Roleplaying as kephera.

I started playing recently so I still have much to learn about everything in Lusternia. For now I wish to know about racial characteristics of the kephera since I think this way it will be easier to get into roleplaying.

So, do you guys have some tips to give? I mean, they are giant humanoid insects, the first thing that comes to my mind is that they must speak with some clicking between their words. So maybe I could replace commas with "Tsk" and finish my sentences with "Tsk-Tsk"?

I was also thinking about their faces: They are covered by chitin, so maybe their facial expression is more rigid than any other races, what do you guys think about just opening my mouth slightly with a deadpan face while my antennae twitch to indicate smiling? Too much? If not, any ideas to use that in an emote?

I'm eager to hear your advices.

Peace .V..
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