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It's good to be alive in Hallifax. @Aramel, @Nelras. Thanks. For real.

You have emoted: Trahey sags onto a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal, military posture entirely gone.

Nelras takes a seat on one of the nearby chairs. While he maintains his usual posture, it is clear from his expression that the hunt has taken something out of him.

A storm-coloured greyhound rushes in quickly, circling you briefly before settling at your side.

You have emoted: Trahey runs a hand absentmindedly through a storm-coloured greyhound's fur, after which the dog once again trots over to Nelras to rest at his feet.

Glorious rays of morning light burst forth from Father Sun's crown as it peeks over the world's edge, announcing a bright and shining new dawn.

You ask a storm-coloured greyhound, "What, you like them feathers?"

Chortling, you say, "I got some too you know."

With a questioning look to you, Nelras reaches down to carefully pet the greyhound.

Expansively, you say to Nelras, "Oh go on, go on, sir."

You say to Nelras, "Not up to me to decide who my Pallero likes to cuddle."

Nelras pets a storm-coloured greyhound ingratiatingly.

A storm-coloured greyhound excitedly yelps out a loud series of barks.

You grip your sides and chortle madly at a storm-coloured greyhound.

A storm-coloured greyhound excitedly yelps out a loud series of barks.

An ethereal glimmer brightens the room as a noble unicorn canters in from the up.

With a smile still unhinged from his time on the Astral, you say to Nelras, "I cannot help but say, sir, from the looks of me dog and his behavior, that we ought to be good friends."

Aramel clenches a fist out before her, and mutters the words, "One day this world will be mine!"

Smiling faintly in turn, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I do hope that we shall be."

You say to Aramel, "Oi, Lady Shevat, will you still let us be friends once you take over?"

You say, "Oh, wait, I can just befriend you too!"

You beam broadly at Aramel.

Blearily, Aramel says, "What?"

Nelras directs a slight grin towards Aramel, before remembering that her actions were likely due to time spent on the Astral.

You exclaim to Aramel, "Come on, don't be shy, take a seat!"

Aramel looks around, slightly unsteadily. "I have no plans to take over the world," she says, not very convincingly.

You say, "Gotta have a nice throne. With or without world domination."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to Aramel, "It is quite alright. We trust you well enough to know that you would not put those plans into effect."

Aramel throws her hands into the air and gives a loud, "WOO!"

Nelras smiles softly.

Aramel sits herself down on a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal and makes herself comfortable.

One eye twitching, you say, "Just don't hurt me doggy, Lady, and you can have the world."

Aramel nods solemnly to a storm-coloured greyhound.

A storm-coloured greyhound looks up at Aramel, his ear cocked curiously.

Aramel Shevat says to a storm-coloured greyhound, "I hope you don't bite."

Aramel makes a fist at you, and mutters the words, "You will soon be mine!"

You laughingly say to Aramel, "A good Hallifaxian doggy like him ought to know better than that."

You give a horrified gasp.

You say to Nelras, "Sir, help me!"

Smiling, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I do not think that anything can help you, once she has decided something like that."

Virtuously, Aramel Shevat says, "I've absolutely no idea what you are referring to, my dear Nelras."

You have emoted: Trahey seems about to scramble to hide behind a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal, but thinks better of it. He scoops up a storm-coloured greyhound instead, holding him before himself like a shield.

You pet a storm-coloured greyhound ingratiatingly.

A storm-coloured greyhound sniffs about, casting a suspicious eye on his surroundings.

The sun reaches the zenith of the firmament, pausing in his quest to allow the land to bask in his shining golden rays.

You say to Nelras, "Ah well. At least I'll go into the night with Pallero."

Leaning closer to you, Nelras whispers, "If you need to run while the insanity wears off, just find somewhere in the city."

You perk your ears up as an errant topic catches your interest.

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to Aramel, "Of course you have no idea."

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Nelras's lips.

You have emoted: It becomes clearer and clearer Trahey's brand of insanity could very much warrant an arrest. He gives a hearty laugh, replying, "Ehh, no, I'd rather listen to the lady talk about her plans."

You exclaim to Aramel, "You're the first lady-like lady I seen in Hallifax, you know!"

Still too slowly, as if trying very hard to focus, Aramel Shevat says, "Ah, yes. I recall. You are the one who requested more furniture in the plebeian dormitories, yes?"

Aramel gets up off a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal.

A noble unicorn canters gracefully out to the ether, the chime of his silver hooves fading into the distance.

Lifting his hat to scratch at his feathers, you say, "The second was... er... I dunno. Just as ladylike. And yeah. Much appreciated."

You have emoted: Trahey blinks blearily himself, looking around.

Tickling Parello behind the ears absentmindedly, you say, "There goes another one."

An ethereal glimmer brightens the room as a noble unicorn canters in from the up.

Aramel sits herself down on a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal and makes herself comfortable.

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Nelras's lips as he glances at Aramel.

You say to Aramel, "Oh, you back? Yeah, it was me that requested it."

Aramel furrows her brow slightly. "I don't remember what I made anymore," she confesses.

Aramel Shevat says, "There was this awful design that was just a crystal slab."

Waving his hand, you say, "Belongs in Tosha or summat. Yours was better."

You say, "Gems... gems... And nice sheets... that's very important..."

You have emoted: Trahey slumps forward onto a storm-coloured greyhound, who gives a yelp and leaps off his lap.

Aramel raises an eyebrow. "I didn't realize they permitted animals in the dormitories," she says.

Continuing the hunt for his dark mate, Father Sun presses forward in his journey, lowering himself in the sky yet still casting even, full light upon the land.

You say to Aramel, "I ain't going anywhere without me Pallero!"

Aramel leans forward, ignoring the way she gracelessly slips forward in the slick crystal chair. "You could probably acquire a place of your own," she says. "Or maybe you like the dormitories. They seem all right, though I never really lived there. I wish they would change that awful green of the walls."

Looking down at the dog, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "I suppose he had better return to you then, Trahey."

You have emoted: In contrast, Trahey leans back, far back, upon his chair, enough to let his head hang off the back. "C'mere, Pallero," he calls without much urgency, then says, "I had a home. A lovely home. With forests and one big house on the hill, not mine, and the sea."

Aramel Shevat says, "People keep talking about homes by the sea. You should talk to Choros, one of these days... I have no idea where you mean, unfortunately."

You say, "Real homey. Can't remember the place's name. None of that peasoup green there, but the dorms are actually quite nice. They're homey too... Enh? I'll make a note of that."

For a moment, Nelras's expression changes as something akin to recognition begins to dawn. He mutters something under his breath and shakes his head, obviously ascribing it to Astral insanity.

Apparently unaware he is even looking at him, you say to Nelras, "I think some lord or other lived there."

You say, "Saw one barreling down some slope once. But he was glowing. No... maybe it wasn't him. Can't remember."

The nuances of geography clearly sailing over her head, Aramel Shevat asks, "Stewartsville?"

You say to Aramel, "No, no, 's an aetherbubble. Or at least I think it is."

Not quite looking at you, Nelras murmurs, "Some lord. And a...glowing one?"

Blinking a few times, Aramel Shevat says, "I have this strong sense that I have had this conversation before."

You say to Nelras, "Yeah! Looked like a star, it did."

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

Chortling again, you say, "Then they just went back up."

Nelras nods his head with an evidently practiced look of understanding.

Seriously, you say, "You know, I reckon the lord wasn't the star."

You say, "Cos I talked with the star. And it wasn't a him."

Suddenly shouting, you exclaim, "She never called me! Wanted me to have a look at the gardens and she never called me back!"

Furrowing her brow, as if this is a real philosophical question, Aramel Shevat says, "Who was the star?"

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

Nelras murmurs, "A star. A star, a hill and a village by the sea."

You have emoted: Trahey blinks, the volume of his voice and the fact that he has no real reason to actually shout registering belatedly. "A star was a star, that's what," he whispers, before taking his time to think. "Oh yeah, no, I think she might have been a lucidian. Figures why I thought her so interesting. There's rarely lucidians around at home."

You say, "Er... how am I knowing all this?"

Taking a moment to regain his composure, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "The Portal takes many things from us, yet we can remember some of them with time."

Forlorn now, you say, "I just want to know a name. The name of me home. I... I want to go home..."

You have emoted: Thankfully, Trahey does not devolve into a mess of tears and feathers, instead giving his head a little shake and staring with purposeful blankness off to one side.

Aramel hums softly, a little nonsensical tune. "Stars glow from inside and far-away-long-ago," she sings softly, seemingly out of nowhere. "Lucidians glow from inside, once-before-not-again."

Surprisingly clearly, Aramel Shevat says, "Rose-hued beacons on the inner sea."

His voice taking on a little of that same melodic quality, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate whispers, "When a star falls, all who knew it are left covered in stardust."

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing familiar constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend.

You have emoted: Trahey looks confusedly between elfen and trill, lamely adding a whistle to match their tunes a second later.

Nelras looks straight at Aramel before turning to you. A sense of determination can be heard in his voice as he says, "You will find your home."

Voice small, eyes wide, you say to Nelras, "I will?"

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I doubt that anything could stop you, and you have already remembered so much."

You have emoted: Trahey blinks once. Twice. "She talked about a lot of things," he mumbles. "About portals. About... about how she was so confused the first time she found..."

You have emoted: Trahey squeezes his eyes shut, but names apparently escape him.

Quietly, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "We will work this out, once we have recovered. It will be alright."

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.

It is now the 16th of Dvarsh, 530 years after the Coming of Estarra.

You have emoted: Trahey gives Nelras a long look. "You know, I think there was a reason I didn't feel awkward talking to one so high up as you, sir."

Studying you carefully, Nelras says, "I try to make sure that I am approachable where possible, but something suggests that is not all you had in mind."

You have emoted: "No, it's not." Trahey shakes his head, feathers swaying. "I think I'm beginning to see. A foggy picture this is." He suddenly bursts into sudden laughter. "I'd never thought someone like you'd be able to run like that, sir! Chasing after Lady Star. Yeah, it was you that time!"

Nelras blinks.

It is as if the fog of the astral plane falls from Nelras all at once. He reaches carefully into a pocket and withdraws a small painting. He regards you carefully for a moment before showing him the painting and whispers, "Was this her?"

Nelras proudly shows off a painting of Xeii:

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and framed in lustrous steel, the visage of a lucidian woman gazes from her cameo-like patch of canvas. For once, she is unveiled, her milky quartz locks shimmering faintly gold as if sunkissed. The presence curving her plump lips could either be an enigmatic half-smile or the beginning of a gentle, full one - hooded eyes like glowing embers searchingly gaze into yours, the rosy light beneath each cheek softening her coolly aristocratic features somewhat. One hand rests at her collarbone, a blushing crystal rose held tightly between her fingers. Nearby is an inscription, the lucidian looking as if about to whisper its single inked word: Always.

You have emoted: The constant motion insanity gives to this youth ceases as Trahey examines the painting with sudden focus.

Aramel blinks, craning her head slightly to look before sliding down further in her seat and giving up.

You say, "She - Oh..."

You whisper, "I should have been able to connect the dots."

You get up off a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal.

Crossing to the trill with mostly steady steps, you say, "This is the last Libretto. I know now."

Previous interactions with him flooding his mind, you say, "Oh, Gods... You were them! You really were..."

For a moment, Nelras does not know how to react. He slowly stands to his feet before saying, "Will you come with me for a moment?" He turns to Aramel, adding, "You should come as well, if you wish to."

Nelras gets up off a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal.

You begin to follow Nelras.

Aramel sits up straight, focusing intently on the conversation in a way that she previously had not. "Of course," she says, though she is clearly confused. "I - yes, all right."

Aramel gets up off a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal.

Quietly, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "I am afraid that the main house is not as well used these days as it might have been. We shall pass through it quickly enough though."

Nelras's head falls back as he smiles softly at nothing in particular. The faint outline of numinous angel wings grows around him.

Within a geode-like space.

Softly glowing crystal like solid sky grows from rounded walls of crude grey rock. The gemstone spreads across them like liquid, gradually thickening to form faceted azure walls that snugly  enclose the area. The space in which the aetherway portal rests has no crystal covering; instead, spires of it bound in twisting tubes of glittering white sprout before either side of the portal.  Soft, feathery ferns cover the entirety of the glossy ground, and glowing motes of light in jewel- like hues float amidst the frosty white ferns. A sighing breeze occasionally drifts in from a crevice in the walls, stirring up tranquil chimes among the bunches of crystal growing about the  area. An overwhelming feeling of peace and solitude presides here, the expanse of achingly blue crystal filling the mind with faint nostalgia. Dangling daintily from a silver rod, a fragile, glass-wrought birdcage encrusted with jewels brightens up its surroundings with its company of hummingbirds.

You whisper, "I'd never used this entrance before."

You whisper, "There was someplace else..."

Nelras silently leads you and Aramel through the aethermanse with his gaze lowered.

Early morning arrives like a whisper, drenching the world in its golden, welcoming smile.

A quiet path leading to a village.

Exiting the gate, the fine-cut stones of the pathway slowly give out into gravel and earth further north. The vista from atop the surrounding valley is breathtaking; though not too high a view, it is enough to offer a clear picture of life surrounding the mansion. A stream winds its way to the  river, which eventually blends into the glittering strip of ocean far beyond. Patches of forest branch out from the valley walls, cradling houses upon houses topped with warm brown tiles. At night streetlights are lit, illuminating the small valley with globes of light like fireflies keeping vigil.

As he steps out from the garden and onto the path, Nelras whispers, "It is not much further now."

You have emoted: Trahey nods, tightly.

You follow Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate down to Oparhinn Square.

Oparhinn Square.

Paved with naturally rosy granite, the wide-open circle of the town square is loosely surrounded  by tall stucco houses in varying shades of cream. Almost every house features cheery green window boxes and an open balcony, upon which children often play. Adventurous young trills sometimes flutter up to join pigeons upon the rooftops, eliciting laughs and shouts from their friends below. Charming lampposts are arranged in a wide circle around the area, each of differing materials and designs and clearly well-cared for. At the very centre of the square stands a beautiful glass sculpture of three races; a robed trill drapes his wings protectively around a proud human sculptress and a bespectacled furrikin, and all three lift hopeful eyes to gaze at the open skies, rain or shine.

You have emoted: And Trahey stops dead in his tracks.

You whisper, "Gods..."

Stopping at the edge of the square, Nelras slowly turns to you and asks, "Is this the place you remember?"

Tears fill your eyes and begin to slowly run down your face.

Unaware of the moisture on his cheeks, you say, "I'd... I'd never thought I'd come home so soon."

Nelras reaches out and carefully begins to wipe the tears from your face.

You have emoted: A fluttering gasp leaves Trahey upon contact, but he does not flinch away despite the surprise. "She was lovely, your lady," he says, quietly. "So kind. She loved this place, almost as much as we did."

Aramel slowly gazes around the square. "I hadn't realized that the two of you had built a place of such beauty," she murmurs to Nelras. "And home to many," she adds, taking in the various trills flitting about.

Quietly, you say to Nelras, "When she spoke of prettying up the gardens, she spoke of you too."

"Trahey," Nelras murmurs quietly to himself. "Yes, she truly did love this place." He turns to address Aramel. "It was mostly her work, of course. I remember when we first came here together."

You have emoted: Apparently, villagers who know Trahey has not yet woken or is already at work, for few stop to gape - they do send greetings, however, with lifts of the hats or tips of the head, towards the three Fated.

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I think I remember us speaking, long ago. I am afraid that the details escape me however."

Quietly, you say, "I spoke to you of... Gods, still this amnesia? But yes, I spoke to you of someone dear, that much I know. What happened to her."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I think you spoke of Hallifax, had this person also passed through the Portal perhaps?"

Aramel's own face is set, though her lip trembles slightly in suppressed emotion. "I beg your pardon," she says tightly. She gathers her cloak around her and settles on a nearby bench along the edge of the square, staring blankly into the middle distance.

You have emoted: "Yes. And one day I up and left. I wanted to know where she'd went to, if that city was as wonderful as Madame V'loket said." Trahey blinks at Aramel's voice, looking as if about to follow but leaving her be at her expression.

Hesitantly, you say, "She... spoke to me of someone resembling her. Lady S-Xeii. Before I up and left..."

Nelras lowers his gaze in an attempt to hide his own emotions as he whispers, "Yes, Xeii and her sister, although I did not know that she had been here. I should have done, really." He shakes his head before looking in a direction that is away from both you and Aramel.

Glorious rays of morning light burst forth from Father Sun's crown as it peeks over the world's edge, announcing a bright and shining new dawn.

Murmuring half to himself, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "I am sorry, I have not been here since...since Xeii."

Aramel visibly flinches at the mention of both names.

You have emoted: There is an odd urgency as Trahey speaks once more. "She... I don't know what - I know she's left. But know this, sir..."

Nelras nods his head but does not turn to face you.

You say to Nelras, "When she spoke to me last, of the gardens... She was... she was feeling a lot of things, I could tell. But this I do remember. She wanted me to do the best I could. Love the flowers I'd be called to plant, and cherish them - she could tell I loved plants - because she wanted them to be beautiful, for one that was so beautiful to her."

Gaze unwavering from him, you say to Nelras, "I asked about that person. She didn't hesitate at all. She loved you, sir. Never let that be in doubt."

Knowing he is treading on fragile ground, you say to Nelras, "To the end, I know."

With that, whatever vestiges of composure Nelras still had abandon him. While he tries his best to stop the tears that run down his face, he is not able to hide them as he whispers, "Thank...you."

You have emoted: Trahey steps closer as if approaching a skittish bird. From his own composure, one could imagine he has experience in that regard. Carefully he returns the gesture Nelras had shown to him, letting a hand rest reassuringly upon his shoulder.

A flock of birds crosses the noon sky, leaving behind fleeting shadows and distantly-heard calls.

The sun reaches the zenith of the firmament, pausing in his quest to allow the land to bask in his shining golden rays.

Despite what his appearance might suggest, Nelras seems content to remain where he is as he does his best to recover. Eventually, he wipes the tears away and, making his way towards a nearby bench, says, "You should look around and refamiliarize yourself."

Noticing at last that the bench is already occupied, Nelras quietly asks Aramel, "Would you mind if I sat for a time?"

Aramel silently nods at Nelras, still unspeaking.

Nelras quietly takes a seat on the bench, keeping his distance from Aramel as best as possible.

You have emoted: Trahey seems to stand taller now, stronger in the presence of what he knew as home. "I shall be back," he reassures. He turns on his heel, eyes closed as if waiting for some divine force to guide him, and is promptly tackled by a swarm of delightedly screaming children.

You have emoted: Near borne away by his young charges, Trahey disappears off to the north.

Not noticing what is happening to Trahey, Nelras takes the painting out once more simply stares down at it as it rests in his hand.

Aramel looks at the gaggle of small children for a moment. The set stillness of her face twists slightly at the sight of them, before it cracks into a hysterical burst of laughter, and then, as if a dam breaking, finally an onrush of tears, dropping like rain on the cobbles. Through them, she hazily looks at the painting in Nelras's hand.

Noticing her interest, Nelras whispers, "She gave it to me as a way to always..." He falls silent, unable to finish what he was saying.

Aramel's voice is rough, gravelly. "I had not expected, when I spoke to the young one, that I would be reminded in this way," she says. "I am... not prepared."

A helpless laugh issuing from her, Aramel murmurs, "Prepared. Prepared for what, anyway? To bury a husband and my children?"

Quietly putting the painting away, Nelras whispers, "I was not prepared either, not for this meeting and certainly not for what happened." He lowers his gaze respectfully. "I can only imagine how much worse it must be for you. I am sorry, I truly am."

Aramel shakes her head. "It was long ago," she says quietly. "At least, that is what I say to everyone. But it still seems like yesterday."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate whispers to Aramel, "It always will, to both of us. You are not alone."

You have emoted: Trahey returns, far more energetic than he had been before. He is even laughing, carrying one child on his shoulders. He easily returns her to the ground and gives his coat a shake before approaching Aramel and Nelras.

Earnestly, you say to Nelras, "Thank you so much for bringing me here, sir."

Tinges of fire weave into the late afternoon light, comforting dark following slowly in its wake.

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

Raising his voice a little, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "You are welcome, no matter the memories it has brought up."

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "Might we return to the city briefly, or at least to Prime? I am afraid that I will need some time to rest after this, and I would not wish for either of you to become lost here."

You have emoted: Trahey removes his hat, holding it close to his chest. For once he does not speak, merely meets Nelras's gaze and holds it. "Of course, sir. I can find my own way back. I found the shack."

You say, "I mean, back to Oparhinn. I'll need to visit Hallifax myself."

Aramel looks at you for a moment, her eyes taking in your face for a moment before sliding away, like one looking away from a too-bright flame. "I thank you," she says formally. "We can all return to Hallifax, if you wish."

You have emoted: Trahey smiles at Aramel in response, slightly confused but warm all the same. "I'm ready."

Standing up from the bench, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "Very well, let us return."

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    You made them all cry. How could you!
    You are startled as a lemon meringue pie bounces harmlessly off you after being thrown at you by Mysrai.
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    One of my favourite things about RPing with @Nelras, @Trahey and many other Hallifaxians is how small, frivolous things (best astral insanity rng ever!) can feed into serious, long roleplay arcs.

    And yes, all the feels. How dare you. :tongue:
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    Coraline said:
    You made them all cry. How could you!
    If it helps any, I was crying too, just inside  :'(
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    I just want to thank @Aramel and @Trahey for this RP, and to echo Aramel's comment about the joys of taking some small IC interaction and just running with it. I wasn't expecting this, but I certainly enjoyed it.
    Furthermore, thanks to Trahey for cleaning the log up and posting it.
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