A Long Awaited Tea for Two

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A few irl weeks ago, @Kethaera had approached Choros about meeting up sometime to talk about something important. We kept missing each other, until we finally managed to pin today down. I picked the Erudio Estates (Shevat Manse) to chat, as SOMEONE ( @Aramel ) wanted to listen in.

A melodious crystal water garden.
Composed of crystal, stone and running water, this garden is unusual, containing few of the typical
components. Pathways of silver-veined marble wind between beds of sparkling crystal, some composed
of solid slabs of gemstone, others constructed with strewn crystal gravel. The colours are primarily
blue, in hues of twilight, sapphire and aqua; lavender and amethyst shades highlight the cool blue
tones, and sea-green and emerald add depth. Streams of running water criss-cross the garden, flowing
into a central pool with a fountain cleverly constructed from glass; the water streams into channels
shaped to produce different tones when struck, resulting in a melodious mix of bell-like sounds. A
single ordinary flower bed is dug around the fountain, growing a mixture of blooms: some are
recognisable species of rose, tulip, orchid and others, while some are elegant, glittering crystal
blossoms growing alongside their traditional counterparts. A brilliant white rose, a pink carnation,
a midnight black rose, a midnight black rose, a tiger lily, an elegant pink rose, a cluster of
snapdragons, a twilight blue rose, a tiger lily, a delicate iris, and a twilight blue rose blossom
within a beautiful, lush garden. Barely visible beneath a thin veil of swirling grey mists, a
mourning dove is here, rubescent streaks for tears and flecks on wings like blood.
You see exits leading north (open door), south (open door), and down.

Kethaera gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

You say, "Here, this should suffice. The water will mask our speech for people who seem to want to
overhear us."

You roll your eyes.

You give a filigreed crystal tea cup to Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure.

You give a raspberry-laced vanilla ladyfinger to Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure.

You give a fragrant blackberry and lavender scone to Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure.

Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure smiles and says, "And the flowers are lovely. Thank you."

You say, "Aren't they?"

You sit yourself down.

Kethaera sits herself down.

You take a drink of white tea from a filigreed crystal tea cup.
As you sip the white tea, your thoughts become clearer.
The wistful aroma of winter's rose and white peach rises to meet your
senses; as you tilt the tea towards you, you perceive the pale,
berylline tint of the liquid, strained of all dregs, steam rising in
graceful arabesques from the surface. Taking a careful sip of the
freshly-brewed tea, the fragrant, fruity taste of white peach spills
smoothly across your tongue, its light, subtle flavour commingling with
that of rose. The floral and fruity savour of the tea is almost cooling,
redolent of roses blooming in the wake of winter's breath, and
sun-ripened peaches caught in the first frost of the season. The essence
of the tea soothes your senses as you swallow, bearing its silken,
liquid warmth to your belly.

You smile and say, "Mm, peach. I love a good white tea."

Kethaera leans over to take one of the white roses between her fingers, sniffing its aroma while
avoiding the thorns. Releasing it, she glances at the teacup.

Kethaera sips white tea from (insert wrong cup here).

This lush garden is abloom with fresh multicoloured flowers. The fresh and uplifting smell charms
your senses, and makes room for comfort and relaxation. The well-tended earth is pleasingly damp,
and the perfect condition to keep flowers blooming regardless of season.
It is strangely weightless.
It has the following aliases: garden.

You tug on a twilight blue rose but cannot seem to pull it from the ground.

You frown at a lush garden.

Kethaera tilts her head at you, her eyes drifting also to the garden. "Something wrong?"

"The flowers here are exceptionally resilient. I think perhaps I'll let them grow
without picking one." Choros murmurs, pondering the garden once more before taking another sip of his
tea. Regarding you over the brim of the cup, he smiles a bit. "I wasn't sure if you had a favorite
tea, or a preference. I tend to drink anything but black."

With a slight cough, Kethaera puts away the first cup and takes a sip from the proper one. "Rose and
peach is also lovely. Goes well with our current setting." To you, she adds, "I have many favorites.
Fruit has always been a preference."

Choros nods slowly and glances around, nibbling politely on a ladyfinger. "I don't
often venture here, but then, I've never really been invited before. At some point, I'll have to
look around and familiarise myself with the estate."

"I don't know much about it myself," Kethaera says, watching the streams of water flowing through
the garden. "Most of my meetings have been at the Teahouse," she says, with a soft chuckle. She
takes a small bite from the scone, and hesitates, as if wanting to say more.

"Mine too, actually. Not that I have many meetings, clandestine or otherwise. I was
actually surprised that you wanted to meet with me for some reason." Choros muses, taking more of a
bite from his scone and narrowing his eyes suspiciously at it for a moment before going on. "Goat
cheese, how quaint. Anyway, I hope the fare is acceptable."

"Most of Hallifax tend to have excellent taste," Kethaera she murmurs, mouth turning up in a smile
as she takes a bite of a blueberry and lavender scone. "And... well, I've found that the same is
true of yourself," she says, adding, "Meaning of course, that the fare is lovely."

Bemusedly, you say, "I'm not sure about all that. More cultured and possessing of taste as opposed
to the forests, perhaps, but still learning my way around the culture and expectations of Hallifax."

Amused, Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says, "You should give yourself more credit. Where
did you originate from, if not the city?"

Giving a slight shrug, you say, "I'm not sure, really. I feel a particular attachment to Serenwilde,
though I don't feel like I'd fit in there. Perhaps before the Portal, I lived on the outskirts. I
ended up joining Hallifax and realised that the city gave me a feeling of...acceptable apartness, if
that could be understood. People aren't always in your face, or trying to be all touchy-feely."

You put your nose over a raspberry-laced vanilla ladyfinger and inhale.
The warm aroma of vanilla wafts forth from the dessert, underlain by the bright scent of raspberries

You tentatively stick out your tongue and lick a raspberry-laced vanilla ladyfinger.
A nibble off the end of the ladyfinger imparts the flavour of vanilla.

Kethaera drops her tea cup to the side, and nods slowly at the words. "At one time I can recall
fitting in with Glomdoring, but only with some who lived there." Adding, after a moment of
reflection, "I quite agree, on Hallifax. It is friendly, but not overbearing, as Serenwilde so often
seemed to be. Harmonious, is how I might define it. I feel more at home here now than anywhere I
have before."

Choros nods in agreement, taking another sip before setting the cup to the side, on
a nearby stone. "Sometimes you just want to stand on a walkway over a few hundred metres of open air
and just breathe. It's refreshing." he says with a chuckle, tilting his head curiously. "What about
Glomdoring irked you, then? Someone, or some thing, in particular?"

"Aye, I enjoy the feeling of air across my wings, from almost anywhere within the city," Kethaera
she says, with a soft smile. Her expression turns to a frown instead, as if troubled by a distant
memory. "Not any one thing... For a while, I ignored the more... difficult parts of it, out of
obligation for my family. But it has always felt very divided, with different factions - families,
especially - competing for control. I don't have that same sense in Hallifax. We are a collective,
after all," she says, once more smiling.

Choros takes up his cup, taking another sip before setting it down again.
Contemplatively, he purses his lips. "Glomdoring seems to have a sort of Hallifaxian mindset, I've
always thought. At least, in the idea of all working together for the greater good. Is that not how
you found it?"

Kethaera chuckles softly at the words. "Indeed," she says, with a smirk, "The greater good was
whatever was best for your family and friends. Or yourself." Lifting her shoulders in a shrug, she
says, "That is how I found it, at least. It has been many years now since I lived there." She picks
up the teacup again, taking a sip, and holds it aloft.

Choros nods slowly. "I'm glad I didn't join Glomdoring then." he murmurs, scratching
at the base of one of his horns before finally picking his teacup back up. Taking another sip, he
glances inquisitively at your cup. "Do you need a refill, or are you ok for now?"

A tiger lily unfolds within a beautiful, lush garden.

Kethaera glances briefly at her teacup, and shakes her head. "I am fine for now, thank you."
Spotting the tiger lily, she gasps, delighted by the colorful petals. "How beautiful," she whispers.

Following your gaze, you say to Kethaera, "It is quite beautiful. Do you have a particular favorite

With a soft smile, Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says to you, "Well... tiger lilies,

"I'll keep that in mind" Choros says with another smile, his fingers digging into
the ground of the garden. Finally withdrawing his fingertips, he brushes them off. "The city's
garden is lovely as well, but I prefer something a little softer and not entirely formed of
gemstones." murmurs, finally giving a short laugh.

Kethaera says, with a chuckle, "There is something to be said for the natural ones, yes."
Considering a moment, she sets down the teacup. Her fingers brush against the edge of a piece of
stationary. "I... suppose," she starts, after another pause, "I should bring up why I asked to see

Quirking an eyebrow, Choros says, "You mean, you didn't invite me here for tea and scones?" teasingly, setting his cup aside again.

"Well, ah... that too, of course," Kethaera she says, blushing as her gaze fixes on the garden below
. "But I did have a request," she says, creasing the edges of a purple-hued letter. "Just... never
been very good at this sort of thing," she adds, in a mumble.

Encouragingly, but with a hint of confusion,, you say to Kethaera, "A request you wrote on a

Taking a deep breath, Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says, "Right. And of course, you don't
have to respond right away..."

Kethaera gives a sweet-scented sheet of lilac stationery to you.

You read what is written on a sweet-scented sheet of lilac stationery:
          Notification of Courtship Intentions

This document is to serve as notification that I, Marquessa Kethaera of
the Grand Aerie, wish to pursue a harmonious relationship with the
recipient, Viscount Choros Shevat of the Skylark Consortium. Despite the
differences between the Aerie and Consortium, I am of the opinion we are
compatible. Reasons given:

 - We are dedicated to the advancement of Hallifax

 - There have been no major disagreements between us
- Conversations between us have been agreeable, with shared interests

However, I realize there is the question of racial compatibility.
Viscount Choros has expressed in the past a desire to find an acceptable
Sileni as a partner. While I cannot present myself as such - even with
illusions - I would like to point out that:

- Faelings are one of the best races, as both attractive and intelligent
- Sileni association with music is a characteristic I have as well,
having been a bard for the vast majority of my life
Thus, I see no reason for any incompatability, and look forward to
Viscount Choros's response.

You open your mouth to say something, but speech fails you.

Scanning the words on the letter, you say, "You know, you did make that joke some time ago."

Softly, Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says, "Perhaps so. But, ah, I don't mean to be joking

Amusedly, you say, "Then you did. Now, you do not."

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

Raising his gaze to yours, you say, "I'm not disagreeable to this, but to what end?"

Kethaera runs a hand through her hair, the sunset hues cascading over her ear. She lets out a breath,
slowly. "Well... I believe a relationship would be pleasant, for us both, and contribute to the
general welfare of Hallifax."

Choros nods softly, turning over the letter and checking the back before turning it
over again. "That's not what I meant, though." he murmurs, folding the letter shut and pondering it.
"Are you looking for something somewhat permanent in a contractual way?"

Kethaera takes another sip of tea before nodding. "That... aye. If you are amenable to it as well."

"I am beyond amenable. Interested, even. Surprised, but interested." Choros says,
extending his hand to you, palm up.

Still blushing, Kethaera places her own hand on top of yours.

Choros gives your hand a soft squeeze before rising to his feet. "You know, you
could have just approached me informally." murmurs, leaning down to give your forehead a peck before
grabbing his teacup.

Dourly, you say, "I suppose mother suspected your intentions and wanted to be here. She'll expect me
to let her know."

Kethaera rises to her feet as well, with a giggle. "Possibly, but then I could not have reminded you
of our earlier conversation," she says, smiling at the peck. "And this did seem... very Hallifaxian."

Kethaera stands up and stretches her arms out wide.

You smile and say, "It does at that."

(journey through the Shevat manse, and to another shop)

You give a tiger lily to Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure.

Kethaera smiles softly.

Kethaera slips into a tiger lily.

Your melodic voice sings into Aramel Shevat's mind, "Mother, are you still entertaining your
conversation from earlier?"

You tap your nose knowingly at Kethaera.

You say, "She must be inside a guildhall."

You look about yourself, rubbing your chin thoughtfully.

You say to Kethaera, "Is that inside the Aerie's guildhall?"

Kethaera searches the air in front of her, then tugs upon an invisible strand of force.

You begin to follow Kethaera.

You follow Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure to an intimate wood-paneled parlour.

An intimate wood-paneled parlour.
Banks of clouds roil about here. A sturdy staircase of rich mahogany descends with stately precision
along the octagonal outer walls of this handsomely appointed parlour, each of the eight corner
landings supported by wooden columns etched with intricate knotwork patterning. Sunlight, moonlight,
and the glow of the surrounding spires pour through arched berylline windows at the top of each wood-
paneled wall, illuminating the space with a warm, steady lambency that highlights the robust tones
of polished cedar and rosewood that grace the rest of the parlour. Discreet, delicate sconces of
burnished gold brighten a stately seating area at the centre of the space, a suite of chairs and tea
tables arranged comfortably in a cosy circle. An intricate parquet of deep mahogany and honey-hued
cedar scribes a striking geometric mosaic across the entire floor: eight narrow rays of diamond-
shaped lattice reach from the central seating area to the columns along the outer walls, the space
between them arrayed with rigid chevrons. Set in creamy, golden teak at the centre of the sunburst
is the profile of a regal aerial, her wings held aloft above her noble head, enwreathed by a ring of
stylised flames carved into the flesh of the hardwood and polished to a lustrous sheen. A sinuous,
teak-framed divan couch stands here invitingly, glittering beryl flourishes undulating across the
opulent satin. There are 2 exquisite teak and satin arm chairs here. An exquisite tea table rests
low to the ground, its exotic teak frame in delightful contrast with glittering shards of beryl.
Framed in stately cedar, a massive landscape of the Beacon of Harmony adorns the wall. There are 6
dainty tea muffins of fragrant herbs here. There are 5 cloudy meringues of swirling blues and whites
here. There are 7 lemon and strawberry mascarpone tarts here. There are 8 starry night pies here.
There are 3 bottles here. In the shape of an open palm, a metallic sigil lies here. A finely woven
wicker basket rests here. A vision of fragility rendered in sun-blanched magnolia hues, a tea bottle
of stained glass has been set here. Airy and ephemeral, a lightwoven nephele drifts above the ground
here shimmering with dawn's radiance. Barely visible beneath a thin veil of swirling grey mists, a
mourning dove is here, rubescent streaks for tears and flecks on wings like blood. Quintessence
Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate stands here, surrounded in an aura of ghostly, flickering wings.
He wields a snow phoenix-crested shield of glacial hues in his left hand and an aerodynamic viola
hewn from sapphire in his right.
You see a single exit leading north.

Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says, "Ah, of course."

You see the following people here:
Aramel, Nelras, Kethaera, Choros.

Amusedly, you say, "Apparently so."

Standing to his feet, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "I do hope that your
conversation went as planned."

You say to Nelras, "It did. She has asked me a very important question, and wishes me to assist her
in the library."

Aramel nods solemnly.

Nelras pauses for a moment as he considers your expression. "Indeed," is all he says.

Seriously, Aramel Shevat says to you, "Library endeavours are extremely worthwhile, and serve the
city as a whole. Especially collaborations."

Nelras nods his head at Aramel.

You say to Aramel, "Yes, that is so. We shall collaborate at great length in the library."

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "Now, I dare say I should be making my way to
that timequake, if you will excuse me?"

You nod your head at Nelras.

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "Will any of you be joining me?"

Kethaera purses her lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as she carefully gathers her

You say, "I should, but I cannot. I must depart for some time after speaking more at length with

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I shall leave you to speak then, with
the understanding that I shall hear if anything of significance is said."

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Nelras's lips.

You look thoughtful and say, "What could be more significant than writing books."

(Nelras leaves)

Kethaera nods solemnly.

After a moment, Aramel Shevat asks you, "Well? What -could- be more significant than writing books?"

You say to Aramel, "Kethaera and I have been talking, and we have decided that a collaborative
effort in the form of a relationship would be acceptable. We have entered into an informal but
binding, mutually exclusive verbal contract."

Aramel , who has her teacup raised to her lips, coughs slightly as she inhales mid-sip. "I... see,"
she says. After a brief, charged pause, she continues, "Will you be publishing your collaborative
contract? I wonder if we could take prestige."

Glancing askance, Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says, "As desirable as that may be, to
myself personally, I... hardly think it would be necessary."

Brightly, Aramel Shevat says to Kethaera, "You have told me, have you not, that paperwork must be
filed appropriately?"

You say, "The contract is aesthetically pleasing and quite compelling, but short and to the point. I
don't believe publication would be advised."

You give a sweet-scented sheet of lilac stationery to Aramel Shevat.

You say, "A woman in my life who actually files the correct paperwork. Be still, my heart."

Kethaera says to Aramel, eyeing her suspiciously, "I have said so, yes..."

Aramel holds out a sweet-scented sheet of lilac stationery, inspecting it critically. "Ah, a
courtship notification," she says, sounding pleased. "This should go in the archives of the Ministry
of Marital Affairs."

Giving Kethaera a sidelong, mischievous glance, you say, "If we decide that something more permanent
is feasible, mother, I hope you will be friendly when I become a Shee-Slaugh."

Aramel barely twitches a muscle, though her eyes lift briefly skywards. "I see," she says drily,
after a moment. "I wish you joy of your father-in-law, and hope he does not charge at you with a
lance during the wedding party."

Kethaera returns the glance with you, fighting back a snicker. "Ah, yes, at long last grandfather
will stop being concerned about my marital options."

family tree kethaera
Kethaera was born into the Great House of Shee-Slaugh.
Kethaera is not currently active in any family.
   Atuniel Silverhart <m: Kyra>
   Myrkr Dekoven <b: Dekoven> <p: Emberteru+Atuniel>
   Urazial Inseira <b: Shee-Slaugh> <m: Shakaya>
   Xenthos Shee-Slaugh <b: An'Ryshe> <m: Tacita>
   Tacita Shee-Slaugh <m: Xenthos> <p: Myrkr+Urazial>
   Laranya An'Ryshe <p: Shayle+Xenthos> [half-sister]
   Valkia Shee-Slaugh <p: Tacita+Xenthos>
   Skeara Shee-Slaugh <p: Tacita+Xenthos>
   Yarith Shee-Slaugh <b: Shee-Slaugh> <p: Tacita+Xenthos>
   Skyle An'Ryshe <m: Anae> <p: Xenthos+Shayle> [half-brother]
   Gurashi Shee-Slaugh <p: Xenthos+Tacita>
   Ankastra d'Illici <b: Ysav'rai> <m: Chade> <p: Synkarin+Tacita> [half-sister]
   Truda Ysav'rai <p: Synkarin+Tacita> [half-sister]
Children: None

Choros smirks, holding his hand out for the contract. "I don't think Xenthos could
hit the Master Ravenwood with a lance if he were underneath it." he says with a laugh, finally
shaking his head. "I jest, of course, but I don't forsee any difficulties in our courtship.
Hopefully you find this pleasing as well, mother?"

With a little laugh, Aramel says, "You have certainly lost no time. And of course I approve." With a
rather worrying glint in her eyes, she adds, "You may find tokens of my approval in coming months."

Aramel gives a sweet-scented sheet of lilac stationery to you.

With a whisper to you, Kethaera says, "Should we be concerned?"

Whispering as well,, you say to Kethaera, "Probably, but we can always just elope to Crumkindivia or

Aramel ponders the situation.

Aramel brandishes a yellow button menacingly.

You grin mischievously at Kethaera.

Brightly, Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says, "Ah, excellent, this will make that easier."

You say, "It would save food at the wedding. We can eat the guests!"

Severely, Aramel Shevat says, "Goodness, planning weddings already? Do I need to get an aeonicist

Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure looks thoughtful and says, "Hmm, but what about the tea?"

Choros scowls at Aramel, though his eyes twinkle. "What do we need an aeonicist
for?" he inquires. "And no, I'm just teasing you. I'm in no rush, and if Kethaera is, we'll chat it
over and see what can be done."

Wryly, Aramel Shevat says, "An aeonicist's job is to slow time. Or speed it up. Whichever."

You roll your eyes at Aramel.

Aramel Shevat says, "In any case, I am pleased that you have come to a satisfactory arrangement. I
would encourage you to celebrate with... all the cake that is still left here."

Librarian Kethaera, Voice of Composure says, "Goodness, that is a lot of snacks still. But I would
like to check on how the timequake is going, if only briefly."

Aramel Shevat says, "I would like to as well."

You look skeptical and say, "That is quite a bit of cake. Here I thought I was overdoing it when I
bought each of us a scone and a ladyfinger."

You nod your head at Kethaera.

You are already following Kethaera.

Aramel Shevat says to you, "Alexandria traded salt for sugar. Salt!"

The sound of buffeting wings is briefly audible.

Aramel Shevat says, "And then she baked it all into cake."

Ianir the Anomaly has bestowed His divine truefavour upon you. It will last for 30 months.


  • AyisdraAyisdra Member Posts: 1,211 Mythical
    Choros said:

    Aramel Shevat says to you, "Alexandria traded salt for sugar. Salt!"

    The sound of buffeting wings is briefly audible.

    Aramel Shevat says, "And then she baked it all into cake."

    And here I thought that sugar was going to last her a bit longer...
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    Dreams come true.
    I used to make cakes.

    Estarra the Eternal says, "Give Shevat the floor please."
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