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Trahey attempts to make up for the lack of published information on guild changes and learns the up-front method isn't always the right one.

You have emoted: Trahey offers a salute to Nelras, taking a moment to study him before shaking off his confusion.

Smiling politely, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Good evening."

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

A slight muttering precedes the appearance of Nelras, stepping out of a glowing circle of energy and slowly becoming clearly visible. 

You have emoted: "Good evening to you, sir." Trahey straightens, finding refuge in military posture.

You say, "Err... Terribly sorry. Head just got foggy. Erm, yes. The letter."

You say, "It's an honour to meet one who was in the thick of it all, sir!"

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing familiar constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend. 

A hint of concern comes to Nelras's expression as he studies you. Quietly, he asks, "Is everything quite alright?" 

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "It is a pleasure to meet you finally, but we need not speak of the letter if there is something else on your mind."

You have emoted: Trahey is smiling at Nelras, but the slightly lost look in his grey eyes has not fully receded. "To tell the truth, sir, I do have - something - on my mind, but I can't for the life of me fathom what it is and how it came to be. Maybe it might be better not to pay too much attention, for now... it feels like chasing rainbows."

You say, "And, well, I am still very curious. And I came prepared!"

You pat a discreet pocket-sized notepad in a friendly manner.

Nelras nods his head slowly. "Very well," he says with a slight smile. "Are there any specific questions that you wish to ask?"

You have emoted: Trahey's voice is hushed now. "I did read the scrolls. But it didn't give details in quite some places, you understand. What was it like when those insurgents first arrived? And how - how did negotiations go? Involving Lord Nitraedes? I did hear about his guile when handling the situation."

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness. 
It is now the 19th of Estar, 530 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Nelras pauses for a moment, seemingly distracted, before giving his reply. "Lord Nitraedes was, to my understanding, involved in gathering information regarding the insurgency. It is thanks to his work that we learned some of the reason why they were attacking."

You ask, "Were you there to hear the exchange, sir?"

Shaking his head, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "No, I was not. I was elsewhere at the time."

You have emoted: Trahey adjusts his grip on a white platinum klangaxe of aurora borealis crystal with one hand and the brim of his hat with the other. "Perhaps it might be better if I asked about your experiences, sir."

You whisper, "It... Well. I don't quite know what to ask when it comes to that."

You whisper, "I'd never seen Lord... Lord Crys. Or this Jilai. I don't know what they normally do. I had no idea it... was possible for a Voice to do that."

Nelras gives a barely audible sigh, as if he had been expecting this turn of events. He remains silent for a time, before saying, "So, you know some part of what transpired, then? I had planned to tell you of my limited interaction with the insurgency, but if you know already then that would be somewhat counterproductive, I suppose."

You have emoted: Trahey shakes his head vigorously. "Oh, no, every bit of detail counts, sir."

You have emoted: Trahey leans down absentmindedly to pat a storm-coloured greyhound, eyes still trained on Nelras - rather like an eager pup himself barely reining in his energy.

Keegan arrives from the southeast.

Raising his hand in greeting, Keegan says "Hello!"

Nelras inclines his head politely to Keegan.

You give Keegan a respectful salute.

The sky lightens and stars fade as Father Sun approaches the horizon in his neverending quest to capture Mother Night.

Nelras glances around slowly, letting his gaze fall over both the guards stationed around the Matrix and then Keegan before it returns to you. "In that case, my involvement in dealing with the insurgency was limited to the operation of that..." He gestures in the direction of the resonance tower. Turning to Keegan, he quietly says, "We are speaking of the end of the old guilds."

Keegan stares blankly to Nelras before giving a curt nod. "I feel like that predates me."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I did find some of the insurgents as I moved around the city. I had to deal with them as they had been attacking me. Other than that, my attention was elsewhere."

You have emoted: Trahey scritches furiously away, ever the devoted scribe, pausing to add an avid nod here and there. Listening.

Nelras nods his head in approval at your efforts. "I am afraid that the other matter you mentioned will likely be a conversation for another time, and another place," he says, before turning back to Keegan. "As for yourself, an event having occurred before your time is no reason not to learn of it."

You have emoted: Trahey's hand stills, and he gives a deep nod - perhaps to conceal his disappointment. "Of course, sir. When it suits you."

Nelras says to you, "As I was saying, I spent much of my time from that point onwards turning my attention to that tower." He mutters something quietly under his breath. "Do you know of what happened, in the end?"

Very quiet, you whisper, "Your - the Grand Libretto gave herself up to..."

You have emoted: Trahey does not finish his sentence, something in Nelras's expression making him falter for the first time.

Perhaps more harshly than he means to, Nelras says, "That is the part that we will discuss another time."

Keegan scratches his head in confusion.

Still soft, you say, "In the end, everything was put to rights, of course."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "Now, returning to what happened afterwards, I was operating the tower for much of the course of the insurgency. I am aware that the insurgents made an effort to attack Air, possibly in an attempt to disconnect that plane from the Matrix. That may have been before I reached the tower though, I do not remember fully."

Nelras murmurs, "That is one problem with the Resonance Tower, amongst many in my opinion. It requires a member of the Board to use it fully. I was the only one awake at the time, you see."

You have emoted: Trahey casts a glance at where the tower lies.

Sunlight billows across the realm, revealing the full glory of the majestic sun's luminous presence as he climbs higher into the sky.

Nelras tells you, "Usually I would not discuss the other matter outside of the Symphonium, save for one or two exceptions. I am willing to, as you already know of what happened it seems, but not where we might be so easily overheard. I hope that you understand my reluctance."

You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "That must be the other place you mentioned. Of course, sir."

Frowning, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "That tower has caused far more trouble than it has been worth."

You have emoted: Trahey does not offer an opinion, but does make a note in the margins.

Shaking his head, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "In any case, we started to receive what appeared to be a message, but it was somewhat scrambled. Eventually, we managed to work out what it was saying, and to tune the tower so that we might receive it more clearly. I do seem to recall that lady Windwhisper played a part in deciphering the original transmission, but I might be...mistaken. It is hard to say."

Cautious, you say, "If I may interject, sir..."

With a reassuring smile, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Of course."

Looking down, you say, "I am sorry. I should have looked more into matters before coming to ask. If... if there are events you'd rather not share, I can understand."

You have emoted: Trahey offers a sympathetic wince, as if to emphasize.

Quietly, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Do not worry about it. We will talk another time. The general history of what happened and how the guilds closed should be known, in any case. Anything else that happened at the same time..." 

The sun reaches the zenith of the firmament, pausing in his quest to allow the land to bask in his shining golden rays.

With an expression of some sorrow, Nelras quietly says, "I am afraid that I must depart for a time, there are other matters to which I must turn my attention. We will speak again however."

With a flourish of his arm, Nelras bows deeply.

You give Nelras a respectful salute.

Nelras's head falls back as he smiles softly at nothing in particular. The faint outline of numinous angel wings grows around him.


To the Lord Quintessence - I hope this letter finds you safely, sir.

I’ve heard the songs of the Clarramore swans today. I had the journal here with me, although at one point it somehow faded. I know I’ve already told you this, sir, but I must do so again. I apologise for not looking enough before coming to you. Now I know who Jilai and Lord Crys is, a little, and now I know what happened to her. Why you were reluctant to disclose what I asked you about.

Now I know she has moved on. When I met you, I didn’t occur to me she had at all, sir.

Thank you for bearing with me. What stories you might be willing to share I will listen to gladly, but please, sir, don’t push yourself to tell things you’d rather not relive.

Cordial regards,

Facet Trahey of the Adherents 
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    You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "Evening, sir." Try as he might, cannot hide a trace of awkwardness in his words. "I hope the letter has reached you safely?"

    It is now the 16th of Kiani, 530 years after the Coming of Estarra.

    Nelras tells you, "Ah, yes. Your letter did reach me, thank you. I had been planning to suggest that you visited the Clarramore gardens, but it would seem that you are already ahead of me in that regard. You need not apologize however, not for coming to me with your questions."

    You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "Not for that, perhaps." A long pause. "This... I don't know. I'm really not myself when I try and - Aaargh." When he next speaks his voice is lighter, closer to his usual self. "Might we start over, sir?"

    You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "Facet Trahey of the Sentinels, it's an honour to speak with the leader of the Aerie - whom I did need to contact sometime. There was a task regarding histories I cannot finish without interviewing a guild leader, you see."

    Nelras tells you, "It is a pleasure to speak with you, Sentinel Trahey. Might I ask what is on your mind?"

    You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "The task I refer to is interviewing the leader of the Aerie for details on how the guild was founded. The task did call for an interview for better details."

    Nelras tells you, "Very well. Did you wish to meet in person for this interview?"

    You tell Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate, "That would be convenient, sir. In a location that suits you."

    Nelras tells you, "Please meet me at the Transcendental Aviary then, if you would be so kind?"

    A slight muttering precedes the appearance of Nelras, stepping out of a glowing circle of energy and slowly becoming clearly visible.

    Smiling politely, Nelras inclines his head to you.

    You give Nelras a respectful salute.

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I trust that all is well this morning?"

    Adjusting his grip on his axe, you say to Nelras, "Quite well, sir, what of you?"

    The Crystal Resonance Tower broadcasts: Citizens are asked to gather bards and scholars to secure our status as the Cultural Centre of the Basin. Refer to CHELP BARDSANDSCHOLARS for the process on empowering them.

    Nelras's eyes drift momentarily to the axe, however there is no sign of concern on his face at its presence. He mutters something quietly to himself, knowing that his voice would be obscured by the sound of the Resonance Tower before shaking his head. Turning his attention back to you fully, he says, "I have been well enough, thank you for asking." His expression relaxes and he gives you a reassuring smile. "You may ask your questions, however I would ask something of you first, if I might?"

    You nod your head affirmatively at Nelras.

    (Lost log at this part, reconstruction)
    Softly, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, “Please, relax. The worst that might happen me not answering one of your questions. I will not take offense.”

    You have emoted: "Kind of you to say, sir. I do tend to overdo vigilance sometimes." Despite his smile, Trahey's eyes hint at a different reason, but Nelras's words visibly remove some of the tension threading through the youth's posture. "Thank you. So, about questions..."

    His newfound professionalism shrinking back to its roots, you ask, "What were Lady Miella Windwhisper and Hallifax's Conductor like, when you went to see them?"

    Cheeks still flushed a little from excitement, you say, "I, erm, I wondered what one of the greatest figures in Hallifax's highest caste were like, sir."

    Nelras pauses for a moment to consider his answer. "Lady Windwhisper was, of course, nothing but polite when we visited her concerning the Aerie. She was, as we all were at the time, affected greatly by the loss of the old guilds and by what we had seen." He smiles, yet the expression is tinged with sadness. "As for the...conductor, of whom you speak, he was willing to support us. Of course, our ties to the Symphonium may have influenced that more than a little. While the Aerie officially has no such ties, for all of the new guilds are completely divorced from the old ones, I was the final Opus of the Symphonium and Xeii was its final Libretto."

    You have emoted: Trahey tugs at the brim of his hat. "And one of the few who still wake long enough to tell the tale of that change."

    Nelras considers this briefly before nodding his head. "I suppose that I am, at that," he admits quietly. "Very well. The truth of the matter is that the entire city had been shaken by the closure of the guilds. While the greatest potential tragedy had been..." He corrects himself with a shake of his head. "The future destruction of the city had been prevented, as had most of the damage which might have been done to it. The guild halls do still remain, after all, and the insurgency was unable to complete its goals as well. Yet Hallifax was damaged all the same."

    You take a discreet pocket-sized notepad from a pale great coat of the Sentinels.

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Whereas once we had purpose, and a sense of being beyond that given to us by the Collective as a whole, now we had no purpose. No direction. Something needed to be done to restore the correct order of things, before something worse happened than a sense of confusion and loss."

    You have emoted: With a glint in his eyes, Trahey is off again, quill held tightly in hand as he jots down Nelras's words. A storm-coloured greyhound jumps up at the sign of movement in his master, circling Nelras and Trahey both.

    You murmur, "Dirty clothes out with the dirty water."

    You murmur, "No, perhaps not quite so..."

    Nelras spares a glance for the circling greyhound before speaking to you once more. "No, not quite. In the end, it was Lady Silverplume who had the idea for the formation of the Aerie. As that idea was expanded upon, the other guilds were introduced, each formed not around an area of study as they had been before, but rather seeking to draw people of a common inclination and with similar interests."

    You have emoted: Noting Nelras's preoccupation but ignoring it, a storm-coloured greyhound folds himself up at his feet, tail wagging furiously. Trahey looks up, then at the dog, then back at Nelras.

    You say, "Er... I'm sorry about that, sir. Please, continue."

    You whisper to a storm-coloured greyhound, "Pallero. He's not a pillow - Pallero."

    "Do not worry about that," Nelras says with a smile, before continuing on as if the greyhound was not there. "With it decided that this would be how the new guilds would be formed, we set about trying to convince the people of Hallifax. Each guild was to be supported by two people, one who had made the journey through the Portal and one who had not. That way, the city would be fairly represented. I expect that you can read about who supported each guild in the records of the meeting that was held."

    Nodding, you say, "That I've done, sir."

    With admiration, you say, "I didn't expect Lady Miella would stand for the Adherents, though." 

    It is now the 17th of Kiani, 530 years after the Coming of Estarra.

    Nelras nods his head in approval. "I am glad to hear that you have found those records," he says quietly. "It speaks to her wisdom, and to her dedication to Hallifax and the Collective. I shall admit that it might not be what one might expect from lady Windwhisper at first, yet it speaks a great deal to all that she has seen."

    Hesitantly, you ask, "Do you know what she meant by her *crimes,* sir?"

    You say, "She called herself a transgressor..."

    Observing your expression carefully, Nelras speaks quietly but firmly to you. "No. I do not know what she refers to."

    You have emoted: Not quite used to the game of unspoken messages, Trahey merely returns Nelras's look evenly. "I shall try to find records," he replies with another tug at his hat.

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate asks you, "What do you plan to do if you should find them, might I ask?"

    You have emoted: Trahey offers a confused blink. "Do, sir?"

    You say, "I... I look because I want to gather all the pieces I can to the puzzle."

    You say, "What to do with it... I must say I don't know, sir. Depends on what puzzle it is, but in this case, I don't think there's much anyone could do with that information. Whatever happened, it's happened in the past, hasn't it?"

    As understanding dawns on his face, Nelras quietly says, "Alas, there is a great deal that can be done with information, even that which relates to the past. The lady Windwhisper clearly finds the matter quite unpleasant, to paint herself in that light. What do you believe would happen, if the knowledge she holds were to become a matter of public knowledge? It would, of course, be discussed widely - she is a Master Artist, after all." A slight frown crosses his lips and he murmurs, "Even finding out that someone is looking would be bad enough."

    You have emoted: The panting of a storm-coloured greyhound has stilled, the animal now looking between Trahey and Nelras with innocent interest. Trahey seems about to respond, but thinks better of it. "The public. Of course."

    Bowing his head, you say, "Information ought to be for those that know better to handle, as Hallifax's structure might dictate. I see now."

    Adding, you say, "The Lady being one of those betters, of course."

    With a gentle smile and yet some firmness to his voice, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "Information ought to be handled by those who know how to handle it, no matter their place within the city. I would never discourage you from learning and I am, for the most part, happy to answer your questions. All that would come from your attempting to find out about that would be the opening of an old wound, if not several."

    You have emoted: Trahey lifts his head a tad too quick at Nelras's reassurance, satisfaction and surprise both showing in his expression. "Understood, sir," is all he offers, however.

    His voice growing softer once more, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "With knowledge comes power, yet also a choice which we must make. We must choose how to use that knowledge, that power, and sometimes the wisest course of action is to do no such thing. Continue your search if you must, discretely, and perhaps the end result will convince you if I cannot. But remember that knowledge can, if used carelessly, do far more to a person than that axe which you hold."

    You have emoted: "I shall temper things with a scabbard," Trahey replies, voice cheery once more but his eyes not quite so flippant.

    Nelras nods his head at you.

    You say, "I fear there may be more letters in the future. Though I will try to seek out the Chairman, or others that were there to witness the rebuilding of the guilds. I didn't quite have time to ask about the Aerie itself, would you mind if I wrote, sir...?"

    With a soft smile, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I would not mind at all, Trahey. I am afraid that I must rest for a time, but I shall look forward to receiving your letters."

    You give Nelras a respectful salute.

    You say, "Thank you, sir!"

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "No, thank you."

    You say to a storm-coloured greyhound, "Come on, Pallero."

    A storm-coloured greyhound obediently falls into line behind you.

    Nelras's head falls back as he smiles softly at nothing in particular. The faint outline of numinous angel wings grows around him. 
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