Lusternian Population Primers

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Spawned from Newbie Concerns thread.

Figured I'd mock up one as a proof of concept, of sorts.

Type: Village
Populace: Furrikin, Tae'Dae. Notably, village appears to be vegetarian; no shopkeepers will accept meat.
Quick View: Quaint farming village beset by slavers. 
Layout: Ackleberry forest surrounds the village on two sides, with the Ackleberry highway on the remaining two. Farming fields dot the countryside, with three player-explorable. A wheat farm to the west, a fruit farm in the southeast, and a vegetable farm south of that. Miss Trundle's daycare lies in the centre of the explorable village, adjacent to the farm. In addition to the general store, stables, dairy barn, henhouse, textile mill, jeweller, and lumber mill, there is an alchemist's shop in the northern portion of the town.
Quirks: Provincial, insular, but welcoming to those already willing to demonstrate trustworthiness (some exceptions apply). While Estelbar was never overly fond of the Empire, a sizable portion of the population just after the fall of the Holy Celestine Empire were refugees from Ackleberry, it took several generations for the mistrust of large cities to degrade from full-on hatred to merely deeply conflicted at best. This is compounded by the fact that most of the remaining great communities, Commune and City alike, continue to allow slavers from nearby Acknor to kidnap and chemically brainwash villagers to work in their fields. (New Celest and Serenwilde tend to disallow it, as do those who actively own the village, but that earns only grudging respect). Life is hard for villagers of Estelbar, but they try to keep their chins up. It helps their outlook on life that most of them are furrikin, who tend to be energetic as a rule, and the remainder are tae'dae, who tend toward the laconic.
Quests: Two, Mrs. Trundle often needs help making sure all her cubs are where they're supposed to be, and are entertained appropriately, and Yojimbo Buntz will accept components the other villagers give you to make an antidote for the poison Acknor uses to brainwash farmers. Administering the antidote frees those under its influence, who return to Estelbar to work.

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