Seal of Nature 2019

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Clues for the Trial of Nature in the order I had them:

1. Elegant draping surrounds this blazing bird who lies to watch over those that traverse its gallery of splendour in search to meddle in a most precarious dispute.
Presidio of the Damned - Railed balcony atop spiralling stairs. (11528)

2. Mere tips of stone remain as a reminder of lives past, swept by the endless, moving tide amidst the burning sun, its memory all but washed away.
Skarch Desert - A half-buried graveyard (36017)

3. Entwined forever to form this magnificent arch, this place bars the outside from the flowery blossoms within. Little distracts from its perfect weave.
Tosha Monastery - Grand archway of saplings (6548)

4. Once prosperous, fertile land caught in the grip of death, green turning to rot, wasting away in a reeking haze amidst a buzzing cacophony.
Tar Pits - Moldering flora (16694)

5. Amidst the forest greenery, the remains of blazing flame and burned wood rest within a circle of encasing stone, a protection for the flora of the surrounding dale.
Oleanvir Valley - A used firepit in the valley (6048)

6. Alabaster bones frozen to their tomb, encased in the weapon of their death, an almighty leader reduced to a mistake.
Emperor's Glory - Looking over a decaying rail on the starboard side amidships (3587)

7. Thin streams of light spans across a vast darkness, the depth dwarved by the imposing rocks in this ancient chapel
Chancel of Clagorum Mysteries - A narrow bridge over a deep chasm (19154)

8. Dirt and dust are the only remnants of what once was a prosperous place, a slumber stirred by fresh air amongst the rot and decay
Duum - Dusty chamber (5672)

9. Buried through the passing of an age, this beacon of light has failed to guide those that sought its harbor, now only to plunge them into endless despair amidst the wailing host
Soectre Isle - A collapsed lighthouse (3529)

10. Surrounded by souls bound in service, this platform has seen the knee of many a pious soul paying their respects in this watery grave.
Cay of Cloadahi - Before a respendent dais (20626)

11. Its marvelous outlook does nothing to lessen the dark shadows of times past upon this small abode of knowledge in this place haunted by memories and more.
Highwater Keep - The Duke's library (41876)

12. Each once bearing a flame within, these macabre lanterns have long since burned out, leaving only bleached white in darkened corners, a memory of foes once bested, lined up to parade in darkness.
Illteeth Tunnels - A procession of skulls (8117)

13. Little care has been bestowed upon this haven of disarray where nothing fits or matches in size, yet the aromas wafting upon the air make the mouth water.
Ackleberry Highway - A ragged chophouse (20555)

14. Is this an overflowing sea of green covers every inch of ground, the tendrils closing overhead in an impassable thicket, dancing sinuously, ever reaching for the light.
Inner Sea - Amidst a thick kelp forest (42052)

15. Carved by elder hand, a dark and spacious cavern marks the beginning and end of every journey amidst many a fierce guardian watching over those that pass
Avechna's Peak - Before the Portal of Fate (273)

16. A lone figure guards the entrance to a place of ancient beauty, its gnarled limbs standing out amongst the green carpet surrounding it.
Tolborolla Valley - A lone cedar tree (9551)

17. Amidst the treacherous ground, a path to the skies opens to those who are quick and willing to get burned. a unique sight opens to those who dare ascend
Mount Zoaka - A steaming thermal vent (12381)

18. Upon a frozen path, guarded by ferocious beasts of feline grace, a steep incline of many stairs leads to a dazzling view of winter grazed forests amidst a glorious mountain range.
Irshaw Heights - The end of an ascent (23767)

19. The dance of light and shadow emits from this sculpture ablaze, casting its view upon a realm of lively chatter and earthly delights.
Gourmet Ghetto - Beneath a candlelit chandelier (36226)

20. Grass underfoot, a small cave where a seal spins in the air, cracked but holding.
Avechna's Peak - The Cave of Nature (7334)

Those were great clues, thanks admin! Some were really hard. I got stuck on number 6 (alabaster bones) for over an hour even though Steingrim said to try the undead ship after 15 minutes. My favourite clue was 'a path to the skies opens to those who are quick and willing to get burned'. I laughed when I got that one.

The Explorer's guide book and dice that you can get from the Czigany Wayfaire are great practice. I'm still stuck on about half a dozen of the sixty-four locations in there.

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