Meeting a hero

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I didn't expect @Llesvelt of all people would show up. You, sir, made my day.

You slip into full plate of the midnight typhoon.

You slip into a pair of black socks.

You slip into iron buckled ebony leather boots.

The body of Llesvelt Shevat appears in a flash and his soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

You slip into a pale great coat of the Sentinels.

You slip into a beret hat of soft white wool.

You slip into a secure documents satchel.

You notice Llesvelt's eyelids are beginning to droop.

He is a feathered storm trill and his height, weight and shape conform to the standard of his Trill kinsmen. His eyes are a deep sky blue, while his cheekbones are high, lending a refined look to his facial features. The feathers borne by his wings are of a cloud white color, the tips ending in slightly golden sheen, illuminating most clearly in daylight. The feathers that adorn his head likewise bear the same coloration and they are kept loose. This style is reminiscent of to-the-shoulders hair that many human males keep. He has the athletic build of a warrior, but the contemplative look of a scholar. His skin tone is fair, almost pale. He is a full-blooded Trill, with little if any mixed blood. He carries himself with a dignified and authoritarian posture. His apparel items are kept clean and presentable.

He is wearing:

a robe of woven cord.

You give Llesvelt a respectful salute.

Llesvelt nods his head sagely at you.

Llesvelt sips a potion of bromides from a steel vial.

Llesvelt sips a potion of bromides from a steel vial.

You have emoted: Trahey's cheeks flush heavily, clearly confused as to how long Llesvelt has been here. "Er - pretend you didn't see that, sir?"

Amused, Llesvelt Shevat says, "See what?"

You have emoted: "I-Inappropriate behavior at the Matr - " Trahey interrupts himself. "I mean, er… All right. I... forgot to dress myself properly before returning to the city, sir."

Hastily, you say, "But I'm back in uniform now!"

You snap to attention zealously and stand with perfect military posture as ready as can be.

Folding his wings so he can reach them easily, Llesvelt preens his wings happily, straightening out the disheveled feathers.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I recently woke from an almost two hundred year slumber. I've done much the same."

You notice Llesvelt's eyelids are beginning to droop.

You have emoted: Trahey's blinks slow, and he falls silent for a moment - until he notices the other man's fatigue. "They've built a bed in the dormitories lower down, sir."

You smile broadly and say, "It's a surprisingly nice place, even if it's not the 'Over City.'"

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

With some ill-hidden interest, Llesvelt Shevat says, "Are you wearing the Skylark colours? I was led to believe my old company had disbanded."

You have emoted: Trahey's smile only widens. "It had, sir, but individual Sentinels are alive still. Though I am one of the Adherents and haven't really known what it's like to be one of the Skylarks, the history of my occupation does fascinate me."

Wistfully, with some remembrance, Llesvelt Shevat says, "I was, the first Oberst. Or perhaps just the first who was truly Oberst and not a seat-filler."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I established the Order of Cririk Adom, and I was the Minister of Peace and Minister of Propaganda for some decades."

You notice Llesvelt's eyelids are beginning to droop.

Llesvelt blinks.

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

His own expression revealing a similar interest, then splitting into gaping surprise, you say, "The guildhall is there still, and so is Captain Ironwing. Though she is rather busy to answer queries about life as an active Sentinel... Blimey, it's an - it's an honour to meet you, sir!"

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Right. I believe I shall take a small detour to rest."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Take me to this new dormitory, then."

Llesvelt begins to follow you.

You nod your head emphatically.

*The Plebian Dormitory.

You say, "Here we are."

You say, "Erm..."

Llesvelt peers about himself unscrupulously.

You say, "Please, sir, if... if you've some time after you had your rest, would..."

Doing his best to look both professional and puppylike, you say, "Would you be willing to share some stories? Of the old days?"

Llesvelt's eyes repeatedly shut as he tries to stay awake.

With the faintest shadow of a smile on his lips, Llesvelt Shevat says, "Surely. I shall be delighted."

You have emoted: Trahey sketches an enthusiastic salute before leaving Llesvelt to his rest.

*Before the Matrix.

Llesvelt arrives from the northeast.

You give Llesvelt a respectful salute.

Llesvelt pages through a booklet while shaking his head softly, taking stock of this or that sentence.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "This booklet is terribly structured. I suppose I was pretty young back then."

You have emoted: Trahey veritably vibrates with energy, much like his own greyhound. He surreptitiously attempts to get a look at the cover of whatever Llesvelt is reading, then lifts his head.

Llesvelt gives a soft-cover booklet to you.

"On Perfection", By Llesvelt (Page 1)

0                        Index    0

000 0000000000000000000000( 1 )00000000000000000000000 000

0                                                      0

1,1  - p.1 - Index

1,2  - p.2 - Foreword p.1

1,3  - p.3 - Definition p.1

1,4  - p.4 - Low Emotion p.1

1,5  - p.5 - Low Emotion p.2

1,6  - p.6 - High Emotion p.1

1,7  - p.7 - High Emotion p.2

1,8  - p.8 - Unity p.1

0                                                      0

000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000

0                                                      0

You murmur, "Oh, this one. I've heard much about it, sir."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Yes. If I could re-do it I suppose I would be somewhat less ambitious with the notations."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I had a strong feeling that it would be useful for the reader to be able to point to specific phrases using numbers. I suppose by then I had a somewhat enlarged sense of importance."

Llesvelt chuckles long and heartily.

Voice hushed, you say, "I'd always wanted to meet someone so willing to engage with the philosophy of the Chairman Eternal. The care that went into those numbers speak to that, I think, sir."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I suppose. We are our own most stringent critics."

You nod solemnly.

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.

It is now the 17th of Avechary, 530 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "When I was young I was a firebrand of sorts. I was a politician, a Minister of Peace, a Minister of Propaganda. A Minister of Cultural Affairs."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I stood for purity of purpose and form. I had my faction, and my kinswoman Sylandra Shevat had hers. As did Phoebus... Windwhisper, was it? I was an Elostianite, a conservative of sorts, too."

You have emoted: From the way Trahey traces the cover of a soft-cover booklet, it's rather likely he has already forgotten it was passed to him by someone else. "Gods, you... you're even better than them demigods with all those jobs, sir..."

Musing, Llesvelt Shevat says, "I was assured that we had to defend the ways of the Collective, the purity of vision, from interference. That the savages and fire-cultists from outside would be a hindrance to the goal."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I was not altogether popular, I suppose. It was long ago."

You have emoted: Trahey looks up, eyebrows slightly knitted and eyes aglitter. "Most opinions hold value in their own way, and organisations surely need somebody to keep the old ways."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "It's all echoes of the past now. As all organisms, the Collective moves on. It grows, it lives. But not haphazardly. With purpose, with vision."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Now I am in the past and it is for the youth to keep to the purpose."

An expression of longing crossing his face, Llesvelt heaves a deep, wistful sigh.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Tell me if you have any questions. Many of my memories are half-formed and misremembered, but I can attempt."

You have emoted: One could hardly see the trill as just a ghost from the past from the way Trahey looks at him - but the younger man chooses to give voice to his queries rather than distracting comments. "The moment you mentioned the Order of Cririk Adom, sir, I knew I'd have to ask about that. Its role. Perhaps its members, if that's all right?"

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I fear perhaps I shall let you down in this, as the truth is perhaps more mundane than you would like."

You exclaim, "A mundane truth is better than no truth at all, sir!"

Llesvelt Shevat says, "It is - or rather, it was - a honorific title. For the Oberst to bestow upon citizens who had made great strides for the betterment of the Collective, and especially its defence both strategically and culturally."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "It was, in my time, the purview of the Oberst and only the Oberst, and it was given to citizens. Never to the Oberst by himself. I granted it a few times, and was granted it myself, when I stepped down. I bear it now."

A loyal adult garosaur nudges you affectionately before running off to pursue her own interests, no longer loyal to you.

The horizon glows with burnished shades of orange and red, heralding the imminent arrival of Father Sun upon the rim of the world.

You have emoted: Trahey briefly looks after the departing garosaur, eyes swivelling back to Llesvelt after a moment of regret. "Ahh, it makes sense. What Hallifax must have been like in its early days, with enough people working hard to get something like that..."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Yes. In my first month, I was a Celestine, a zealot. You must understand, I had no inkling that it would... Re-appear."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "It seemed a dream to us, you must understand. Hallifax was a myth. That ancient home of the Trill and Lucidian."

You have emoted: Trahey nods, clasping his hands, apparently without being aware.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "And then when Saaga Shavatt helped free the city. We came, so many of us. Shards of Trillillial and Xyl, and others too."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "And Saaga Shavatt, she took me as her son. As the only son of her line. And to this day, most Shevats are of the Nihmriel line - my dear aunt. But my branch is rather bare, I must confess."

You have emoted: Trahey blinks a little faster at that. "I'm sorry to hear it, sir," he says quietly. "It's never very pleasant to contemplate a tiny family tree."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Oh, no. The Shevat are strong. We've always been important to the politics of the city. From the very early days, when we had three thirds of the council in our family tree and competed only with the Windwhisper dynasty..."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "And Daraius Shevat, and Ileein Shevat. And Sylandra Shevat. And all these old names that still linger in my mind."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I understand the Shevat yet stand? I understand that they're still here. That we're still here."

You have emoted: And the fluster returns at that. "Oh! No offense meant, sir. I meant the, erm, the amount of... family directly related to you." Trahey addresses Llesvelt's question swiftly, colour slowly ebbing away. "They are, sir. Lady Aramel wakes often, and so does Quintessence Nelras."

Nodding, Llesvelt Shevat says, "The line of Nihmriel was always strong. My own son, Khydan Shevat, became the Oberst and Minister of Peace for a while. I do not know what my descendents did."

Rowena Nightshade shouts, "Mother Night, I'm back!"

You have emoted: "I haven't had time to become acquainted with people of the Great Houses, sir," Trahey admits. "I did visit the inverted spire that seemed to belong to the Shevats once, though."

Surprised, Llesvelt Shevat says, "Once?"

Llesvelt blinks.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Inverted?"

You say, "A prettier garden in Hallifax I'd never seen - Oh no, it's still the Shevats', sir! I just went there one time."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Ah. Right. Yes."

You say, "Below Lord Lukun's gallery? And the chapel was a sight to see..."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "You should not feel amiss in asking more question, Facet. I am willing to answer, though I fear I have little in the way of initiative, as I am still waking."

Sunlight billows across the realm, revealing the full glory of the majestic sun's luminous presence as he climbs higher into the sky.

You have emoted: "Thank you, sir!" Trahey rubs his chin. He begins slowly. "Stories are harder to get than facts, it seems. I did speak to Lord Ushaara once, regarding Sentinels' history, but I found few stories. Do... do you remember, sir? About what it was to, erm, actually be a Sentinel? With other faithful people by your side? Did the guild have any rites, special traditions?"

Llesvelt looks over the city, thoughtfully.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "So very many. You must understand, the establishment of many of these rites were - well, many of them were my doing. You see, I was the first Oberst, as I've said. So part of that came down to the creation of rituals, and traditions. Specific ways of greeting."

Voice wistful, you say, "I've always wanted to know about the life of a Sentinel in the thick of things, sir. So I might imagine what it might have been like, understand that life. And maybe find a path of my own to hold up. I'm listening, sir. Oh, I am listening."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "The uniform, I believe I actually commissioned the uniform, and designed it. I believe I instituted the practice of saluting, taking it from the Paladins - I was a Celestine you must understand."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "But it is so long ago that I forget what is true history and what is merely flattery or misremembrance."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "For a time, all Sentinels - or all who were important - were also of the Enigma. The church of Elostian held great sway. It was a sort of - ah, a warrior cult, as you see in more primitive societies I suppose. But one for reason and clarity, right?"

Llesvelt Shevat says, "You must understand, the Enigma was our only Divine back then. It was a different time. He gave us so much."

You have emoted: If Trahey were a lucidian, he would have swelled citrine at this. "Yes, sir! Of course."

The sun reaches the zenith of the firmament, pausing in his quest to allow the land to bask in his shining golden rays.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "We had... A ritual for the induction of a new member. When they stopped being a Cadet and became a true Company Member."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "An oath... I wrote an oath, I seem to remember..."

Llesvelt bites his lips, trying to remember.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "There was a Sentinel's Oath, and I tried very hard to make it something that all Sentinels would swear to. Becoming a Cadet was easy, it was open. But becoming a true Sentinel, I felt as if it required some ceremony."

Solemnly, you say, "Something befitting lifetime commitment."

Showing that he understands, Llesvelt nods his head slowly.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "What is a Facet, Facet?"

You have emoted: "The newest members of the Adherents receive the title of Facet, sir." Trahey throws out an arm in an expansive gesture. "We are all facets, parts of a greater whole that is the Adherents. I assume they chose 'facet' over, erm, 'shade' or 'spark' as a homage to lucidian bodies, but whatever the race of an Adherent might be, we are here. As facets. To... reflect, perhaps, the ways of the Chairman Eternal. Set examples for the rest of the city, regardless of caste."

Continuing the hunt for his dark mate, Father Sun presses forward in his journey, lowering himself in the sky yet still casting even, full light upon the land.

Showing that he understands, Llesvelt nods his head slowly.

You say, "Just as a crystal has a lot of facets, this name does encompass the different strengths we have. Erm... I suppose it would be wise to say this is mostly my interpretation, sir."

Probingly, Llesvelt Shevat says, "But you are not a Facet, are you, young one?"

You have emoted: Trahey tilts his head, confused. "Er... in keeping with the definition I just gave, sir? I'm not quite sure what you mean."

With a surprising amount of sudden steel in his voice, Llesvelt Shevat says, "You're a Cadet."

You have emoted: Trahey seems torn between delight at this reference to the Sentinels and some consternation, no doubt thinking of a Cadet's status.

Primly, Llesvelt Shevat says, "You're learning to be a Sentinel. Though you have not the ease that many have had. It is a brave thing, to be sure. Worthy, even."

Folding his wings so he can reach them easily, Llesvelt preens his wings happily, straightening out the disheveled feathers.

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

About to lift a hand to scratch the back of his neck but snapping back into proper posture, you say, "There's not many awake nowadays to teach me, I'm afraid. But I try to make do as best I can, sir."

Solemnly, Llesvelt Shevat says, "Frankly, Cadet. I believe you might be the very last one."

Llesvelt seems in deep thought for a moment, looking over the city, as he fiddles at his chest - an area where a sigil might once have been located.

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

You have emoted: An incongruous laugh almost escapes Trahey, but there is no mirth in his eyes. "That... is a strange feeling, sir. The Last Cadet..." He observes Llesvelt's actions, feathers rustling faintly as he tilts his head, but does not question this.

After having thought for a good long while, Llesvelt Shevat says, "Would you permit me to make a hollow gesture? I am unsure if I still have the authority."

Solemnly, you say, "Of course, sir."

You will now be known as Cadet Trahey, by order of Llesvelt Shevat.

Showing that he understands, Llesvelt nods his head slowly.

You have emoted: A simple gesture this may be, but Trahey's face still splits in a slow, brilliant smile.

Llesvelt gives you a respectful salute.

Voice low and sincere, you say, "Thank you, sir."

You give Llesvelt a respectful salute.

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Right. I do believe I should rest, again."

You ask, "Will... will you wake again, sir?"

Llesvelt ponders the situation.

Rather than answer the question, Llesvelt Shevat says, "A last question for now, Cadet? We shall see about the future."

You have emoted: Trahey nods, lowering his eyes. When he lifts his head again, there is only his usual, cheery smile. "What to ask..."

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing familiar constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend.

You have emoted: Trahey shakes his head after a while, laughing. "I'm afraid my questions have been drained right out of me, sir. Must be that shiny new title. I'd just like to say..."

You say, "It was an honour, really, to meet you, sir. And to speak with you over all these things. I'd almost given up hope on meeting anybody who actually remembers the old times."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "I had not dared to hope finding one who held the soul of Old Hallifax, I suppose. Though it... Does not fade."

Quiet but vehement, you say, "It will not."

You say, "As long as one person remembers."

Llesvelt Shevat says, "Right. I do believe I shall slumber."

As he nods slowly in your direction, you realize Llesvelt understands.

You have emoted: Trahey offers one last salute, crisp yet full of respect. "May your rest be peaceful, sir!"

Llesvelt raises the first two fingers on his right hand and solemnly intones, 'I swear diligently and faithfully to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth and to uphold the integrity of the Collective.'

You raise the first two fingers on your right hand and solemnly intone, 'I swear diligently and faithfully to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth and to uphold the integrity of the Collective.'

Llesvelt grows still and his lips begin to move silently.

You bow respectfully to Llesvelt.

Llesvelt is enveloped in translucent fire for a moment and is gone, his soul safe until he returns to Lusternia.

Poke the Hand of Doom for commissions.


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