Timequakes and Thank yous

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(@Maligorn beat me to the punch, but I'm posting anyway. I've been working on this since Saturday!)

Timequakes have been active for two weeks now and I believe at this point, it is safe to say they've been rather successful. We've seen an increase in PvP competition since there release, and while we still find that some of them are outnumbered situations (going both ways), we have seen quite competitive ones where people have fought it out until the end.

I say this as someone who wasn't so sure we were making the right choice in pursuing timequakes over other avenues. I saw the posts saying this wasn't a good idea, saying this will just exacerbate the issues we already face and certainly questioned if this was the path we should be going down. Now that it's out, I can say with certainty that finishing Timequakes was the right choice. It brings an outlet of PvP that people do not feel compelled to join in every time and when they do, they risk very little. It enables players from every timezone to have access to regular PvP events. For all the comments saying 'this only makes the powerful more powerful', we're finding that anomalies are pretty evenly spread out. 

Currently, there are roughly 40+ anomalies stored in half of the cities/communes. A fourth is just behind with ~30 anomalies. There are over 100 anomalies in the game being held on to by various players (looks like mostly future ones). Only 3 guilds have not advanced to level 1 at this point. Nobody has made the jump to 2 yet. Interestingly, Knowledge seems to be the least desired choice, only one guild has chosen to move forward with Knowledge. We may need to look at and adjust Knowledge powers to make them more engaging. That also explains why so many future anomalies are in player hands.

With that said, I also wanted to take a moment to say Thank you. Thank you to everyone that has shot me a message of support, telling me they think I'm doing a good job. Thank you to those that have given me votes of confidence even if we don't always see eye to eye. I often don't know how to respond to those messages, but I writing this to tell you that I do really take it to heart and I really do appreciate them. It is those players, both the ones that support the path we're going down and the ones that will vocally disagree, but acknowledge that we have the same end goal, that gives both myself and the rest of the admin team reason to keep on trucking. 

I certainly think that Lusternia is in a better place than it was 6 months ago, and while I fully acknowledge we still have a long ways to go and a lot more to accomplish, it really is the players that are responsible for where we're at. From the Ascension backstabbing of Gaudiguch and almost victory to the re-invigoration of PvP that we're seeing in these timequakes, it's the players looking at the situation and making the most of it that really helps improve things and gets people enjoying the game again. To those that look at things positively and work towards the future making the most of the situation, you're the ones that we're doing this for. 

To those that are critical of the admin, critical of the decisions being made and the paths being chosen. Your passion and desire to make this game a better place is acknowledged. Remember at the end of the day, that while we may disagree, we have the same goal. That goal is to make Lusternia a game that's worth engaging and participating in, in whatever way you enjoy. 

Lastly to the volunteer admin, both the current Ephs and the seasoned Gods. You all are a pleasure to work with and you deserve more praise and thanks than you will likely ever get. Lusternia would have surely failed without your love, enthusiasm and work to make things as great as they are. Thank you for all the support and hugs.


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    I love timequakes. I like trying to find them, collecting anomalies, I like it when the pk is evenly matched, I like trying to stay alive for a minute when it's not. And then not caring about the deaths cause there's no xp loss. Not totally proud to admit this, but I have forsaken sleep in order to attend them. This is the best new thing in a while. 
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    I can definitely say, without a doubt, I haven't heard the mutterings of, "We're always so outnumbered!" or things of that nature, because people are finally joining the fight that would normally never take part. It amuses me greatly to see what kind of potential has existed within some of these players and so very glad they're finally dipping into PvP. It makes the veterans and the people who pushed through the 'outnumbered' phase almost venerable as people start to learn and amass. Cheers to people getting their stuff together and standing up rather than continuing to sit in the background and complain about population.

    As we focus more on game balance and things start to work out, we can soon find out just what is actually imbalanced and what is just perception through numbers. Let us all continue to work together as a community to return this game to being fun and grow the playerbase.
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