Credit Sale: 2:1 and 30% off!

Gero!Gero! Member Posts: 8 Inept
I've got Lusternia credits for Starmourn credits. I'll trade 2:1 (my two for your one) and Starmourn is currently having a sale for 30% off all credits. One thousand credits would run you about 100 bucks! Get them cheap and get that artifact or skill you always wanted! While supplies last!


  • AydeksaAydeksa Member Posts: 73 Capable
    How many credits do you have left?
  • VeztousVeztous Member Posts: 1 Inept
    I have starmourn credits I would like to trade for lusternian ones, or even gold in lusternia for the credits in starmourn. Can message here or in lusternia.
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