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    Makai said:
    The problem with the approach of "Can only report if you have the skillset" is that you are then hoping people are willing to give an actual critical look at their abilities and go, "Oh gosh, we're a tad overtuned!" and submit a report to fix themselves. That won't happen , in any skillset. Ideally people should be able to open a report on any skillset, list their issues and carry on with people who have experience going against the skillset and the users. In this case, it is up to the users to show why the reported problem isn't actually a problem, or if it is identified a problem, offer ways to improve the solution so that all are in agreement.
    That is why I am not suggesting limiting reports on a skillset only to those who have it, because I agree that it can lead to nothing ever getting done.  What we do need is something that actually enables "offering ways to improve the solution," which simply does not exist in a "this is my report and I do not care what anyone says" report meta.  Unlock reports from being one person's Vision so we actually can attempt to work towards agreement.
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    Letting other players edit a report isn't going to solve the issue either. Simply put, it just adds to the partisan behavior as a group can just put a new solution and vote on it, even if it doesn't actually address anything. Suggestions are good, but if it isn't actively aiding the report then we also get what we currently have. Best case scenario is we get an actual workshop period where all the input comes in and the report writer decides from there the best solutions to list.
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    If someone tries to add a solution that is nothing but a trolly obfuscation, it should be blocked (not get added at all).  As I also stated, new solutions should be reviewed to ensure they are not just being abused to push partisan mudslinging.
    I simply don't see "report writer has sole control" as being best case under any scenario, though.  With that being true, why would he/she pick the best solutions vs. his/her own preferred ones?
    If a report is a cooperative effort you are required to cooperate.  If it is not, you can do whatever you want.
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    Xenthos said:
    Maligorn said:
    Sometimes report writers take opinions into consideration and decide that they don't want to include commenters' changes or thoughts in their report. That's entirely their prerogative. If I walked into a Crow report of yours that tried to make carrion less awful (as an example) and commented "yeah I think sol <x> needs <y>" and you decide "no, I don't think that's appropriate", you shouldn't feel the need to compromise. This is without factoring in partisan opinions and all the other old problems we've spun through these past few years.

    Either way, if you can't see what people are commenting, you won't be able to change or modify your solutions. I think that's okay. It will make people more careful about writing the report in the first place.

    You won't need to "highball" solutions anymore like some haggler at some night market (i.e. ask for some values you know people won't like and "pretend" to compromise. All those kinds of behaviors can be abolished if the admin start taking more responsibility in report decisions.

    Does that mean Orael will get more heat? Probably. The admin become a focal point for "this is why my skillsets are bad!". But that's way better than "some player is actively trying to keep my skills bad!".
    I think you have identified the most glaring problem with reports as they exist: The notion that a report is "my report" or "your report."  That is, by definition, partisan.  In past iterations of reporting, things have been tried to attempt to alleviate this, such as "You cannot report on a skillset you don't have unless you make a good-faith effort to get buy-in from users of that skillset" or even just "If you're consistently being unproductive we will remove you from envoys."  Obviously they were not perfect, but they were at least an attempt at a moderating influence, one which simply does not exist now.  Anyone can write a report, regardless of how much or little they know, and can choose to "ask for values people won't like and not even pretend to "compromise").
    If someone has an idea for improving carrion in a crow report, why the heck not let them add it?  If it's a bad idea, it probably won't get support.  If it's a good idea, then great!  Either way it helps inform the final decision from the admin (who can also choose to reject bad solutions on their own) and hopefully moves things forward.
    We need to kill this idea of report ownership.  It does nothing but poison the process.  Work together to make improvements, not against each other to tear each other apart.
    Regardless of who spiritually "owns" a report, the person who writes it is also the person who crafts the solutions, the problem statement and the final product of the report.

    Essentially what you're saying is "yeah let's compromise on this solution as much as possible! but not if I don't like it, or I determine by "popular consensus" that people don't like it." Because you're only using your own, biased opinion to filter what is good for the report and what isn't - and no one really knows who you're sampling from. Unless you want to write a dissertation every time you change a solution, or reject a suggestion, showing objectively why you chose to do what you did so that it can be safely cleared of partisan leanings and subjectivity. Which I don't think even you want to do.

    So screw comments. Write a report that you think is appropriate, people will comment anonymously and the admin will take it from there. You don't have to worry about convincing anyone but the admin.

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    One flaw I see down the road is that the head coder might not always be Orael, who we know is strongly familiar with Lusternia combat and does a pretty good job at being unbiased.

    Whoever may replace him and get the final decision on reports may not necessarily be as combat savvy, nor is it safe to assume that they will be as unbiased as Orael. But mainly, the first point is what should be considered (i.e. combat familiar coder vs non-familiar).

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    When are these changes going to go live? Should we continue to submit reports in the meantime?
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    The heads up and timeline is appreciated, lets get this rolling.
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    I like the intention of the new reporting system to reduce the unproductive arguments in current reports. Also, I appreciate the intention of the admin to put in more effort on finalizing the solutions themselves.

    That said, I think that one comment per player may not be enough as there is often a lot of misunderstanding and ignorance especially when the commenter has never used the skill/skillset being talked about. That may also be attributed to lack of information in the writing of the report. 

    I suggest that the 1st phase be mostly a discussion on the problem statement first. At this point, the comment limit should be 2 max per person to smoothen any misunderstandings.  Solutions should already be written by the writer but are hidden in this phase and edittable. 

    The 2nd phase should now be about the solutions and reveal the solutions of the writer. At this point, it should only be 1 comment because the final decision will be by admin anyway. Problem and solutions no longer edittable.

    I'm okay with 2 or 3 report cycles a year, so that recently implemented solutions can still be re-evaluated and tweaked if needed.

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    Deichtine said:
    Remove the solutions from the reports totally.

    Leave the solutions entirely in the hands of the admin.

    No offense, but how about no.

    This is giving the admin reason to institute a "Solution 4" to pretty much anything. Giving Celestines Shackles, anyone?
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    As a heads up - reports will be closing in a few more days, so get your reports in while they are still open. 
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