Unpopular Opinions 2.0

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Honestly people, can we stop squabbling over the same stupid things and getting topics closed? Here's some ground rules for the children at play:

1) If an opinion entry is made, do not respond to it with any measure of hostility.

2) If your opinion is about in-game politics, please identify the actual grouping rather than generalize.

3) If your opinion is about OOC and forums, please identify the actual grouping rather than generalize.

4) There is no need to get defensive or offensive. We're adults, hopefully, and should be able to express our opinion without attacking.

5) If a post is found to be unsavory by breaking one of these rules. Admin please REMOVE the post, NOT the thread....please.


People need to stop getting offended when a generalized grouping is used. If it clearly doesn't include you, then there's no need for offense. We're human! We state generalizations for ease such as, "I hate people." when they clearly have friends and family those don't hate. Because of these people feeling the need to defend themselves when they're not being discussed, irritates me to the point we have to put rules to SPECIFY the people. If it doesn't apply to you, please just ignore it and know that more than likely, it wasn't targeted at you.


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    Some people attack groups to give them a bit of separation from an explicit personal attack.  They then say, "Hey, I was attacking the community you were a part of, why are you so offended, I clearly did not mean you!" when it is not so clear at all.  Avoiding the attacks in the first place is better if you really are not intending to float bait to see what responses you will receive.
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