Lusty Layaway

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So I want an artefact and I can't afford it because I'm broke. Instead I hire it for 30 days, for 1/9 of the ticket price. Upon hiring the artefact, I receive a BOUND curio, which is the first shard of the artefact. The second time I hire it, I get the second piece. See if you can guess what happens the third time? As such, the tenth time I pay the hire fee, I can complete the curio and own the artefact permanently. Players get access to artefacts earlier, Lusty gets an 11.11% mark-up. Everyone wins.

Notes - 1) This would work particularly well alongside the membership package. 2) Hiring an artefact for a buddy would make a great gift, while being cheaper than buying them the whole artefact.

EDIT: If I could spell, I would rule the world...
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