Enhancement Runes are REALLY expensive

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So I've been doddling around lately and toyed around with the idea of just finishing off upgrading my knighthood weapon, when I was reminded of just how pricey the armour and weapon enhancement runes are. The credit price for one weapon enhancement rune is 300 cr, and if you're a two-hander, 600 to see any difference. The armour runes are similarly outrageous at 500 cr. That's a lot for some otherwise very minor effects. Has there been any consideration in slashing the price some? TBH they're probably worth more like a quarter of that.


  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,746 Transcendent
    I had an envoy report to add new enhancement options for armour that might at least make it more tempting to buy a rune.  It was rejected.  I have bought no enhancement slots.
    I fully agree with the cost vs. benefit being skewed on these things.
  • SteingrimSteingrim Member Posts: 1,133 Mythical
    These seem like they were meant to be flexable. But this is one of the most rage inducing systems out there.

    They're really punish you for classflexing.

    I think we can only explain the cost in view of the sometime flexibility.

    What we really need are weapon enhancements of fixed types aka like runes.

    Some possible changes.

    a. Release some specific enchancement types runes some of which can be at a lower cost since clearly the current ones are priced high for flexibility and in part due to some of the enchancement being worth more than others.

    b. change enhancement slots to enable enhancements rather than to grant them. This would mean you could add your enhancements on a weapon, but if you removed the runes only the first one or two would be active. But, more importantly, when you added the runes back, you would not have to get the damn thing reenhanced.

    c. put the enhancements on the runes themselves. So the enhancements move with the runes to the new weapons.
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    Suggestion is assuming everybody is rich and has pliers. Also, I'm in agreement that the prices should be dropped, considering you're limited on how many slots any one piece of equipment can have.
  • ShangoShango Member Posts: 156 Capable
    The enhancements for weapons or armour pretty much suck universally. Minor bonuses that are absolutely necessary, but have such a small impact....the fact that Warriors take nine forevers to get anywhere is the only reason their purchase would be noticable. A 0.1s speed buff? What kind of insulting enhancement is that, deals with the client-server lag, but we see how 'fast' Warriors are in general...

    So aside from the rest with Warriors, they could get looked at for value, would be nice. 500cr for Armour enhancement slots, yet charms are a single +1 value difference and take up a whole slot for one enhancement/resistance of that value, so a 2% change. Wooboy. I'm with Xenthos, never bought one nor shall I. Went Aethersuit, 3 slots with Master (forging), all I'd ever need. Buying with aethergoop is more accessible, so not even a question of affordability for me, just no point.
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