Couple of Hallifaxians discuss Celest

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You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "Did you want to discuss the book?"

Nelras tells you, "I would be glad to, if you wish to."

You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "I am not that busy at the moment."

Smiling softly, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate asks you, "Is there something that 

you wish to discuss in particular with regards to what you are working on?"

You ponder the situation.

You say, "Do you know of any good reference books on the Cosmic planes?"

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "On the matter of the cosmic planes in 

general, I think that the best that I might do is to search the world library. There is, however, a 

book that I might recommend that you look at. Unfortunately, I am not able to copy it for you. Would 

you be willing to step away from the Matrix for a moment while I retrieve it?"

You nod your head at Nelras.

You say, "You want me to follow you?"

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "Please."

You begin to follow Nelras.

You follow Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate down to studios and galleries near the 


Studios and galleries near the Conservatory.

Rippling notes of a tranquil harmony drift upon the air, emanating from a healing shrine of Isune 

nearby. Banks of clouds roil about here. A fresh breeze is blowing through the area. The 

Conservatory of Music stands at the centre of this busy platform, surrounded by smaller buildings 

bearing signs and banners noting them as the studios and galleries of various Hallifaxian interests. 

Given a wide swathe of space from the other structures, the Conservatory rises, broad roof supported 

by massive columns of black marble engraved with the names of Guild benefactors rendered in silver 

letters. A broad walkway leads up to the vaulted entryway of the building, lined with a series of 

chiming crystals. Engraved into the pavement at the side of the road are the words Ward 3, Precinct 

12. A solstice stocking has been hung here. A statue of an opaque octahedron stands here, 

memorialising his noble spirit. Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate stands here, 

surrounded in an aura of ghostly, flickering wings. He wields a Wand of Wonder in his left hand and 

an aerodynamic viola hewn from sapphire in his right. He is surrounded by one reflection of himself.

You see exits leading south, southwest, west, and up.

Nelras glances around quickly before turning his attention back to you. Quietly, he says, "I must 

admit that a small amount of deception was necessary. I do not need to fetch the book, I already 

have it on my person. I did not, however, wish to make this overly common knowledge. While it was 

given to me freely, a lot has changed since then and I do not wish to cause any difficulties. For 

that reason, I must also ask that you do not speak of my having this book."

Nelras gives a luminescent arcanum bearing Holy Celestial symbols to you.

With a faint smile, you say, "You surprise me a bit, Quintessence, but of course I won't say 

anything about it."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "These particular books were the 

property of the Celestine guild, as was. I was, after all, a Celestine during my time in Celest. I 

left on good terms with them, while we were allied, and so I was permitted to keep it. This is also 

the reason why I cannot copy it."

Kethaera says, beginning to flip through the first few pages, "I don't remember you 

speaking of being in their guild before.... What was your experience of it, at the time?"

Nelras's eyes rest upon the book as he considers his words. "I found the Celestines, and Celest as a 

whole, to be very welcoming. I also found that I can agree with the teachings of the Supernals. If 

you wish to know how it is that I came to reside there, that was also in part tied to my first time 

visiting Celestia and the Supernals." He pauses for a moment, before adding, "It was not the 

teachings that led to my departure, but rather how certain people tended to interpret them."

Kethaera pauses, lifting her eyes up from the page and laying a hand across the 

tome. "What do you mean by that?" she asks, turning toward Nelras. "About the people. The teachings, 

certainly, I find myself with similar conclusions."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "There was a tendency to overlook 

certain teachings in favour of others. Let us say that the tales of zealotry that I had heard were 

not always entirely unfounded."

"I see," Kethaera states, without emotion, turning to the next page. "Some beliefs 

are easier to follow in difficult times than others."

Nelras nods his head. "Indeed they are," he says. "It is easy to profess belief during peaceful 

times, yet when those beliefs are tested we see beyond the words that are spoken." He allows a 

slight smile to come to his face as he adds, "Of course, there were some people who did hold to what 

they taught. The problem was that they were few and far between, particularly when compared to those 

who turned more readily to the teachings of Methrenton over those of the other Supernals."

"Is that really a problem?" Kethaera asks, staring at the page in hand. "Methrenton 

is a Supernal, and Elohora encompasses his teachings as well. Perhaps, in times of trial, a firmer 

hand is what is needed."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "That may be so, however there is a 

particular belief that I speak of. It is said that, should no other method be effective, to kill the 

Tainted is a kindness, for it grants their souls a short time to reflect, free of the Taint which 

grips their bodies. Yet this was used as an excuse to glory in death and in killing. There was no 

thought towards any outcome save for their end."

Nelras ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

You tilt your head curiously at Nelras.

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Let me tell you of a time when I was 

still young, when I still lived in Magnagora. Perhaps this was one of my first encounters with the 

people of Celest. There was a raid, against a place that was very important to me at the time. So I, 

amongst others, went to defend that place. We fought, and I died twice, far after my companions had 

for I was no real threat. Yet before I could be killed the third time, the time that would send me 

to stand before the Fates, their leader bade them to stop."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Their leader knew that more might be 

accomplished by that act of kindness, and the words that followed, than by killing me again and 

again. Yet by the time I came to live in Celest, such a thought would have been considered almost 

unthinkable. Not killing the Tainted would have been unthinkable, to most of them."

Brow furrowing, Kethaera frowns at this, and shakes her head. "It is hard to 

imagine that Celest would have treated even the Tainted that way. I've never seen it from them, 

myself." Pursing her lips in thought, she adds, "Although... their devotion to the Wyrd is... 

peculiar. There is nothing of Light in the Dark Forest, I should know better than most."

Pausing for a moment, Nelras replies, "I would not wish to dispute your knowledge of that forest, 

yet I am speaking of a time from near the start of the old alliance. They had not yet been 

influenced by the Wyrd, as it seems they must have been these days." He casts a quick glance in the 

direction of the Glomdoring and mutters something under his breath. "Speaking of the alliance, that 

is how I came to move to Celest, in a way. It was when the alliance was still being formed and I, 

being a member of the Board at the time, thought that I should visit our soon-to-be allies. After 

all, all that I knew of them was what I had learned from Magnagora. During that visit, I found 

myself on Celestia, visiting the Supernals. It..." He stops momentarily, before asking you, "Can I 

take it that you have also seen the Supernals of Celestia?"

Kethaera nods at the first part, saying, "Oh, of course, politics does make for 

strange alliances, sometimes. I was more reflecting on some arguments I've had with them in recent 

years." Following Nelras's gaze, she manages only a faint smile in return. "As for Celestia..." she 

says, facing Nelras, "Certainly I have, a few times now. I have even..." She pauses before 

retrieving a figurine from her possessions, carved in the likeness of the Supernal, Raziela.

Nelras's eyes widen and for a moment he is left speechless as he sees the figurine. His attention 

focuses upon it and a gentle, peaceful smile comes to his face. A few more moments pass and he 

whispers, "Lady Raziela." His gaze snaps up as he addresses you once more. "You do understand then. 

It was when I first looked upon lady Raziela and learned of her teachings that the thought was 

planted in my mind that eventually led to my living in Celest."

Kethaera is silent for several seconds, placing the figurine away. "It does not 

surprise me that you would be drawn to her teachings," remarks, studying Nelras's expression. "I 

felt much the same way, even if that should be a bit strange," she adds, with a small chuckle.

His voice slightly subdued, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate asks you, "Why would that 

be strange?"

Kethaera shakes her head, dismissing her own comment. "There are moments when I 

can't help but remember what I was taught, growing up in the forest," she says, with a brief glance 

in the direction of it. "She was considered the worst of the Supernals, because of her fondness for 

the fae."

Understanding dawning on his face, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "There is 

nothing strange about remembering what shaped us for so long. In fact, I would say that it would be 

far stranger if we did not remember those things, particularly in the presence of lady Raziela. 

After all, she stands in opposition to so much of what we once thought we knew."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate whispers, "I think that is a part of what draws 

people like us to her, if I might say so."

Quietly, you say, "Perhaps so. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it."

With a sympathetic smile, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "Neither did I."

Closing the book and taking it under an arm, you say to Nelras, "If you wouldn't mind, Quintessence, 

I would like go to study for a bit, and to rest. May I return the book to you later?"

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "If I did not trust you to take care of 

it, I would not have given it to you in the first place. Of course you may, and if it should find 

its way back to our bookshelf anyway, I would be more than willing to fetch it for you again if you 

ask it."

You smile and say, "Of course. And thank you for your own thoughts about it. It has given me much to 


Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "If you ever do wish to speak about it, 

I would be happy to. And should you ever wish to speak with a Celestine on the same topic, I would 

suggest Lorina."

Nodding, you say to Nelras, "I am sure I will speak to her about it at some point again."

By way of explanation, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "She was one of those 

who did hold true to her faith, and she also taught me a great deal."

Nelras bows respectfully to you.

You bow respectfully to Nelras.

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Fair winds for now, and may you know 

only clear skies."

Nelras's head falls back as he smiles softly at nothing in particular. The faint outline of numinous 

angel wings grows around him.

You smile and say, "To you as well, clear skies."

"Chairwoman," Princess Setisoki states, holding up a hand in a gesture for her to stop and returning the cup. "That would be quite inappropriate. One of the males will serve me."
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