Class/Tertiary Summaries

Wrote these up for my own decision-making after speaking with people in game. Decided to post on the forums in case others have more insight. And if not insight into these specific classes, maybe into their own. 

Shadowdancer Astrologer:
Single combat: Build up twist, throw on negative zodiac spheres. If the spheres cost power that day, intersperse them throughout the twisting. Then wait for opponent to be off balance, summon meteor and final twist. Finish off with a damage attack if needed. Beast spit sensitivity before, too.
Group combat: Kind of the same, but more focused on twist. You generally won't need a full strength meteor for a kill here because of group's damage.
Artis to buy: Fire rune, magic rune. Meteor has to be boosted as high possible with buffs to make this consistent. 
Bashing: terrible, use artis instead
Race: Classic good races, furrikin or lucidian? Tae'dae as an option to bearhug after meteor?

Druid Shaman:
Single combat: ??? Unleash cudgel, refresh power, death vision, is all I've been given so far.
Group combat: Classic meld shenanigans, dance in or around the room the enemy group is in. Raise cudgel or other tricks to try and breakup. Imprint the necessary weather requirements beforehand, summon them into your meld, then spam lightning.
Artis to buy: Lightning rune. Meld rune.
Bashing: also terrible, use artis instead
Race: Same as above

Single combat: ???
Group combat: spam power attack twice to build up to heavy wounds on chest, then spam opencavity. Sensitivity in there as needed. Shear prismatic barrier if it comes up.
Artis to buy: enhancement rune (so you can go damage/speed/enchanted), then cutting damage buff and whatever enchantment buff you went with. Excoro or divinus probably?
Bashing: not as terrible, but supplement with arti weapon?
Race: No idea,

I am really interested in dreamweaving (wildly changed from when I last played 10+ years ago), if anyone has info there on how the skills actually play out. Or other classes/guilds, obviously this is Glom-bent, but I'd love to learn more all the same. Open-mind and all that.



  • Quick question do you have any bashing artis already?

    The reason I ask is that for every class(except monks) the bashing artis have a higher base damage than the class attacks atm. Eg whip is 950 damage wiccan/druid attacks are like 600something, axelord is 900.
  • Nope, but will grab it as needed. Monk till demi!
  • Druid Shaman's single combat strategy is roughly as follows: Get the target sprawled with broken legs, load them with affs and entangles to bog down curing to the point where you can thornlash them (but not rend, ew) to death if they're slippery, or just cudgel/lightning them down if they're really stuck. Bonus points if you shake-n-bake them at the end with thornlash. The key thing is that you only have two reliable methods of getting a target sprawled as a shaman: microquake and SHAKE TREES from environment. Additionally, your root golem (unless the recent change changed this) will always be on the ground... so you really want to keep your enemy on the ground as much as possible. 

    You accomplish this by the following:
    Setup - Meld setup with very hot storm, high wind value. Trance setup: Root, Bone, Claw. Have a root golem ready to smack your target.
    Do the annoying druid thing of spamming entangles, flipping elevation, and seedclouding to get your target to maximum allergies without actually engaging them at all. 
    Get Treebane on them, more broken limbs. 
    One balance before your demesne hits, microquake so that it hits them right before they're treelifed into the trees. Chase into the trees and sap the target while they're still sprawled from quake. Entangle at first opportunity. 
    Hopefully back on the ground at this point (so that your golem will bleed and entangle) use bone trance, which is guaranteed to break at least one leg. Ignore arm breaks, they're meaningless. You need to count how many times they're applying ice to their legs, and if they do an apply/eat/apply sequence, which probably means they hit slickness from hot fierceweather and had to reapply. After a bit of this and demesne hitting (~10s) you should have enough of a window to throw some other stuff on, like shamanism frogs to start piling on affs to make it harder to cure slickness. At that point, claw them for the damage/bleed and stuns: remember that stuns stop them starting a new command AND stop a delayed command from going through, really disruptive.  If it looks like they cured out of both legs, throw a bone in.

    You can do this without bone trance and use say... claw in the present trance to kill them more quickly, but with faeriefire being nerfed back down often times it's an early cure and shroud makes it very hard to track their sprawl and entangle status, so having the instant access to more broken limbs when you think they've cured legs is good. 
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