figure out how to reach the Spire of the Lawgivers. (Jk, love you guys)
    Mostly because there's like 12 of them.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
  • It's the big one at the top/center :p
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    Rancoura said:  Rancoura never "rests" anymore (i.e. logging out) - she always "returns to her meditations" or "is beckoned by the Dark Mother." She also tends to refer to Night/Crow/Nature skills as "gifts of" the respective party, and other skillset abilities are "learnings."I'm not fond of using mechanical terms IG, if that's not obvious yet

    Also, the Nekotai were the Cult, and the Blacktalons was The Murder.

    'Shadows guild' and "walk in darkness" were/are blessings you say to someone logging off/resting/etc.

    And there is the rather infamous Nothing Matter's But Glomdoring/Glory Be To Glomdoring.  Phrase/Counterphrase.

    EDIT: I have no idea why her quote is all weird either..
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