When the Sparrow's Song, finally meets her Sparrow.

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First to @Charune...Thank you. You have really made everything that much more fun. And to everyone else, enjoy!

You feel an odd sensation drawing you off toward nature's bounty. A scent of sweetgrass fills your senses, entrancingly fragrant.

You say, "Moment."

-wanders around before stopping to complain.-

You say, "Could you be anymore cryptic?"


You wrinkle your nose and sniff.

You say, "Rude."

You say, "How about a little bit more...obvious?"

You shift your eyes suspiciously from side to side.

A voice booms in your head, "Come to where worlds entwine; the trees tower above the grasses fine."

You peer about yourself unscrupulously.

You say, "Helpful."

A voice booms in your head, "Indeed. I should give up hunting and become a poet."

You say, "Please don't..."

 You say, "You'd kill my sense of understanding further."


-A lot of wandering Forests are big okay?-


A voice booms in your head, "Persevere, small one."


-finally logic hits hey I am still new I will milk that excuse. She goes to His temple.-


You say, "Come to where worlds entwine."

 You ponder the situation.

 You say, "The trees tower above the grasses fine."


-runs around more-


"You passed it."


-FOUND IT finally. Poor Charune…Newbies and riddles not good together.-


You hear a faint chirping echo around you.

You peer about yourself unscrupulously.

 "Very good. Now then..."

 "Why do you think I called you here, Child of Elfenhoala?"

You have emoted: Venusta glances around herself and furrows a brow. "Probably because I told You to

eat Your vegetables?"

 A hearty chuckle rumbles through the air. The voice speaks, "Indeed not. I brought you here because you wished to see the endlessness of nature."

 "Also, I am interested to see how you hunt."

 You have emoted: Venusta tilts her head slightly. "I did say that...You're not gonna get me...OI!" She hollers a bit too loud... "Fine...But if you laugh at me I will paint your hooves bright red..."

 "You fill, in Serenwilde, find a silver stag."


-lots of running and killing later I did miss some of the posts due to moving too much but she was  told to honor the corpse. She thought of burying the corpse, and offering it, as well as butchering it. Here is what she ultimately decided.-


You drop the corpse of the Silver Stag.

 You say, "Uhh."

-takes corpse and moves- 

"Impatient, are you not?"

 You say, "Confused more like."

You ponder the situation.

You give the corpse of the Silver Stag to a ghostly wolf.

This large grey wolf is glowing with an ethereal luminescence. Although it appears to be covered in

grey fur, the form is translucent and at times almost entirely transparent which makes it difficult

to be precise. His canine form is quite muscular and the claws that extend from his feet are razor

sharp. Two piercing blue eyes glow ominously from the wolf's skull, staring intently at his


A ghostly wolf seems strong and confident.

He is strangely weightless.

He has a slight resistance to cutting damage.

He has a slight resistance to blunt damage.

He has a moderate weakness to magic damage.

He has a great resistance to excorable damage.

He has a terrible weakness to divinus damage.

He is loyal to the wolf pack of Verasavir.

You cannot see what a ghostly wolf is holding.

It has the following aliases: wolf, ghost.


A ghostly wolf snarls viciously as it slowly departs to the southwest.


A ghostly wolf takes the corpse of the stag in his jaws, tearing into the flesh and ripping from it chunks of meat.

You have emoted: Venusta grimaces softly at the display but none the less she remains still. "A bit gory isn't it? Though Nature is not always...pleasant."

A ghostly wolf sinks his teeth once more into one of the limbs of the Silver Stag, pulling and dragging the massive beast slowly away.


An argent light remains where the corpse once was, a shimmering haze.


You have emoted: Venusta studies the light around where the corpse once was, a bit surprised. "That...you don't see every day."


A booming voice echoes, "That stag is a creature whose very existence, very essence, is devoted to the Hunt."


The light begins to shift, flits of shadow swirling about within its centre and drifting outward.

"Tell me, Venusta, what did you learn from his sacrifice?"


You say, "It fed a family most likely. A pack, it could...mean the difference of life or death for a young pup."


You say, "Nature doesn't mean one thing lives while others die, it is a circle a food chain."

You say, "The predator is always the prey to something else."


"Anything else?"


You say, "Pay the dead respects, honour them with giving what you can make use of all not just part. If you cannot, find someone or something that can."


"Indeed. I will say, I do not think that wolf needs all of the stag though. Some of it can be spared."

You say, "Well I don't exactly know where he drug it off to."


The argent light glows brighter, the shifting shadows inside it growing larger and larger.


You have emoted: Venusta shields her eyes only briefly studying the light that grows brighter curiosity seeming to get the better of her. "But what of this?"


From within the light, a massive cacophony of birdsong erupts, a violent argument of back and forth chirping waiting to break free.


You have emoted: Venusta steps closer to the light hearing the birdsong. Tilting her head. "There are...birds in the..What is that?"


The light turns quickly into a blinding explosion, and from it dozens of sparrows take to flight, chirping and flying through the air as they drift off to the distant winds.


A single sparrow remains, landed upon the ground staring up at you, its beady black eyes full of curiosity.


You have emoted: Venusta shields her face from the explosion of light and backs up as the sparrows fly freely. "That...Is definitely...not normal!" she rubs her eyes after a moment, she notices the only lingering bird. "Why do you not fly little bird?" She asks crouching low.


The bird flits up to your shoulder, resting upon it.


You stroke Naayi, a small song sparrow tenderly.

A sweet song is produced as Naayi, a small song sparrow flits about before he perches on your shoulder, urgently demanding more attention.

 You giggle happily.

The voice booms once more, "A friend. And a memory of your hunt."

You say, "Thank you Not Cow God....But you still better eat your vegetables."

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